You've just stumbled into the best Ace site in the world, at least, as far as we're concerned. Ace? As in, from Doctor Who? We assume, if you're here, you don' t need a lesson in the history of British Science Fiction. But, just in case, this is not a programming site or the hardware store. If you're looking for Sophie Aldred, start over here. While we have no grudge against her, an actor is not actually the character they portray.

Ace is a character that extends through television, novels, short stories, audio plays and spinoffs. I emphasize again, "character". We don't just like teenage Ace or audio Ace or ninja-powers-with-kick-action Ace. We like the whole, complete character in every flawed, stereotypical, mary-sue detail. Yessiree. We're here to give a lesson to y'all about fanwank.

If you think we're two year olds on crack, think again. We're both so dull on the outside, we give people allergic yawns. Of course, one of us is a space alien bent on world domination. This guarantees nothing. So sit back, grab a vodka'n'coke and prepare to be bamboozled by truly mad, off-our-rockers, Ace fans.

Updates: 1/25/04: Still under construction, but more content being added. A couple more cartoons, go to the comic section, and a wallpaper up for you Benny fans.

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