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BBC: More Short Trips
Paul Farnsworth

In his second incarnation, the doctor bought a double-glazed window that would show him any view he desired, forever. While Ace is exploring in the Tardis, out of boredom, she eventually finds a padlocked door. She views locked doors as open invitations and sets about opening it. It's too large to pick, so she levers it open with a jemmy (small crowbar) and the Doctor catches her in the act. When he scolds her for not having respect for others privacy, she feels guilty. The Doctor is one of the few people capable of that. He's genuinely upset at her and she apologizes while heading back to the Console room. Meanwhile, the Doctor chooses to seal the room permanently.

KP Says:

It's a pretty simple story, and obviously, I skipped the beginning of it, and it is about the Doctor and his past. But, the moment with Ace is nice because it illustrates the parental influence he has on her. Most of his companions are displayed as acquaintances, friends, allies, equals, or otherwise adult. The fact that Seven Doc treats Ace like the ingenious delinquent, but fundamentally eager to please child she is, reminds me of First Doc. He had Susan and Vicki as surrogate children that he not only had to protect, like all his companions, but teach as well. With the exception of Adric, who seemed often willfully stupid and selfish in his goals, there's been a bit of a dry spell. In other words, this was a classic "hand caught in the cookie jar" story, where the parent reprimands their (surrogate) child, who then slinks away in shame.

KC Says:

I thought this was a nice glimps at the teenage Ace that we knew from the TV. It showed her desire to explore that which she really shouldn't and shows her rebelious nature, that often got her in trouble.

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