Reviews and Commentary

 The Other Side: Back from the Dead, Again 
Mark Duncan
© BBV 1998

Karolina Says:

Nope, not much plot and pretty thin at that. Alien possession and all that garbage. I thought two things were distinctly fun about this piece of utter fanwank, although, I mean that in a nice way.

First, Ace didn't sound like a complete idiot by continuously asking "what's going on, professor". Instead, she kept mocking the nasty mind control alien for trying to trick her. "Oh, so you don't know what's on the Other Side? Oh, did you change your mind all of the sudden, forgot what your story was? Oh, I see," sneer, "you're trying to teach me a lesson." Actually, it reminded me of how the Doctor plays dumb to buy time.

Second, that bit where she gets split in two. I kept having this vision of SpaceAce beating on TeenAce. The former was this snide, lecherous bitch who desires material possessions (and men). And the latter is all loyal, kind, forgiving, possessing faith and righteousness (and stuff). Since both versions were equally perceptive of basic facets of human nature, the two key traits of Ace seem to be the intractability of the former combined with the righteousness of the latter, which of course, help her defeat the mind control alien. Of course, intractable and righteous both amount to the same thing, but somehow, they have distinctly different connotations, don't they?

KC Says:

It was rubbish, but that's a piss poor review. I found the plot especially contrived in that simplistic sort of way. There simply wasn't much plot to it.

I thought the character acting was very well done. As usual, Sophie expressed emotion with clarity through tone of voice. We hear sadness, anger, frustration, defiance, resolve, and all sorts of other angst. And she does a great job of both crying and sounding like she's in actual pain.

As for the interview at the end, Sophie sure has a nasty chuckle. Oh my god! It's the Master's daughter!

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