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 The Boy with the Big Lips AKA Snakedance 
Written by Christopher Bailey

I watched this because I heard it was brightly colored and I like bright colors. Now, stop me if I get anything wrong:

First we see two jedi lounging around. One is looking all guardedly, the other is brighter with bare feet. He has big lips and acts snooty a lot. But he's not important.

Then the Doctor looks at Nyssa's bum for a while and makes faces.

Tegan moans a bit. She went to bed with her makeup on. She moans some more. She's doing that because she thinks too much.

The Doctor wants to prevent her from thinking and hearing so much, cause that's bad. So he attaches a nintendo gameboy to her ear and that works for a while. Eventually though, Tegan beats level 8 of Mario Bros and gets bored. So she goes around laughing at fortune tellers.

Then there's this priest looking guy - like the evil one from Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney version) and he talks alot. You don't really have to listen to anything he says.

Sablom Glitz was pretending to be a pirate in this show, but I'm not sure why. So I ignored him too.

Then some stuff happened with the Doctor being thrown in jail for being too loud and Nyssa chasing evil Tegan. Tegan eventually found a mirror and stared at herself until her head turned into a bear skull. Apparently the bear skull and the rubber snake were dating once and they had a big row. Ever since then, they've been throwing little blue plastic rocks at each other.

Eventually the Doctor and Nyssa wandered off into a desert with big random geometric "rocks". As soon as I saw that I knew they were looking for the first Doctor and sure enough, there he was. He was obviously recovering from a bad acid trip because he forgot all his lines and just smiled a lot.

The fifth Doctor went on an acid trip too but it turned out to be unnecessary. Tegan screamed so loud that it killed the giant rubber snake and everyone, including the boy with big lips and clouds on his shirt, was okay.

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