Fri, 16 Apr 1999
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[Em's Challenge] Young Hormones 1/1 [DC]

Em-Spider's challenge: write a story in 350 words.

Young Justice and the characters belong to DC. Boob Woman and SunflowerseedMan belong to me. :)

Young Hormones

J.B. McDonald


Robin was flabbergasted. Superboy was drooling. Impulse didn't know what to do with himself. The girls were looking at the woman in disgust.

"How does she stay *up* with those things?!" said Wonder Girl, summing u p all their reactions.


Superboy chuckled. "You can put me anywhere you want!"

The villain of the issue, Dr. Bob, laughed maniacally in that villainy way. "You see? With my new invention, which makes television characters live, you are unable to fight me!!!!"

"Ohhhhh, Robin," Impulse said, vibrating up and down. "I think he may be right! I can't fight Boob Woman!"

"We can do it," Robin said grimly as he watched Boob Woman flatten Wonder Girl using her . . . acreage. "We just have to think with our heads."

"You mean instead of our--" Superboy was smashed by a large hand labeled

"CENSOR." No one noticed.

"YOU SHALL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!" Boob Woman cried, thinking they were trying to take over the bubble gum factory.

Robin stepped forward, meaning to push her back through to TV land. It seemed so simple. But suddenly he was smothered with pillow-like appendages, and he couldn't seem to make himself leave.

"You and your friends," she wasn't so loud while Robin was smothered, "must see the evil of your ways and not consort with the evil SunflowerseedMan anymore!!"

"SunflowerseedMan?" Arrowette snorted. "You guys watch a television show with a villain named SunflowerseedMan?!"

"I never really noticed the names of the people," Superboy shrugged. "I

was too busy watching Boob Woman's--" the CENSOR hand crushed him again, and he picked himself up, dusting himself off, muttering.

The three girls groaned simultaneously and shoved Boob Woman back through the portal. There was a howl of pain from the three boys, Superboy looking like he was dying. "Couldn't we have at least tried to save her?!" he wailed.

The girls exchanged Looks, then changed the channel to Loony Tunes, shoving the boys through.

"So, now that the TV hogs are gone, who wants to watch 'Boys in the Bay?

You know, I'm liking this challenge more and more . . . and I like this story better than the last. <G> And it's 350 words too. <laughs> I'm certainly learning how to compact sentences!! ;-D


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