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Power of Love I:

I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues

Keri Wilson, Faith Barnett


("It's strong and it's sudden and it can be cruel sometimes but it might just save your life.")
Huey Lewis "The Power of Love"


("Time on my hands could be time spent with you")
Elton John "Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues"

Rogue sat by the lake, depressed. She had succeeded in half of her plan, driving Remy away, so she wouldn't hurt him again. She loved him so much, she was terrified of what her powers could do to him. When she kissed him, she had put him in a coma for two weeks, she couldn't let it happen again. So she ignored him, or tried to be sharp and bitchy, hoping he'd back off. After a stupid fight with Magneto, he did. Remy and Magneto had a fight over her. Magneto had started it too. Remy had packed up the next morning. Remy had been gone three weeks. Rogue had felt depressed and empty ever since. Rogue sighed, her big project, helping Magneto, not be what he was, looked to be a failure. Especially the last three weeks, the old arrogance was back in force. He wouldn't listen to anyone, not even her. She thought she could help him; if he slowly found out about his past and she warned him of his faults he would be a better man. She sighed again.

"There you are my dear, you look wonderful in the moonlight."

It was Magneto.

"Thank you." Rogue politely replied.

"We need to talk. You are beautiful and young, I'm brilliant, strong, and virile. It's obvious you have deep feelings for me. It is time we moved our relationship to a new plane. Come with me and I'll make your life complete."

"Ah think yah misunderstood mah intent an' feelin'.. Ah..."

Magneto interrupts, "I'm the most brilliant, powerful mutant on the planet and I've chosen you."

The one sided conversation went on for several minutes, with Magneto praising himself to the sky and Rogue trying to break in, until she was finally successful by shouting, "Stop it, yoah not listenin'! Ah don't wanna be with yah, ah just wanted tah help yah!" Then in a calmer voice, now that he had finally shut up, surprised by her shouting, Rogue said, "Ah don't love yah. Ah' sorry." She looked at him sympathetically.

"Don't be foolish. You're just afraid. Come to my room. I'll take all your fears away and we can be together. I know what's best for you."

That statement annoyed her. She was a grown woman, she knew what was best for her and she told him so. "Yah don't know what's best for me. Ah've tried tah tell yah nice. Ah don't want tah go tah yoah room."

"Of course you do, you just don't know it. I'm what's best for you, and I'm the one who can give you what you need." This was Magneto's less than subtle reference to the fact that he could touch her, due to his instinctive magnetic shielding. He was also beginning to get subtly crude.

"Oh, yah really think so?" This was said with more than a little irritation. Her patience was wearing thin and she was getting mightily offended by Magneto's highhanded and wrong headed attitudes. "Well let me tell yah somethin', mister. Ah loved Remy and ah had tah let him go. Yoah not half the man Remy is, and ah mean that in every sense of the word!"

"Just what are you implying?" Magneto said with a quiet menace.

Rogue felt an urge to say what she had subtly just referred to, she barely restrained herself from being truly naughty. "Well what'd think. I've seen yah both in the buff. Yah don't compare!"

"You, you...glupi dziwka!" When Magneto was truly enraged he would express his anger in his childhood language, Polish. He had just called Rogue a stupid whore. she knew it, she'd heard him muttering the same phrase about Betsy numerous times! Rogue was pissed now, but Magneto wasn't done yet. "You have no idea the greatness in who's presence you bask. I'm vastly your superior and I was willing to let you walk at my side. But, obviously I was wrong. You're not worthy of touching my magnificence."

That was it! Rogue lost any desire to restrain her words. "Yah, yah, jerk! What makes yah think I'd want tah touch yoah `magnificence', little cocktail weenie that it is! Ah'd rather dream of spicy Cajun sausage, thick and luscious!"

Anger flashed over Magneto's face at her insolence and he raised his hand as if to strike her and Rogue dropped into a defensive stance, but he stopped short. The expression on his face turned to contempt. "Dziecinny kurwa! You aren't worth my consideration. Just live with your ignorant peasant dreams them!" He took off.

Rogue yells after him. "Arrogant jackass! Yah weren't worth mah consideration!" She mutters, "Callin' me a childish bitch..." Why did yah bother tryin' tah help that asshole? She asked her self, she sighed. Yah know yah have tah try, girl, even when it don't work... That sounds like somethin' Remy would have told me about us. Then she blushed bright red, ah can't believe ah said what ah did about Remy! Ah'm so glad he wasn't here tah hear what ah said about his....attributes! Ah can't believe ah said it aloud! Ah think about him with me, that way, most o' the tahm lately, especially since Remy left. She blushed even redder, the blush now extending to the top of her breasts, which was visible due to the v neck of her shirt.

Rogue got up and walked back to the mansion. Ororo saw her walk in alone. She had watched Magneto follow Rogue out with a sense of dread. Storm feared that this would be it. She had been afraid to talk to Rogue about Magneto, because she believed that her anger over how Rogue had treated Gambit would spill over into the conversation. Now Rogue would have to make her decision on where her feelings went. If Rogue did not love Magneto, and she told him that he would explode and Rogue would be hurt, if not physically, emotionally. If she cared for him, he would more than likely get her to leave with him tonight. It was obvious that Magneto could not take life with the X-Men any longer, not being the leader. Either way Rogue would be hurt, eventually. Hurt nearly as much as she had hurt Remy.

"He's gone Ororo. Ah failed."

"No child, you did not fail, Magneto is Magneto. He cannot change unless he really wants to. You did not fail him, but perhaps you did not try hard enough with someone else." Storm had restrained herself from saying anything about Rogue's treatment of Remy before. Now, though, Rogue had made her decision. The wiser one, if a bit late.

"Ah drove Remy away, yah mean."

"Yes. Why Rogue?" Storm suspected, but she wanted to see if Rogue even consciously knew what she had done.

"Ah...ah was afraid that ah'd hurt him. Aftah ah kissed him and he went intah the coma, ah ran. Then when ah met up with Magneto ah thought ah could help him, an ah knew the best place tah help him was here. But Remy was here, and every tahm ah saw him ah thought of him and me tahgather," Rogue blushed,"that way... Ah was so scared of those feelin's, ah had tah drive him away. Ah didn't realize that he'd leave. Ah was hopin' he'd just get tired o' me, get mad, then find someone else, someone who could give him that. Ah know how much Remy loves that part o' a relationship, when ah temporally absorbed him. Ah still love him, ah just wish he could touch me. Why'd it have tah be Magneto that can touch me?" Rogue said in anguish. Then she looked resigned, and said, "Guess ah'll turn in early tahnight, good night." Rogue walked into her room and closed the door.

As soon as Rogue had closed her door Storm flew up to her loft and called Remy. Storm had, unlike the others, continued to call Remy to see how he was. She knew exactly where he was. Remy told her if she needed him to call and he would be there as fast as possible, even if he had to steal a ticket to get a ride on the Concord.

"Remy he is gone!"

"Who chere?" Remy knew he just wanted to hear it.

"Magneto. He left, alone. We all miss you, come home."

"I miss you all too, chere." Remy hung up and got out of bed, it was 2 AM, Brussels' time.

"Where are you going, Remy?" Angelique stretched languidly.

"Home, chere, dey need me."

Angelique pouted. "But Remy, you promised me two days."

"I'm sorry chere. I have to go." Remy was already dressed and at the door.

"You Americans and families, they say jump, and you do."

"Bye, chere. Take care of yourself." Remy walked to his motorcycle. As he rode to the airport he thought about the last three weeks. He had wandered around New York City for a few days, then decided to go to Europe. He hung out in nightclubs, being charming to the ladies, he had gone to bed with several. Not one of them had been anything more than flings, for both of them. Angelique had just been the latest. The ladies like that he was charming, generous, and always careful. He always used a condom. He generally had it out and ready to put on before the woman even asked him. Deep down it didn't blot out his broken heart. He loved Rogue, apparently she didn't love him. Did she love Magneto? Apparently not enough to go with him. Storm had used the phrase they had agreed on so that he'd know that Rogue didn't love Magneto, `we all miss you'. But did Rogue, really? Well there was only one way to find out. Back into the fire Remy headed, this time he wouldn't give up, no matter what.}

("Temptation Eyes Looking Through My Soul")
The Grassroots "Temptation Eyes"

Part 2: Temptation Eyes

Rogue wandered the grounds in the cold late fall morning. Now that she didn't have helping Magneto to occupy her thoughts she missed Remy terribly. When Magneto was here, and she was helping him, if those feelings for Remy came up, she could push them down by thinking of ways to help Magneto. Well that taught me real good the dangers of amateurs playin' psychologist. Ah'll remind mahself of that next tahm ah'm tempted. Probably won't stop me though, she thought with a lopsided smile. Preoccupied she didn't notice Remy up in the tree until he hopped down right in front of her. She ran right into him.

"T'inkin' of me, chere?" Remy said with a grin.

Rogue panicked, being so close to Remy, she pushed him away and yelled, "No, get away, or ah'll hurt you!" Then so softly she thought he wouldn't hear it,"...again." Rogue ran away from him.

Remy had heard though, suddenly her strange behavior clicked, he knew why she had done this. His eyes flashed and he broke into smile, and gave chase. She really cared for him, cared for him so much she was terrified of her strong feelings for him. He bet she thought she would kill him if she touched him again. He would show her otherwise, he just had to have patience, as usual, with her. Because Rogue had just run away, not flown away he quickly caught up with her. Remy couldn't resist teasing her now that he knew that she cared for him. He didn't touch her, but ran around in front of her.

"Oh you mean, chere, dis was all for me. I knew you couldn't resist my charms. For a moment dere you had Remy worried..." Then in a serious tone he continued, "Chere, I love you, I don't want you t' push me away again. It's not gonna work dis time either." Remy walked away then, back to the mansion.

Rogue squeezed her eyes shut, moaning in anguish. Oh Remy, she thought, yoah determined for me tah hurt yah permanently.

Remy walked back into the mansion, practically walking on air. The first person he saw was Storm. He was so exuberant he blurted out to Storm, "I'm back! An' not leaving dis time. She'll have t' t'row me off the grounds! Now I be courtin' her again. I win her over dis time!"

"Remy." Storm smiled slightly and shook her head bemused. He was nothing if not persistent.

Remy whistled and walked with a bouncing step back to his own room. When he opened the door, he was happy to see nothing had been removed yet. Stormy must have told de Professor I'd be back.

When he came back out of his room Logan was waiting for him. "Good to see you back, Cajun. I know why you couldn't stand being around Magneto. Don't know how I managed myself. Stayin' out in the woods, I guess. Glad that yard ape Magneto is gone."

"So am I mon ami, so am I."

"You wanna go out for a beer, Cajun? We can celebrate."

"Not tonight, Wolverine, got someone else in mind."

Logan grinned. "You don't give up Gumbo, do you?"

"Non, `specially since de lady still loves me."

"Figured that out, huh. Good for you. Got a plan?"

"Always, mon ami."

Logan grinned. "You never change."

That evening Rogue was typing in her computer journal she had kept since she joined the X-Men. Professor Xavier asked her to keep one. He asked most of the members, told them it would help them sort out their thoughts. As she was typing her computer beeped she had an e-mail message. Curious, she called it up. It was Bobby.

"I'm depressed Rogue. I'm getting drunk in this bar." He gave her an address close to his parents' house on Long Island. "Could you come and drive me back to the mansion?"

He must have taken his laptop with him, and most everyone knew she did her journal around this time most nights.

"Sure." She typed in, "I'll be there as soon as I can." She'd fly there of course. She'd be there in next to no time.

"Thanks." was Bobby's response, then he logged off. So did Rogue. Rogue quickly threw on some jeans, a dark green sweater, her leather X-Men jacket, and the dark brown suede calf boots Sam had dubbed her "shit boots". Poor Sam had been drunk at the time. Logan had taken him out and gotten him drunk again. When they came back Rogue had ready to go out to a late supper with Magneto. It was just two weeks ago. Rogue had wanted to talk to him about the re-emergence of his arrogance. Sam had taken one look at her new boots and loudly told her that those boots were just the exact same color as fresh horse shit. The dinner was a disaster, Magneto just kept talking about himself, Rogue couldn't get a word in edgewise. But Sam's contrition the next day was funny. She had never heard Sam use cusswords, apparently his mama had made big impression on him about that, to never use them, especially in front of a lady, and any southerner knows that all women are ladies, unless they tell you otherwise. Sam made a redfaced apology, "I've got no excuse Rogue, `cept I was drunk, somethin' I'm not lettin' Wolverine do to me ever again!" Logan and Bobby who were in the room at the time, not wanting to miss this scene, were laughing at poor Sam. Rogue just grinned back at him and said, "That's okay shugah, they are a mighty ugly color, but they're real comfortable, so ah bought `em anyways." This had become one of the latest jokes in the mansion; whenever she went out since then someone tease her, usually Bobby, would ask her if she was goin to wear her "shit boots". Even she had quickly come to think of them as that. That's why she put them on to pick up Bobby, maybe seeing these boot would make him laugh.

Rogue knew something was wrong as soon as she saw the building from the air. This definitely didn't look like a bar. Who knew though, maybe it was some upperclass bar. Rogue suddenly felt severely underdressed. Drake, why didn't you tell me this was a snobby bar. She sighed. Oh well ah'll just be in there a minute, maybe no one will notice me. She landed in the dark part of the parking lot. Rogue was in the entrance hall of the restaurant, when she heard a voice she didn't expect.

"Dere y' are chere. Wonderin' when y' get here."

"Remy, what are you doin' here? Ah came out..." Suddenly it dawned on her, when she saw he was all dressed up, in a tux no less! "Yah slimy jerk! Yah tricked me tah get me out here!"

Remy gently took her arm, "Chere, our table is waiting for us."

"Ah'm not goin' in there! Look at the way ah'm dressed! They won't even let me sit down!"

"Sure dey will, chere, long as we got de green dey don' care."

"Everybody will be starin' at me." Rogue began to relent and walk with him into the restaurant proper, instead of making a scene, since everyone was already staring at them.

"Den dey be starin' at a very beautiful woman, neh?"

Rogue sighed, she'd go through with this ridiculous date.

Ping, ping, ping. Something was hitting Rogue's window.

What in the world? Rogue thought as she got up from the bed. It was two day after her surprise date with Remy. It had gone really well. They had spent hours at the restaurant just talking about the difficulties in their relationship. She had talked much more than Remy, but when he had talked he had revealed, somewhat reluctantly, about how much her apparent rejection had hurt him. She had to draw it out of him, he just wanted to forget it, he had already forgiven her. It made her feel just horrible. Then Remy told her forget about it didn't deserve being remembered, it wasn't that important. Rogue knew she was already in love with him again, as much as she had ever been. It was harder and harder to dreg up any desire to physically push him away. This made her fears of hurting him permanently dominate her thoughts even more. Why hadn't he given up when she could distance herself emotionally? Like most guys. Most guys would have left long before he did, and never come back. Damn the man's persistence! Doesn't he deserves a relationship with the physical side she couldn't give him? Rogue looked out to see what was hitting the window. Remy. he was throwing pebbles against her window. She quickly opened the window before he took even more drastic measures that would wake up the whole mansion.

"Chere, y' told me t' ask next time. Well I'm askin'. Will y' go t' dinner wit' me at a fancy New York restaurant?"

Rogue sighed, obviously he wasn't lying when he said he wasn't giving up this time. "All right. Wait there while ah change intah nice clothes. Don't do nothin' else tah get mah attention, yah got it." She just hoped he hadn't already got everybody else's attention with his antics. She looked in her closet to see what would be suitable to wear, with the cold early December weather, she definitely wanted to be warm! She picked out a pale yellow long sleeved blouse, with a solid hunter green jacket and a matching ankle length full skirt. Then she pulled out her forest green wool ankle length duster. She already had on her pale green tights. She had to hunt for them in her closet, but she finally found her emerald green lace up boots. She put on gloves that matched her boots. She did up her hair in a sort of "Gibson Girl" style. She laughed, Remy would hate it. He hated it when she put her hair in a bun or a braid. He liked it free flowing. Rogue looked at herself in the mirror. She looked sort of like a young woman of the early twentieth century. She threw on the duster and flew out the window, taking time to pull it back down, outside, so that the heat would stay inside.

Remy waited impatiently on the ground, then looked briefly annoyed when he saw how she done her hair. He definitely would have to get that hair down before the evening was over. It wasn't very flattering on her, neither were braids. Apparently she didn't realize that's why he didn't like her hair that way.

Rogue looked at Remy. Up close she could see his outfit matched hers pretty well. His clothing resembled men's evening dress of the early twentieth century, and he had, again, pulled his long hair back into a ponytail. However, the shorter hair in the front was already beginning to escape the ponytail. Well, she liked the fluffy look he usually wore anyways, it was more flattering, not that he wasn't exceedingly handsome this way too, it was just even more so the other way. And mah heavens! He'd actually shaved! He looked so good! Oh lord! There go those feelings! Get yoahself under control girl!

They walked over to Rogue's Miata. As they did they were observed by the other X-Men. Logan and Hank were grinning at each other. Logan said, "How much you wanna bet they'll be back together, for good by next week? Wanna go for twenty bucks?"

Hank's eyes danced with amusement. "Hmm. I believe it may take two weeks."

"Deal. One week, the money's mine, two it's yours!"

Storm just laughed, things had finally gotten back to normal here.

Rogue parked the Miata and they walked the last two blocks, rather than fool with valet parking. They passed a New York Times newspaper box. The headline was disturbing as usual:"`MUTANT MENACE' DISCUSSED." Just another thing to worry about.

As they passed a dark alley they heard the phrase: "-kill the weather bitch." Both Rogue and Gambit stopped in shock, and listened to hear the rest of the conversation.

"That's why we killed that alien, to get that box. The boss told me today that the box let's you travel back in time."

"So we kill some ancestor of that Storm bitch's, then scoot back here and collect the cash?"

"Yeah just go back before the Civil War, kill this woman named Judith. She was supposed to of escaped North with that Tubman woman. This Judith married some guy. Well we gotta kill her before she escapes. If she's dead. no Storm, cause her father ain't born, cause one of his great grandparents ain't. Thing's already set, boss did it this morning, all we got to do is turn it on."

"Sound's good to me. Easy job, lots of money. Let's go."

Rogue said anxiously to Remy, "We gotta stop them!"

"I know chere." They ran down the alley just in time to jump into the breech following the two men

("And with a little handful of luck- you'll feel the power of love")
Huey Lewis "The Power of Love"

Part 3: The Power of Love

North of Baltimore, Maryland, December 1, 1860

"Umph!" They landed, Rogue on top of Remy, but with their arms and legs entangled. Remy grinned and gently turned her head so that her lips were nearly touching his. Rogue panicked, desperately trying to get away so she wouldn't absorb him. That's when she noticed she didn't have her strength.

"Remy stop. Charge up a card."

Remy looked at her amused, she had an interesting way of trying to distract him, and he started to say so, but she just covered his mouth with her gloved hand and said, "Just do it Remy...please." If she hadn't said please he had considered being as childish as she had been rude, and refuse. He shrugged, still lying beneath her, in some field in the middle of nowhere. he pulled out a card and looked surprise when nothing happened. "Y' don' have your strength, do y',chere?"

"No." They untangled themselves and Remy helped her up, even though she didn't need his help, even without her strength. She tried to fly, again nothing.

"One power left, cherie. Best way I know of testing for it." Remy whirled her around, pulled her to him, and kissed her full on the lips.

The only emotions she felt were her own. What she felt from Remy was how wonderful his lips felt against hers. She opened her mouth and his tongue, stroked hers. She moaned, awash in her own erotic feelings.

Remy gently broke the kiss. Rogue stood dazed for a few seconds. Then her eyes cleared and she breathed in a shuddering sigh. That had been the most wonderful experience in her whole life!

"Better stop now, neh?" Remy grinned.

"Behave yoahself, Cajun." Rogue play slapped his arm, but smiled back at him.

Remy gave her a quick close mouth kiss, then said, "We need t' find out exactly where de plantation Judith be on is. I know de name, and it's general location..."


"Stormy told me."

"When? She never told me about her ancestors, an' ah've known her longer than you."

"It be right after we meet, when Stormy be turned into a girl again. I tell her some stories, so one night she tell me about her ancestor Judith."

Rogue understood then, but she still felt a little miffed that Ororo hadn't told her about, especially since she knew Rogue was interested in Southern history. The fact that Storm had an ancestor that fled the south just before the Civil War, through the Underground Railroad, with the help of no one less a historical personage than Harriet Tubman was awe inspiring to Rogue. Rogue admired the incredible courage and skill Harriet Tubman had to of had to return again and again leading more slaves to free dom. Never getting caught or losing even one person! "Ah don't understand why Ororo never told me."

"Maybe it just never come up, chere." Remy responded.

"Hmm." Rogue responded, somewhat unconvinced, but not really angry.

Remy changed the subject. "We need t' find some clothes if we're going t' be walking `round here, chere. An' you'll need de underclothes too, what wit' de way ladies dressed at dis time."

"Ah could dress as a boy."

Remy looked her up and down, "Never work, chere."

"What do yah mean, ah could bind mah breasts, an' cut mah hair, an' wear baggy clothes-"

"An' you look like a very tall girl tryin' t' disguise herself as a boy. Dey'd see t'rough it right away. You have a woman's shape, maybe you could wear your shirt loose enough and bind your breasts enough t' disguise them, but-" Remy put his hands on her hips, "you have de most beautiful hips I ever see, no man or boy ever have hips like dat-"

"Are yah sayin' ah've got a big butt?" Rogue responded sharply.

"Non! You have de most sexy bottom dis Cajun ever see." He reached around and cupped her bottom with his hands and pulled her close. Rogue had a rush of erotic images of Remy doing sexual things with her. Then she jerked away angry and said, "Stop it!" It was more the fear of her own desires than Remy's that made her jerk away. She felt her feelings getting out of control, and that had been a dangerous thing for her for so many years. Even Mystique, who was no measure of decorum, had warned Rogue about the dangers of letting feelings get out of control, especially feelings for men, it was dangerous for any women, but especially for her. She had, for the most part, been able to control them, at least until Longshot came along. Then she had her first real taste of desire. Remy, though, was different. There was an in credible amount of love mixed with the strongest desire she ever felt for any man, ever! Then she said, "All right ah'll wear a damn dress, but ah ain't wearin' no corset!"

Remy didn't know, even with her too thin figure. It might be too tight in the waist. Those corsets gave women about a 16 to 19 inch waist, he remembered hearing somewhere, and Rogue was about 22 inches, he could tell, just by looking. Remy decided not to comment on Rogue's last statement, like many women, Rogue was very sensitive to comments on her size. Truthfully, Remy thought she would look best with about 15 more pounds on her.

"First we need t' scout out de area, find us some clothes, find Judith till we know she be safe, den we take on dose men and get de box from dem, and figure out how t' get back home." Remy said.

"Remy, what if we're stuck here? Or what if can get back and don't have our powers anymore?"

De first one I hope don't happen, we have t' figure out somet'ing out den. The second one not be so bad, neh? We just `retire' an' raise a family."

Rogue smiled. That would be pretty nice. But that was just a dream for now. Now they had to save Ororo's ancestor.

Late that morning they reached a plantation. They hid in the woods near the big house. Remy knew where they were now. "We're northeast of Baltimore, dat house, de people who own it, go into debt after de war. De house eventually become a ruin. Den it was bought by de state and restored as a museum. We're likely only `bout 7 or 8 miles northeast of Baltimore at dis time. It's in Baltimore where we're from.

"It's not-"

"Non, Judith be on another plantation, northwest of Baltimore."


They watched the plantation the rest of the day. Both of them feeling pretty hungry by the end of the day. Rogue was wishing she could catch a fish or something. Remy, who had gone hungry many more times than Rogue, was faring better. He found a several wild onions, and after cleaning the dirt off, he offered them all to her. She made a face at them, but took them and ate them. After she did she looked at him guiltily, "That was all yah found, wasn't it?"

"It's okay, Remy be used t' going hungry, you're not, besides you're not used t' relying on your natural strength."

Rogue felt like shit, he had looked for something for her to eat, and ate nothing himself. If she hadn't been greedy, she could have split those 10 wild onions with him. They weren't that good tasting anyways.

"I saw some mushrooms back dere, but de were bad ones. Sorry, dat's all I could get y'. Wish I had my trench coat, dis have almost nothing in it." He looked ruefully at the fancy dress coat. He had no food in it's few pockets. He did have his bo staff, just in case, in New York City, anyone was a potential victim. He also had a few packs of cards for the same reason.

They both noticed that the plantation they were observing already showed obvious signs of decline, and it appeared that the family didn't care. It looked to be that they spent all their money on clothing and horses.

That night Remy snuck into the house alone; after an argument with Rogue about going in alone. He thought she might argue about stealing clothes from these people too, but she didn't. Remy had noticed the pretty blonde daughter, who was tall for this time, about 5'5", three inches smaller than Rogue. The girl's shape was very similar to Rogue's, but she weighed probably about 20 more pounds. The girl wore her frilly pink dress with a hoop, and fashionably long, brushing the ground as she walked. From the brief glimpse he had of her feet, the girl's feet were too small for Rogue to be able to wear her shoes, Rogue had tiny feet for her height, she wore 6A, this girl looked to wear about a size 4AAA. The mother was smaller and plump, looked to have feet about Rogue's size. The son and father were also quite tall for that time, the boy looked to be about 6'2", and was thin, too thin for Remy to wear his tops, but Remy thought a pair of the boy's pants should fit. The father was about 6' even. He had gone to fat somewhat. Remy thought he could fit his more muscular build in the father's tops. For Rogue he stole a couple of dresses, they were stuck at the back of the girl's closet, obviously dresses she disliked. One a dull brown, with a small white detachable collar and cuffs, still attached, they were ubiquitous to women's day dresses at that time, no matter what class. The other was a dark green, the color would be unflattering on the girl, but it would look good on Rogue. He also stole a set of the underclothes from the girl's room, and a pair of short white gloves, women wore gloves at all times in public, unless they were involved in manual labor. He slipped into the mother's dressing room and stole a pair of button-up boots. With just one petticoat and no hoop the dresses would likely fall just above her ankles, that should be acceptable for a lower middle class woman, which they decided would best class for them to pretend to be. Having just enough money to take a honeymoon train trip to Baltimore and back to New Orleans. That would be their story. For himself Remy just stole one whole outer outfit, including the boots, but he wasn't about to wear 19th century underwear unless he absolutely had to. Rogue had to, because of the dress of that time, her underclothes could easily become visible, with even a small gust of wind.

Remy then slipped down into the pantry and stole a bit of bread, the only food he felt he could risk either them eating, and not getting sick, since their was no refrigeration and the conditions for food preparation weren't exactly sanitary at this time period.

When he got ready to climb from the second floor he saw Rogue had not stayed hidden in the woods. He wasn't surprised, he shook his head and smiled. She never change. She was waiting for him right where he climbed up. He waved the bundle at her, he had rolled it all up in a ratty old quilt he came across in rag pile. It was still intact, but fraying around all the edges, and some of the sewn on pieces were in the process of falling off. Remy tied the impromptu bag securely and dropped it into Rogue's waiting arms. She caught it without dropping it and only let out a short gasp at the impact. As soon as he got back on the ground Remy took the pack from her and carried it over his shoulder. They quickly got back in the woods and headed towards Baltimore. After about 6 miles he sat the pack down and said, "I got some thing t' eat dere too." He took it out of one of his coat pockets and split the hunk of bread in half, giving her half of it. As soon as they finished the bread he opened the pack and said, "Better get changed now, chere, we're not far from Baltimore." She gave him a look. He grinned and turned around.

After getting himself dressed, and only having a little trouble with how to tie the neckcloth, he was ready, even the little buttons on his boots hadn't given him any difficulties. Rogue, however, was having a lot of problems with hers. He could hear her struggling with the clothes, and coming mighty close to crying in frustration. He turned around and saw the problem. She had her back to him and was struggling to button the tiny buttons up the back of the dress. She hadn't put the corset on, and the buttons wouldn't quite meet at her waist. Plus she still had her bra on with the chemise and camisole over top of it. Remy wanted to laugh and at the same time felt sorry for her. He came up behind her. she gasped and stiffened when he touched her shoulder.

"Dat not gonna work, cherie." Remy said gently. "Let me help."

Rogue blinked back her tears of frustration and dropped her arms to her sides. Remy slipped the dress off her shoulders. Rogue gasped again and said, "What are you doin'?" in a slightly scared voice.

"Y' gonna have t' start over again, chere."

"What do yah mean?"

"De dress, camisole, chemise, an' bra all have t' come off. Y' can't wear your bra. Dat be part of what de corset for. Dat how dey do it here." Remy said as the dress dropped to the ground and he started to lift both the camisole and chemise up at the same time. Rogue began to be excited at his touch, she couldn't hurt him with her powers, she wanted to feel his touch on her body. She began to breathe in quick little breaths. Remy felt himself becoming very aroused, he stroked her bare skin at the waist. When he removed her bra, he cupped her breasts. She moaned and closed her eyes, swaying back against him. He stroked her aureolas with a feathering touch. She began to move with the rhythm of his touch, making gasping squeaks. Remy grinned, those squeaks both aroused and amused him. Remy took one hand and pulled up her petticoat, then slid his hand up one of her legs, when he reached the top, he cupped her through the pantaloons, then gently pressed with his fingers against her, she gasped again, then parted her legs slightly. Remy was shocked. She hadn't stopped him this time. She was willing to let him go as far as he wanted to, she would let him take her willingly, right here. He couldn't, not here. She deserved better than this, especially for her first time. A honeymoon suite at the highest class hotel, perhaps. Remy abruptly removed his hands and stepped back from her. He smiled to himself, what would de guild members think of him now? Remy turning virtuous? Never! They wouldn't believe it. Rogue though, deserved it. He patted the engagement ring in his pocket. He had bought it during their shopping trip before the dinner date, that they ended up not having. He hadn't shown it to her. He had refused to tell her what he had bought. He had planned to propose marriage to her tonight after the dinner. He would yet, when the time was right.

Rogue opened her eyes and turned around, shyly covering her breasts. She looked at Remy with a soft smile and gently said, "Yah didn't have tah stop Remy."

"Y' deserve better dan a tumble in de leaves."

Rogue laughed warmly. "Yah are such a romantic Remy LeBeau. That's one of the reasons ah love yah."

"Y' love me?"

"Yeah. Ah don't have tah ask yah Remy, yah already told me."

"I say it anyways, cherie. Je t'aime Roguie, no matter what."

She hugged him tight, her bare breasts pressing against his vest. Then she said mock impatiently, "Well yah gonna help me get dressed or what?"

Remy laughed and picked up the chemise. "Dis go first."

"Ah know that. Ah have seen `Gone With The Wind', yah know." Rogue grinned back at him, sharing a in joke amongst southerners, as she pulled the chemise on and watched it fall to about her mid thighs. She loosed up the side ties of the petticoat and tucked the bottom half of the chemise in between the pantaloons and the petticoat. The petticoat was a bit short too, it only came down to her mid calves. Then she retied the petticoat and picked up the dreaded corset. Both the front fasteners and the back strings were undone. Rogue fastened the hooks in front, then Remy did the strings in back. As he did he congratulated himself on being such a good judgment of Rogue's figure and the girl's. The corset fit Rogue better than it had the girl. Remy only had to tighten the holes directly above and below Rogue's waist tighter than her natural figure. That would make the corset only uncomfortable, it shouldn't interfere with her breathing, then she put the camisole on.

Rogue was relieved, when the dress went on with no more problems, that Remy had found a girl a bit plumper than she was, and that thanks to the cut of the dresses in this time period the corsets didn't go down more than a couple of inches below her waist. At least she could sit down without too much discomfort. Which was good, because she needed to sit down now, to change her shoes. When she tried to bend over to take her shoes off, she realized she should have done the shoes before the corset. Remy helped her change her shoes then. Rogue still had her tights on. She remembered women wore them all the time. Rogue's were thigh high tights because she preferred them to pantyhose most of the time. They walked towards Baltimore again, reaching the outskirts in afternoon.

"Y' stay here chere, I'll get us some money quick."

"Yah mean yah gonna pick some rich man's pockets." Rogue looked resigned.

"Have t' chere. I won' steal much, promise, just enough t' get by here."

"Ah know. Don't get caught, be careful." She looked worried at him.

"You too. Stay here, chere, please. I be back before y' know it." He smiled reassuringly.

They hugged tight, then Remy walked into the city as quickly and quietly as he could. Remy saw a couple obviously drunk, rich young men and quickly picked their pockets, taking half of their money. Then Remy broke into a closed general store without damaging the lock, and stole a carpetbag, the most unattractive one, carefully arranging things so it looked like nothing was stolen. When he came back, he saw Rogue had put on her duster over her dress, but was still shivering. Remy quickly transferred most of the clothes to the carpetbag, then offered her his coat.

"Yah need it, an' don't tell me yah not cold, ah know yah are."

Remy shrugged and put his coat on. They could wear them in the city. They were a bit strange for this time, but not enough to really stand out, especially his coat. Remy picked up the quilt and wrapped it around her shoulders. "Better now, chere?"

"Yeah." Rogue knew it would keep her warmer, and tomorrow would also cover up the bodice part of the coat, which was where the styling was most different from coats of this period.

They waited until they heard the first train of the day, and pretended to be passengers getting off the train. Rogue was glad to have the quilt and her coat. It was too cold to be with out them, even though the brown dress she had on was wool, as was the petticoat and the camisole.

Remy asked the station master where a nice, but reasonable hotel was for him and his "new bride". Remy wore dark tinted wire rimmed glasses and pretended to be blind. Remy decided to use his real name. Being his wife no one would inquire Rogue's name, she would simply be addressed, if at all, as Mrs. LeBeau. As they walked they passed where you could see Fort McHenry, it's some what unique star shape made it instantly recognizable.

"Remy, it's Fort McHenry! Yah know the place where Francis Scott Key saw the flag still wavin'!" They got a few amused looks by passing townspeople, but other than that they were ignored. Rogue sighed with relief, she hadn't done anything to draw undue attention to them by her excited statement. She was glad she had remembered before she said something else, that "The Star Spangled Banner" didn't become the United States national anthem until 1923. She was also glad she hadn't shouted "Look!" since Remy was pretending to be blind, and wearing black tinted wire rim glasses. Rogue was glad they had played around and done a little shopping before their dinner date, that they ended up not having. She had bought the glasses for him as a joke. When she had pestered him into putting them on, she laughed and laughed. He looked a lot like John Lennon with them on, and in between laughs she told him so. Remy had joked back that he always liked Ringo better. But Rogue saw the flash of embarrassment on his face and he quickly took them off and put them in one of his coat pockets. Truthfully Remy had always admired John Lennon, the man stood up for his beliefs and acknowledged his mistakes. It was the idea of being compared to him that made Remy shudder. Remy still didn't believe he was a morally good person. Rogue wasn't completely aware of that being the reason for Remy's discomfort. She just thought he didn't like being stared at or laughed at. She grinned that he had to endure some form of discomfort too, pretending that he had to be guided around because he was blind.

When they came in sight of the Basilca of the Assumption Remy stopped and stared in it's direction, Rogue knew why. Remy blamed himself for the Morlock Massacre. Sinister had duped him. He had told Remy that, he and the others were to steal something big and they would probably have to fight some big time toughs that were also mutants to get it. Remy wasn't all that keen on the fighting, he liked to be in and out quick and quiet, but he was in debt to Sinister, so he had to play by his rules on this pinch to pay it off. An unknowing Remy got the Marauders through the Morlock security without being detected. When the slaughter started Remy was first horrified, then panicked and fled the tunnels. He felt damned by God because he had led the Marauders straight to the Morlocks, then he just ran away, not giving up his life trying to save the Morlocks. Rogue remembered the morning he told the X-Men, the secret was finally too unbearable for him to keep anymore. They were eating breakfast and he blurted it out, not daring to look in anyone's eyes. The best he was expect ing was to be dumped out the door and told never to return. The reactions he got stunned him. Only Magneto had condemned him, called Remy scum, this was only a few days before their big fight. Betsy had just been her usual bitchy self,"Guess you ran before any of us saw you." she commented. Warren had said,"I guess that's nearly as bad as what Apocalypse did to me." That was about as close as Warren could come to sympathy. Scott had shouted,"Sinister, again! When will he stop messing with our lives!" Jean had expressed a polite sympathy and then asked Remy why he hadn't told them sooner. Logan just said, "Knew it had to be somethin' like that." Not in a condemning tone, more in way that suggested he'd been there himself, with Wolverine, who knew. Sam had sympathized in his way,"Wow! Sinister and the Morlock Massacre, can see why yah were afraid, not somethin' yah like tah be a skeleton in yah closet!" Bobby too had commiserated in his way,"Boy, you really have lived a screwed up life!" Ororo had been the only one to actually come over to Remy, She layed her hands on his shoulder, and said, "Remy, I do not blame you, many of us could have had the same thing happen to us, and had to live with the consequences. In our own ways, many of us have." Hank had commented, "One's dark past troubles a just soul." Rogue realized now that Hank and Ororo were drawing comparisons between Remy and Magneto, at the time she was too stunned to take that in. She was angry too, why hadn't Remy told her when she asked him to, it wasn't as if her past was that sterling, either! Still, Remy's pain had registered, as she started to reach out to Remy, Magneto had restrained her, and that's when he condemned Remy. She had let Magneto pull her away from Remy, she had dropped the arm she had started to reach towards him. Now she felt shame for her actions and anger at Magneto's, he had no right to grab her, she couldn't believe she had let him. She would make up for that now. Rogue gave his arm a squeeze and whispered, "It wasn't yoah fault Remy. Yah were far less tah blame foh that than ah was any o' the things ah did while ah was with Mystique. Ah went intah situations knowin' ah was goin' tah hurt people, an' thought it was fun, tah kick some people's butts."

"But y' were just a girl, y' believed what Mystique told y'."

"Ah chose tah do it though; yah didn't know. Ah almost killed Carol Danvers."

"We best not talk no more `bout dis on de street, even in whispers, neh?"

"Ah just want yah tah stop blamin' yoahself. It took me a long time tah stop condemin' mahself, but with Ororo's, Logan's and the other's help ah did. Yah got Ororo, Logan, Hank, and me completely supportin' yah, and the others will before long."

They got to the hotel and got a room. It had a sitting room and a bedroom. Rogue and Gambit both looked at the furniture with appreciation. For that time it was considered only functional, but the beauty was obvious to them. Seeing the furniture as new, not antique only made the contrast between the craft work of this furniture and the blandness of the furniture of their time more obvious. They put down their things in the room. Then Remy said, "I'm going t' make us some more money, chere an' find out where dat plantation be."


Remy pulled out a card."Wit' dese."

"Remy, saloons were real dangerous places, ah'm goin' with yah."

"No chere. Ladies didn't go dere."

"Ah'm goin' with yah, besides yah supposed tah be blind."

"Not completely, I could be able t' see a few inches, dat be enough t' play. Make dem t'ink I be an easy mark too, neh?"

They quietly argued back and forth a few more times, then Remy decided that compromise would be the best way to end this, he agreed to let her accompany him there, but she wouldn't go in, he asked her to return to the hotel but he held no illusions that she would. She probably be waiting for me. He told her not to wait by the door, or despite the way she was dressed the patrons might think she was a lady of easy virtue.

Rogue of course wasn't about to go back to the hotel, she did however, avoid the doors, instead peeking in through a side window. She was angry when she saw Remy allowing the "women of easy virtue" to drape themselves all over him when he had obviously won a round. Not only was he allowing it, he was enjoying it, Rogue seethed.

"Young lady, that is not proper entertainment for a lady!"

Rogue gasped in surprise and turned around. Two elderly ladies were looking sternly at her.

Rogue quickly remembered their story, and said with anguish, "But mah husband is in there!"

The expression on the ladies faces immediately transformed to compassion, the younger looking one said, "Oh you poor thing! How long have you been married?"

"Two weeks." Rogue said, making a good show of looking upset.

"What a hideous beast!" The older woman exclaimed. "Gam bling, drinking, and spending time with..." The woman blushed, unable to say the words, then she continued,"while you stand outside, in clothes that don't even fit you right!"

The younger woman asked, "Have you eaten today, child?"

"No." Rogue answered truthfully.

"Lets his wife starve! Only married two weeks, and already mistreating her! Now you come home with us, and we'll get you something to eat."

"Ah...mah husband..."

"Don't worry about him. I can tell you are from out of town. We'll stop by where you are staying and tell them where you are. The whole town knows who we are." The ladies smiled at each other, then introduced themselves.

"I'm Emily Bothwell and this is my sister, Amanda Dunwall. We're both widowed, and our foolish children have all gone west. When my husband passed away I moved in with Amanda and her hus band. Then William died, and now it's only us."

"We'll leave a message at the hotel, your husband can come find you." Amanda Dunwall stated.

Rogue decided to go, she might be able to find out where the plantation was from these ladies. She was glad Remy told her the name of the family who had the plantation that Judith was on. Plus Rogue was just ticked off enough at Remy to cause him a little worry.

When they got to the house the ladies insisted on feeding her a whole meal and fixing her dress so that it would fit bet ter. One of the sisters moved the buttons as close as possible to the edge, and the other sewed some lace edging around the hem so the length would be considered more proper for a lady. As they sewed Rogue found out she met a couple of the town "radicals". When she asked them where the Smith plantation was, they told her where it was, then started talking about the horrible institution of slavery. Rogue quickly found out they were ardent abolitionists, supporters of women's rights, and for the prohibition of hard liquor. Rogue just listened.

"It's absolutely outrageous how tight they expect these young ladies to lace their stays! They'll end up cripples!"

"That's what men like, the more helpless the better!"

The ladies continued to talk about women's unequal status for several more minutes. Rogue listened, fascinated. She was actually listening to two women that spoke out for the equality of women. They weren't historically famous, just two of the literally hundreds, if not thousands, of women that spoke out for the rights of women. Rights she had because of them, and all the other women like them.

"Now if you are going to be here this Saturday, that's when we have our meetings..."

Rogue finally responded to the women. "Ah believe in what yah say, but mah husband and ah will be goin' back home by then." Ah hope! Rogue added to herself.

"And I suppose your husband doesn't support women's rights?"

"Oh he does, despite what it looked like back there."

"In other words he's a hypocrite."

"Not exactly."

"Oh dear, do you mean he supports `free love'?"

"Sort of, but he believes in marriage too."

"My dear, you have a strange husband!"

Rogue laughed, that was true!

"I believe we've fixed your dress as much as we can." The other sister politely changed the subject. Rogue took off the dressing gown that the taller sister loaned her while they worked on her dress. Rogue had unlaced her corset partway for comfort while she had the dressing gown on. One of the sister helped her relace. She laced it much looser than Remy had at the waist.

"I hope this isn't too loose for the dress to fit over."

Rogue sighed with relief when the dress buttoned up without difficulty. Now the corset was only as uncomfortable as her mother's girdle had been when Rogue had snuck and tried it on when she was twelve. She wondered then why her mother would wear something as uncomfortable as it had to be on an adult woman, since Rogue could feel it was even squashing her in with her barely adolescent figure.

In the meantime Remy had let one of the women that worked at the saloon "guide" him back to the hotel. He found out from her how to get to the plantation. When they reached the hotel Remy pulled out a silver coin out of his pocket and gave it to the woman. She looked happy then ran her hand across his chest with a inviting look on her face. Remy grinned back, but told her, "Non. Dat be for de walk back here. Y' don' have t' do no more for me. You go back now, I be fine." The woman looked surprised, then shrugged and walked back to the saloon. Remy walked into hotel. The desk clerk shouted, "Hey!" Remy walked over. "Your wife is with those crazy old ladies."

"What crazy old ladies?" Remy questioned, a little concerned.

"Oh that's right, you're not from anyway around here. They're a couple old widows. They're abolitionists, prohibition ists, and for women's rights." Then the clerk laughed, "Your wife will come back wearing one those `bloomer' outfits!" Then in a slightly more serious tone, "Hey, I'll get Old John to drive you there. Maybe you can get there before too much damage is done!" The clerk laughed again. Then he pulled a cord. A couple of minutes later an older black man came in. "Take this man to the crazy ladies house, his wife is there." The older black man raised his eyebrows in surprise, but then guided Remy out to the hotel buggy. After about five minutes they reached the ladies house. Old John got out and started to help Remy out, but Remy shook his head no, and leaped down. Old John looked surprised, and Remy told him he could see a little. Then Remy took out another silver coin and slipped it into the old man's hand, and quietly asked him, "Are y' free?"

"Yes sir." The old man answered, surprised.

"Good. Y' keep dat coin f' yourself, y' understand?" Remy said quietly.

"Yes sir." The old man said and put the coin in his pocket, got back in the buggy, waiting for Remy's return.

Remy knocked on the door. It was opened by the ladies' only servant, an young Irish woman who spoke with a noticeable accent. After Remy very politely introduced himself and why he was there she invited him in. She took him to the front room where the ladies were just finishing up helping Rogue get dressed. They were still talking. The servant introduced Remy. Rogue smiled mischievously at Remy, he grinned back at her. Then Remy proceed ed to be as charming as possible to the two widows. By the time they left, five minutes later, he had charmed the ladies enough that he could tell they were thinking better of him, just by the looks on their faces.

"You be naughty, chere, goin' off wit'out tellin' me where you are."

"Well, what about yah? Yah let those women drape themselves all ovah yah, in fact yah encouraged it!" Rogue said with more than a hint of jealousy.

Remy laughed, he'd seen her peeking in the window of the saloon. He couldn't help himself, he wanted to stir her jealousy, de Bon Dieu knew that she had, by de way she had fluttered all over Magneto, before Remy had enough and left. Remy though, just said, "Dey be de distraction, chere. Besides, I find out from dem just where de plantation be at."

Rogue sighed and shook her head ruefully, Remy would nevah change. This was the man she had fallen in love with. A lopsided smile crossed her face.

"We get out dere early tomorrow morning. It too late today." Remy said as the beginning of sunset touched the sky.

"Ah just hope they haven't found her yet. Ah hope she's safe."

"Me too, chere." Remy didn't mention that he had recognized one of the guys at the saloon drinking, fondling a saloon girl and he laughed and loudly said something about having all the time in the world. They hadn't found Judith yet, he knew.}

When they got back to the room Rogue saw Remy had got a few more things for her. She hoped he had actually bought these. They included two hats, a nightgown, another dress, wool tights, pantaloons, and needle and thread. Rogue was glad he got the hats, her unusual hair color was getting stares. With her hair put up, she could cover the white streak with the hats. Not wearing a hat alone, had probably drawn attention to her, most married women wore hats, or at least a snood, at this time, except some frontier women. The pink dress he got had fringed layers and a deep hem. Once the deep hem was taken out and re-sewn much smaller it was actually within the length range acceptable for a lady, brushing the top of her feet. They re-sewed the hem together, since the circumference of the hem was so wide, it would have taken forever for one of them to sew it. When their stitches met, they both sighed with relief, even more so when she put it on and it fell straight.

"Time t' go t' bed chere."

Rogue unbuttoned the dress. She was mightily relieved this one buttoned down the front. Then she lifted off the camisole, untied the waist strings of the petticoat, letting it fall to the floor, and unhooked the front fasteners of the corset. "Oh it feels good to get that damn thing off. It's worse than a under wire bra."

Remy grinned and looked at her in the thin chemise and pantaloons, she looked both cute and sexy at the same time. When she saw the direction of his gaze Rogue blushed. He laughed and turned around while put on the nightgown. He undressed down to his briefs, he usually slept naked or in his briefs. Usually naked, except in winter, and it was pretty cold here, plus he didn't want to scare Rogue.

Rogue joined Remy in bed nervously, she wasn't sure if it was more about her feelings or his. She nervously moved a few inches away from Remy, then she turned on her side, facing away from him. Remy sighed and closed his eyes.

Rogue felt herself coming awake, she blushed at the erotic dream she had been having, then when she realized the position she was in, she blushed even redder, and jumped nearly out of the bed. She had been half on top of Remy, with one of her legs curled around Remy's other side. Remy had been running his hand up and down that leg, in his sleep! Rogue got back under the covers on her side of the bed. "Yah gotta get yoahself under control, girl!" She muttered to herself. She fell back asleep still embarrassed by her behavior. Thirty minutes later she woke up. Again she was half on top of Remy. This time he was stroking her intimately. She was at a loss at what to do. It felt so good! She was aching from the sensations. He was also nuzzling her neck. Rogue moaned. Remy mumbled something and his other hand squeezed her butt. She realized he was still asleep, she didn't know what he had actually said, it was probably dirty. She thought, shocked, he's probably done it in his sleep! Becoming fearful that she might find out, she wiggled herself away from Remy. As last time his hands flopped to the mattress, twitched a few times, like a caught fish, then were still. Only Remy could be a letch in his sleep. Then she shook her head ruefully. Oh listen to you girl, she thought, who was the one rubbin' herself all over him! Rogue felt a tinge of fear about her actions in sleep now. She pulled the bedspread off the bed, took it and a pillow and went into the sitting room. She wrapped herself up a couple of times in the covers and lay down on the couch and slept.

When Remy awoke he was at first afraid that Rogue had gone off by herself. When he found her still asleep on the couch he was relieved and embarrassed. Why was she always running away from him, it wasn't her powers now, neither of them had them right now, and they showed no signs of returning. He should have been the gentleman and at least offered to sleep on the couch. He would do that tonight, since she was still afraid of him, for some reason. He gently shook her awake. Her soft smile when her eyes opened made him want to hold her forever. She kissed him lightly on the lips. Remy kissed her back and she opened her mouth. They lay back on the couch, Rogue still tangled in the covers, with Remy on top of them. Rogue moaned with the feel of Remy completely on top of her, even through the layers of cloth. Remy broke it off, gently. He pulled her back up to a sitting position.

"We best get Judith today." He said, helping her untangle herself from the blanket.

"Yeah." She looked down, not able to look at Remy without blushing.

Remy helped her get dressed. They rented a buggy and horse and drove out to the plantation. They were both surprised when they quickly figured out who was Judith. There was something about her that they immediately recognized, even though she didn't look that much like Ororo. They decided the best way to insure Judith's safety would be to "buy" her from the "owner", even though the idea of buying another human being from someone was a sickening thought to both of them, they would do it to ensure Judith's safety. Remy would pretend that he had newly come into money. So he wished to be respectable now. For that his wife ar needed a personal maid. He told this to the plantation owner. Remy said they already had picked out the one they wanted to buy, and pointed out Judith, who had been serving tea to Rogue. Just to be certain they had the right person Rogue had asked her name. When she said "Judith", Rogue told her that she had a nice name, and nodded at Remy, so he would know that they had the right person for certain. That was when Remy pointed Judith out to the plantation owner. The owner nodded and took Remy into another room, leaving Rogue waiting in the parlor. The owner readily sold Judith when Remy acted like someone who was somewhat ignorant of normal prices, and charged Remy 20 dollars more than the average in a private sale. Remy just wanted to get out the room, and off this damn plantation with Rogue and Judith. They left as soon as they politely could. Remy got them both in the buggy. As soon as they were off the plantation and driving through some woods, they told the visibly upset Judith what was really happening.

"Shugah, yah won't be goin' tah New Orleans."

"M'am?" Judith responded, surprised.

"We get y' out of dere, so y' can free."

Judith looked skeptical and asked, "Why me?"

Rogue and Gambit looked at each other uncertainly, then Remy came up with something, that though it was a lie, would have been plausible.

"We hear dis man, also from New Orleans talking `bout a slave girl dat fit your description on dis plantation. he want t' take y' back t' New Orleans. Do y' know `bout what happens t' dose girls?" Judith shuddered and nodded. Rogue hugged her.

Remy had been sickened during the course of the conversation when the owner had told Remy that the girl was 16 and a virgin, and he was "getting ready to plow her, himself," implying that he thought Remy was really buying the girl for his sexual gratification. Remy just barely restrained himself from becoming enraged. He wanted to slam the man into the nearest wall. Remy would tell neither about them about that, it was something best not to upset them with. It had, however, helped Remy come up with a reason to tell Judith why they picked her to save. They re turned the buggy and went to a store and bought Judith things for her trip north. They bought her red flannel pantaloons and a camisole. Rogue told Judith when they got back to the hotel room that she would need them for the horrible, cold northern winters.

Judith figured they must be telling the truth, they wanted her to be free in the north. She had never met any white people like them. Judith did have a suspicion that they were telling one lie. She didn't think they were really married. She didn't know what it was that made her think that, but it was something about them. She wondered why they weren't married. They were white, so no slavemaster was keeping them from being married. She could tell neither of them were wealthy either, so their families weren't keeping them from marriage. The only thing she could think of was that maybe they were different from normal in other ways too. Maybe they didn't believe in marriage.

Remy went out and told Rogue and Judith to stay in the hotel room. They would leave late in the afternoon. He told Rogue he was going to get some more money, gambling. Rogue wasn't happy that he was putting himself in danger for money. He told her they needed a little more, he promised not to stay than a couple of games.

Soon after he left Rogue decided to take the initiative and find Harriet Tubman and then she and Remy could bring Judith to her and travel with them, so that when those guys attacked she and Remy could fight them off. Rogue worried a little about her fighting ability, with no powers and in these clumsy dresses. She asked some man handing out abolitionist pamphlets if he knew where "Moses" was. "Moses" being Harriet Tubman's best known alias. The man gave her some directions and an address. As Rogue walked away, a couple of men started to push the guy around. Rogue watched from around the corner of a building. They told him to hand out his "radical rags" elsewhere, the pamphleteer moved on, relatively unhurt. Rogue breathed a sigh of relief and walked toward the docks. The closer she got to the address the more jumpy she felt. This was definitely a seedy area. She began to doubt if she had got the right direction.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. At first she froze in shock, but then her years of training in the danger room kicked in. She fought back with a vengeance. Then she felt the knife on her neck and saw the second man. She felt herself begin to panic. She breathed faster in fear, but struck back the way she had been taught, knocking the knife out of the second man's hand. He went after his knife. Now Rogue felt slightly better. She might be able handle the other guy, alone, if she acted quickly. She jerked herself free. Then while he was still surprised at her doing that, she swung around facing him, and quickly and with as much force as her natural strength would allow she slammed her fist into his solar plexus. When he bent over in pain, she struck his carotid artery hard enough to knock him out for quite a while, but not hard enough to kill him. Unfortunately, by that time the second thug had found his knife and he grabbed her from behind and hauled her up to him, holding the knife against her neck again. "So you like to fight, huh, well, I'll see just how well you fight after I cut you a few times." He growled at her.

"Fraid not, gutter trash!" Remy slammed his bo staff against the man's head. Rogue jerked free as the thug was momentarily dazed. He held onto his knife this time and lunged at Remy, sneering, "Who're you, the Prince Charming for the whores?"

"Dis pretty chere be a lady, she be my wife." Remy respond ed as he easily parried the thug's knife.

Rogue watched to make sure the other guy didn't wake up, or that no one else was coming to join the fight. Remy seemed to be handling the guy alright. They seemed to be about evenly matched, maybe Remy being slightly better.

Remy was pissed off, first with Rogue going off by herself, even though she knew her powers weren't working, and now this guy had Remy even more pissed. A rapist, the only people he hated more were people who hurt children for pleasure. Remy toyed with this guy, keeping his anger in check, letting this guy think he was actually a match in fighting skill. As soon as this guy let his guard down Remy would beat the holy hell out of him.

Rogue shrieked as she thought she saw Remy mistaking a stab towards his chest as a feint. Remy had seen it, but Rogue's shriek distracted him and was late in blocking the blow, and got a slight cut on his forearm. Remy hissed his breath at the sudden pain but kept his concentration, even though his rage was building.

The thug sneered at Remy."I'll kill you, rape your woman over your corpse, then I'll kill her slowly and painfully."

Remy lost it. He grabbed the knife from the creep and stabbed him through the heart. Rogue gasped as Remy let the dead man drop to the ground. She couldn't believe it, Remy killed the guy! Remy took out the knife and threw it in the Chesapeake. Then Remy went through the guys pockets and took all the money. Then Remy dragged the dead guy to the river bank and pushed him in. Rogue just stood there in shock, she had never seen this side of Remy, not this cold angry side. It frightened her a little. He was so concerned about her getting hurt, that he would kill someone that wanted to hurt her. It was overwhelming. She won dered if she would react the same way if Remy's life was threat ened. She thought about for a while, considering the possible situations, and came to the startling conclusion, that she might. Their love for each other went that deep, she realized he loved her so much that he didn't want any chance of her coming to harm. He wanted to protect her. Somehow it wasn't as offensive a notion as it might have once been. He would die to protect her because he loved her. She wanted to do something to show him how much she cared about him. That she cared about him as much as he cared about her. It made her feel all the more guilty about driving him away because she couldn't deal with her feelings for him.

In the meantime Remy had rifled the other guy's pockets too. He was still unconscious, Remy smiled, she did a good job on dis guy, even wit'out her powers. Remy took all his money too, and the two knives he had hidden on his person.

Remy turned to Rogue now, his anger still rolling in him,"What you come here for? You scared me to death!" He said with fire in his voice.

"Ah heard that the safe house Harriet Tubman is staying at right now, is here!" Rogue retorted in a tight whisper.

"You heard wrong, chere, she never tell no one where she go, she take different routes everytime."

"How did yah know that?"

"It was in de tale Stormy tell me `bout Judith."

Rogue said nothing, but she still felt a little put out at Ororo again for telling Remy that story and not telling her.

Remy kept one of the knives for himself and gave the other to Rogue.

"Ah'm not takin' that thing!" She recoiled in disgust from the thug's weapon, picturing how it had been used on other, less strong victims.

"If y' goin' out alone y' gonna need a weapon! You should n't have come here alone, anyways!"

Rogue grudgingly took the knife in it's sheath, and lifted up her skirt, tying it to the end with the petticoat strings, then let the skirt drop back down. Remy nodded in relief.

Remy's cut wasn't bad, it had already stopped bleeding and hadn't bled through the coat. They still looked fairly present able, so they headed straight back to the hotel.

When they walked in the door Rogue said, "Ah'm sick, ah'm stayin' in the room the rest o' the day." She had said it loud enough that the other people in the hotel lobby heard and stared at them. After he heard her close the door of their room, Remy put on a bragging posture and smirked, nodding at the others in the lobby. A couple of the men, who had been standing, talking and smoking cigars, grinned back at him. Then they came over and congratulated him on getting his bride pregnant so quickly. They asked if he wanted to celebrate. Remy allowed them to take him to the hotel bar. He drank the small shot of wine they bought him. Remy grimaced at the horrible taste. It was one of the worst wines that he had ever tasted. Even worse than that homemade concoction that Lapin made and they both drank when Remy was 12. It was the only time he ever got so drunk he puked his guts out. He vowed then and there to never let his drinking get out of control again. Remy decided he'd been with these guys long enough to politely leave. It wouldn't be long now before they had to leave with Judith.

"Need t' check on my wife."

The two guys laughed, and one of them said, "You won't feel this way about the rest of them, I ought know I got eight of them." Then the two guys laughed again, Remy just smiled politely and left.

The guys were loud enough that Rogue heard their comments in the hotel room. When Remy came in she said, "Ah heard them, you made them think ah was pregnant!"

"Dat can easily be arranged, ma amour."

"In yoah dreams, Cajun."

Judith knew they couldn't be married now. They didn't act anything like the married couples she knew! They were the strangest couple she had ever seen, and it wasn't just their looks, although that was strange enough. The woman, who went by the name Rogue, with her two color hair, and the man called Remy with the strange red on black eyes. He told her he'd been in an accident, that a gun had backfired on him, that was why he had strange colored eyes. He pretended to be nearly blind, but she knew he wasn't. The woman gave no explanation for her strange hair, other than she was born that way. Somehow that sounded more truthful than the man's story. They had something to hide. She wondered what it was other than they weren't really married, despite the fact the woman wore a gold band on her finger.

While they argued, the tone becoming more flirtatious as it went along, Rogue was thinking, A baby, with Remy, ah'd like that. She imagined holding the baby in her arms, and smiled. Remy would be ovah the moon. He loves kids. Ah know he really wants tah be ah daddy. There's no one ah'd want tah be the father of mah children more than Remy.

Remy watched the expression change on Rogue's face from teasing to a soft smile with a far away look in her eyes. She hadn't answered back to his last teasing remark. He wondered what she was thinking about. Somethin' dat make her happy. Could Remy dare to think it was something about him? He touched her nose, and said in teasing tone, "You be dreamin' about me, hon'?"

An embarrassed Rogue blushed, but shot back, "No. Ah was thinkin about what ah was goin' tah eat when we get back home."

Remy leered and Rogue blushed. He would make ah double entendre out of what ah said!

"I know what I'd like t' eat."

"Hush Remy." Rogue vaguely knew what people meant when they used "eat" in that way, but it made her uncomfortable to think about it. It was too "kinky" as Jubilee might say. O' course that girl probably wouldn't think that it was! She was about the dirtiest minded girl Rogue knew, with the exception o' Betsy. Betsy never talked about it much though, just implied she knew all about it, and had tried it all. Rogue felt stupid and naive compared to all the other X-women. Much less the guys.

Now she have dat serious look on her face. Remy leaned over and gently kissed her lips. Rogue sighed and relaxed, and Remy stopped the kiss and said, "Sorry, cherie, I was bein' crude. I poligize."

"It's alright Remy. Ah was just embarrassed `cause Judith was here."

Remy just nodded, although he imagined Judith had probably heard far worse things directed at her. She was pretty. He was sure the plantation owner had already said things and maybe even started to do things. The same went for the two teenage sons he saw briefly. Remy thought, that's probably why Judith ran when she did. The threat of the father or the sons or all of them forcing her. She be a slave so she couldn't fight back. She chose the best way. Run to freedom. Now that fear wouldn't hound her. She would go north already what she should have been all along, a free woman. Remy was going to give her all but a few coins of the money. He could get more, or he and Rogue would be back home soon and wouldn't need these coins.

Remy put the money in the bag in Judith's hand. She looked shocked. Remy smiled at her and said, "You need dis in de nort', petite."

"Won't you need it? I can tell you aren't rich, Mister Remy."

"Jus' Remy is fine, I'm no gentleman."

Judith nodded, but she strongly disagreed. Mister Remy was much more a gentleman than any of the white men she met who called themselves gentlemen. He was what they only played at being, a true gentleman. He played at not being one, but she had seen the way he treated Miss Rogue, and herself. The gentleman was intrinsic to him. Judith took the money and thanked Remy for it.

Then Rogue gave Judith the knife that Remy had taken from one of the guys that attack her. It had a ivory handle. Rogue said, "You'll need this for protection."

Judith teased as she accepted the knife, "Won't you need it for protection from him?" She grinned and pointed to Remy.

Rogue smirked. "Ah can handle him."

Remy leered at Rogue. We'll see `bout dat, he thought, amused and aroused by the challenge Rogue was throwing him.

That evening they walked to the meeting spot. Judith knew where it was, she and Remy took the lead Rogue walked behind, they were all on the lookout for someone ambushing them. So they were somewhat prepared when the two guys leaped down from the trees. Rogue and Remy quickly put Judith between them. One of them went after Gambit, and the other went after Rogue. Rogue was relieved that Judith understood Remy's head signal, and she ran for it, while Remy and Rogue fought these guys. These guys were much more skilled than the two guys that had attacked Rogue at the docks. These guys, of course were from the 1990's also. Skilled thugs. Rogue was afraid she wouldn't be able to defeat this guy. Not without her powers. Remy wasn't having a easy time either, he was sweating, despite the early December chill. Suddenly two shots exploded and the two guys dropped to the ground. One shot through the head, the other through the neck. They were dead.

Then a women stepped into the clearing where the fight had been, another woman was behind her. Rogue gasped when she recognized Harriet Tubman from the photograph she had seen of her in history books. The woman behind her was Judith. Rogue was shocked that Harriet Tubman had killed those guys, the gun was still in her hand, the pistol she always carried, it was pointed down now.

"I was watching you. You've been trying to help one of my people, so I helped you." Harriet told them.

"Merci, Madame Moses. We be in your debt. We'll take care of dese guys." Remy said and he and Rogue waved goodbye to Judith as Harriet nodded then walked back into the darkness.

Remy went through the guys pockets. "Sapriste!"


Remy held up the device, it was damaged.

"Damn." Rogue muttered.

"Mebbe we can fix it. I don' know. It take while t'ough. First t'ings first, t'ough. We need to get rid of de bodies."

Remy dragged one guy, while Rogue reluctantly did the other. They dumped them into the Chesapeake. As the bodies float ed away, slowly sinking from the weight of the waterlogged clothes, Remy shook his head and said half ironically, "Be a lot o' bodies in de Chesapeake lately, neh?"

"It's not funny Remy. I don't like killin'."

"It not funny. Don' like it myself, but if de people you be fightin' playin for keep, den you better too, or it might just be your body bein' food for de fishies."

Rogue shuddered and nodded solemnly.

Remy came over and they held each other tight for a few minutes. Then Remy said, "We best be goin' north too, just to be on de safe side. We go straight north t'ough. Dey be followin' de coast." He gently kissed her, then stepped back.

Rogue took his hand as they began their long walk. Near dawn they found an recently abandoned cabin, it still looked to be in good shape.

Rogue said, "Likely they went west."

"At dis time, probably." Remy replied.

There was even some wood still stacked in a pile. They both tiredly picked up an armload and carried it inside. Both were relieved that it was relatively clean inside, only around the chimney was it dirty.

They found a forgotten empty straw ticking mattress, folded up next to the door. It was essentially two sheets sewn together, except for one of the short ends. Straw would have been stuffed inside it until it was full, then that end would have been sewn up. After they piled up the wood in the fireplace, Rogue unfolded the ticking and laid it out fairly near the fireplace. Rogue took off her layers of clothes. First, the long, hooded cloak that Remy bought, then her coat, next the pink dress, finally the brown dress. Then she was down to her 1990's clothes, with both the 1860's underclothes and her own, minus the corset. She left the green dress and damned corset behind. They also left the carpet bag behind, which was one of the reasons they were wearing layers, the other was for the warmth they provided. Remy was peeling off layers too. On the top he stripped down to the skin and down to his own pants on the bottom. Then he worked on get ting the fire started. After the fire was lit Rogue brought over her layers of clothes she had discarded. First she laid the cloak on top of the flat ticking. The cloak was huge, except at the very top because it had to go around the width of the skirts of that time. Then she laid her duster and the pink dress on the side she decided to sleep on. She laid the brown wool dress on Remy's side, since he had no long warm piece of clothing to lay over himself tonight. Remy put on the 1860 shirt and vest back on once he got the fire lit. They laid down on their impromptu bed together. Rogue laid her head on Remy's chest, looking at the fire, afraid to look at his face, and shyly said, "Remy, ah've been thinkin' about what's happened the past couple o' days..."

"What is it cherie?" Remy asked, with a little tinge of fear that she pull away from him emotionally again.

Rogue took a deep breath, and said in a whisper, "Ah want yah tah make love tah me." She blushed a deep red, but continued, "Yoah the man ah've dreamed of lovin' all mah life. Yah love me as much as ah love yah. Yah want tah protect me `cause yah love me. Ah don't need tah be protected, ah can take care o' mahself, but ah understand why yah feel that way, ah feel the same `bout yah."

Remy turned over on his side, so that they faced each other. "Are y' sure you're ready for dis?"

"No." Rogue said honestly. "Ah'd like tah though."

Remy nodded, then said, "I can do something else f' you, if y' want me too. It feel real good, I promise."

"Okay." She replied with a mixture of trepidation, curiosity and excitem= ent.

Remy helped her out of her clothes, with gentle touches and jokes. Rogue found herself relaxing and getting turned on by this. Once she was down to her bra and underwear he began to make feathering touches on her breasts, then up to her earlobes and back again. Rogue closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. Then he took the bra off and stroked from her bare breasts to her waist rhythmically, while he kissed her slowly and deeply. Then he let one of his hands slid inside her underwear and stroked there. Rogue rolled over to her back and lifted her hips with gasps and sharp surges of pleasure. Remy drew off her underwear, then stroked between her legs with both hands till she spasmed and cried out in orgasm. He gently teased her then, "Wonder if dey heard y' back in Baltimore?"

Rogue blushed down to her breasts with mortification. She had no idea she would scream like that, it was so embarrassing. Anyone nearby would have heard her. She wanted to die from embarrassment. She had been completely out of control. She certainly couldn't do this with her powers, far too dangerous! Then she thought, maybe our powers will never come back. Maybe we'll be stuck here. She looked at Remy and felt closer to him than she ever had before. She smiled and thought, if we are stuck here the rest of our lives, there's no one else ah'd more like tah be stuck with. We definitely bettah stay north, if we are stuck, at least foh the next few years. Ah'm a southerner, an' proud o' it, but ah'm not about tah want tah be in the south during the Civil War! Especially since ah'd like tah have kids with Remy. Ah'd love tah be pregnant with a baby that's ours.

They worked on figuring out how to open the device the next day, as well as cleaning up their temporary home. In the barn they found an old broom, a frontier axe with a broken handle, and some clean straw, which they hoped, since it was winter, had no live bugs in it. They stuffed the ticking and sewed it up, with the needle and thread Remy brought along in his pocket. They fixed the axe, first making it a short handled axe, then once they found a sturdy branch, axing that off the tree. Then they took out the old handle and putting the branch in it's place, after Remy had whittled the top to fit in the groove. Remy found a stream nearby with several types of fish in it. They managed to catch a few small fish with a couple of burlap bags they had found in the barn.

"Ah think we can survive here, if we need tah, Remy."

Remy smiled and kissed her, "Be a couple of pioneers, neh?

That night, in bed, Rogue said, "Remy, ah'm ready now, ah want yah tah make love tah me."


Rogue looked surprised. "No? Why?"

"It not be safe, y' could get pregnant."

Rogue blushed then said, "Don't you have condoms?"

"Non. Not wit' me. Only woman I want t' be wit' recently been you. What wit' your power an' all, I not be needin' t' carry none, least until now... `Sides even if I did have one dey not be one hundred percent. Y' could get pregnant."

"What would be wrong with that? We love each other, we want tah be with each other... Ah thought yah loved kids...."

"I'd love t' have kids wit' you, chere. More dan anyt'ing! But not here, it be too dangerous..."

"What do yah mean?"

"Women die havin' babies in dis time, lots of dem. De medical care was terrible. If you die cherie, `cause of me, I wouldn't want t' live.

Rogue looked at Remy with tears brimming in her eyes and hugged him tight, he hugged her back just as tight. The love she felt for him right now was overwhelming. After a few minutes she felt a bit more in control of her emotions and asked him, "Well, could yah at least do what yah did last night?"

Remy chuckled. "Oui."

The next week Rogue said no more about making love. They spent the days tring to fix the device and see how it worked by looking at the wiring and connections. They also prepared as best they could for the winter, in case they had to stay in the past. If it looked like they wouldn't be able to fix by the end of the week, they would go to the nearest town, and get the food and supplies they would need over the winter. Every night was spent like the first. Remy didn't blame Rogue, she was too naive to realize how her sexual reactions were affecting him. It wasn't exactly comfortable trying to sleep every night with an erection. After a few days they were elated that it looked like they had figured out how the device worked. Now if they could only repair it. After a lot of thought the next day Remy came upon an idea that might work. The next morning he used one of the needles that he had bought, and carefully cleared away some metal shavings that appeared to be clogging one of the connections. As soon as got a same part of the shavings out of the device it began to hum. He almost cheered. He carefully cleaned away the rest of the mess and fixed any loose connections that his cleaning uncovered and the hum became softer but deeper sounding. He carefully checked for any other problems but found no more damage. He gently closed and resealed the device and put it in his coat pocket. He went and found Rogue. She had caught some more fish for tonight's supper.

"It be working, chere."

She dropped the burlap bag and squealed with delight and ran to him and hugged him. "We can go home!"

"I'm not sure how well it work, t'ough, or how t' program it. Hope it be set f' where we come from."

Rogue kissed him. "You'll get that date yet, Cajun!" Rogue refused to believe anything but the best right now.

Remy smiled."Hope so cherie, lookin' forward t' it. We'll go tomorrow morning, neh? So we can see what we're doin'."

"Sounds good tah me. Yah ready for supper?"

"Oui!" The wicked look in his eyes made it obvious he meant that in more than one way. Rogue blushed lightly, but then smiled lopsidedly, "Ah swear Remy, yah must not think o' anythin' else.

Remy laughed. "Y' know what dey say `bout men, chere, dere mind be on only one t'ing all de time!" He smirked.

Rogue play slapped his arm, but sash-shayed past him into the cabin with the burlap bag. Remy watched her move. He felt turned on just watching her walk, the way her body swayed with her motion! It made him want to be in her, right now! Then he shuddered, remembering last night's dream. They were stuck here, and she worked on him, gradually getting better at it, till finally he broke and he took her. They made passionate love for weeks. Then she got pregnant and died from blood loss shortly after the baby was born, a beautiful little girl. Rogue begged him not to blame himself as she died. She knew he wouldn't blame the baby. Then she died. That's when he woke up with a jerk. He held the alive and well, but still sleeping Rogue beside him, gently kissing her. He silently promised he never do anything to hurt her in any way. Without her powers she looked so fragile beside him.

Rogue had been having dreams too, hers had been pleasant, however. She dreamed of herself and Remy with a houseful of children, happy and healthy.

After supper Rogue said, "Since we got it workin' and we're leavin' in the morning, ah want yah tah make love tah me tah night."


"What's wrong now?" Rogue asked with a touch of irritation.

"Don' know where we be endin' up at, could be some place even worse dan here."

Rogue sighed with disappointment, but realized that Remy was right, they could end up who knows where or when.

Remy continued, "But I do somet'ing for you dat give you all de pleasure, wit' none of de risk."

"What?" Rogue had no idea what he could mean right now, other than what he had been doing.

Remy grinned broadly, "Let me show you." and helped her take off her clothes. It started out the way it had the other nights, kisses and his hands touching her everywhere, making her gasp with pleasure. Then he put his mouth on her breast and she gasped with surprise and the surge of desire. Then she felt truly stupid. She should have guessed he meant this, she'd read enough romances that the guy did other than sex, was this. She should have realized that was the one other thing Remy hadn't done yet. Then Remy gently nipped her areola and all coherent thought left. All she felt was his mouth and hands on her body. All she could think of was him moving over her and taking her. She moaned, she wanted him to take her. She arched her hips towards him.

Remy had carefully remained clothed, it helped him stay in control of his own desires. Slowly he moved down her body. He skipped over where he would go shortly and picked up one of her feet. She instinctively opened her legs and arched her hips. He stroked the sole of her foot with his tongue. Rogue gasped and spasmed in pleasure. Gradually he moved her legs, with his fingers and tongue. By the time he reached his goal she was making inarticulate sounds and arching rhythmically toward him. Remy stroked her intimately with his tongue till she screamed and spasmed hard. Then moved up and held her in his arms. Rogue lay there dazed for a long time. She had never dreamed of having such intense feelings! She felt drained but wonderful! Remy breathed hard trying to get himself back under control. He teased her a bit breathlessly, "Bet dey heard y' in New Orleans dat time!"

She blushed bright red, but shot back, "Ah didn't know yah were so kinky!"

"Been told dat by a few ladies."

"Ah don't wanna know about it."

"Wouldn't tell y' anyways. Not one t' kiss an tell, chere."

"Good." Then she looked at him curiously, "Do yah really like it? Ah mean, ah've heard guys don't really like it." She blushed again.

Remy laughed and hugged her. "Some don't. But I most certainly do! Not much more fun dan watchin' de woman I love scream in ecstasy from de pleasure I'm givin' her. I could stay down dere all night!"

"Yah are a kinky devil!"

"Want me t' show y' how kinky, chere?"

"Remy!" she said, but teasingly, there was an excited sparkle in those emerald eyes. "But first," she said emphatically, but nervously, "Ah want tah touch yah and make yah feel good." She had noticed this time that Remy was breathing hard and looked uncomfortable. She realized why and felt horrible, she been unthinkingly selfish all week!

Remy smiled and said, "Okay, cherie. I'll help show y' what t' do. Don't be nervous."

He got a solemn nod from her in response.

"Smile cherie, laissez le bon temps rouler!"

Rogue grinned. Suddenly she had the inspiration that Cajuns had probably invented the phrase, "let the good times roll" for sex, before they had extended it to their "raison de etre". Remy guided her hands for a while, then picking up her courage she touched her lips to one of his masculine nipples. Remy gasped sharply. Rogue got scared, "Did that hurt?" She moved back and looked into his eyes.

"Non, cherie it feel real good!"

"Do yah want me tah do it some more?"

"I'd like dat."

Rogue brushed her lips against the other nipple, then gettin braver, stroked her tongue against it. Remy groaned and said a little breathlessly, "Dat's real good, chere, you be doin' a real good job."

Encouraged, she reached down and unzipped his pants, then fumbled with the button at the top. Remy chuckled and reached down and unbuttoned it himself. He stood up and let her slide the pants down to the floor. while he stepped out of them, Rogue lightly traced her hands up and down his legs. He slid down his underwear while she was doing that and stepped out of them. Then he sat back down with his legs extended. He was getting so excited that standing was becoming difficult anyway.

Rogue looked at Remy. This was the first time she had seen him naked and aroused. She'd caught glimpses of him naked, but he hadn't been turned on. She had never seen any man naked with an erection. It was kind of scary. She hadn't really pictured that it would get that much larger. Tentatively she touched it. Remy sucked in his breath. Rogue knew now that meant she had done something that felt good to him. She put her mouth on one of his nipples again, lightly brushing the other one with her finger tips, and stroked his shaft with her other hand.

"Dat's...real good...chere." Remy said between gasps. Her touch was tentative, but it was enough to sharpen his urges.

Rogue nervously looked at his erection, trying to build up her courage to do to him what he had done for her. She had no idea what to do. What would feel right and how she was supposed to do it. It was so big, not a small area like hers. Rogue blushed, but felt a push of determination. If he can do it for me ah can do it for him. Very tentatively she moved her mouth to his shaft and put her mouth over the end. Remy jerked sharply. "Dieu!" He gasped,"Bon Dieu..." he said more softly. Keep control Remy, he thought, she not be ready for de end part yet. Just the sight of her doing this, even if she wasn't doing it exactly right, it was enough to make him almost let go right then and there. "Enough...chere," Remy gasped, "come up here...I want t'....kiss you." Rogue let Remy gently pull her back up to his mouth. He put her hand on his erection and laid his over it. He moved their hands with a quick hard rhythm now, while he kissed her deep and hard. Then he let go. Rogue felt something warm and wet hit her thighs. She was surprised at the warmness. She smiled at him during the kiss, she felt him smile too. They broke the kiss.

"T'anks, ma cherie, you do real good."

Rogue blushed. "Ah'm glad, ah didn't have any idea what tah do!" She said embarrassed.

"Dat be alright, didn't expect y' to, being you're still a virgin."

"Ah don't wanna be one anymore..."

"I know, ma coeur, Remy promise when we be safe at home if y' still want me to, I will."

"Yah promise."


They touched each other for a while longer than drifted off to sleep. The next morning they got ready.

Rogue felt a little depressed now.When she woke up, she recognized the sensations coming back to her. Her powers were returning. First would be the strength, then would come flight, and lastly her innate power, the absorb ing ability. she had lost her chance. She was too depressed right now to cry. She put her gloves on with resignation. Remy came over and hugged her, then they walked into the field holding hands.

"Well chere, here it goes." Rogue tightened her grip on his hand as they stepped into the breech. Remy looked briefly surprised, and Rogue nodded at him solemnly. Remy gave a reassuring squeeze to her hand. Then they were in the breech. They felt nauseatingly dizzy for a few moments and saw a stomach turning swirl of light. Then it cleared and they staggered against each other.

("Tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel")
Huey Lewis "Power of Love"

("Let's give them something to talk about A little mystery to figure out")
"Something To Talk About"

Part 4: Something To Talk About

New York City

Rogue immediately noticed that she felt no hint of her powers.

"Remy ah think that thing temporarily neutralizes our powers when we go through it. Ah don't feel mah powers."

Remy tried to charge up a card and wasn't surprised when nothing happened. "You wanna try it again?"

Rogue smiled encouragingly and Remy kissed her passionate ly. Rogue pressed her whole body against his. Rogue broke off the kiss this time with a laugh. "We bettah have our date first, this ain't exactly the place ah imagined tah make love." She blushed a little at her audaciousness but smiled at the same time.

Remy laughed back. "I be rubbin' off on y' already, chere, `fore long y' be havin' a mind as `dirty' as mine."

"No one else could ever have a mind as dirty as yoah's!" She teased back. Then they walked out of the alley. When Rogue saw the headline:"`MUTANT MENACE' DISCUSSED", Rogue whirled around and hugged Remy, "We are back home!" That headline, as disturbing as it was, told them they were indeed back home.

After dinner they were relaxing and talking in the restaurant. Rogue had never felt so comfortable but attracted to any man. She watched Remy's eyes as he talked, realizing how deep the intimate bond she felt towards him.

Remy saw the look in Rogue's eyes. Now was the time. "Chere, more dan ever I'm sure dat I want t' be wit' you f' de rest of my life. Je t'aime." Then taking her left hand he laid a small box in it. "Will y' marry me, ma cherie?"

Rogue gasped in surprise, "Yah want tah marry me?"

"Oui! More dan anyt'ing, ma amour!"

Rogue began to cry, "Ah nevah thought this would happen tah me. Yes, ah'll marry yah!" Rogue clutched the box in her hand and threw her other arm around his shoulders. Remy gave her a quick kiss, then said softly, "Aren't y' gonna open it?"

Rogue laughed, "Ah'm so silly." She sat back in her seat and opened the box. Remy had picked a very well crafted ring, with diamond that was neither tiny nor ostentatious. It looked exactly right. Remy lifted the ring out the box and slid it on Rogue's ring finger. It was then that she realized she still had on the fake wedding ring she had worn while they were in the past. It had been a playful gift from Remy to reciprocate her playful gift, and to throw her off a bit about the real gift he had planned to give her that night. After she bought the glasses, he had teased her by going up to one of those 50 cent machines that had toy rings in them. He came back with one that had a plastic ruby on it. It was just a cheap piece of gold colored aluminum and plastic. Rogue had laughed and put it on when he mock solemnly handed it to her. After a few seconds she took it off and put it into her duster pocket. It had been a simple matter to make it look like a plain wedding band, she snapped off the plastic ruby. Remy didn't have to have a ring, double ring ceremonies were just becoming common around then. So it wouldn't have been that unusual that he didn't have one too. Rogue thought that perhaps she should take off the aluminum ring. After all it was just strip of aluminum that one could adjust to fit by the amount by the amount the band overlapped. Because Rogue had such narrow, delicate looking fingers, the child's ring fit her fin ger. She thought about all they had gone through the past two weeks though, and kept it on. She would wear there until she had her real wedding ring. Even then she would keep it in her jewelry box. What she wanted right now was to go somewhere with Remy and make love. She waited until they got back in the car, then she said, "Remy, yah said if it was safe an' ah still wanted tah, we would make love. Well, ah want tah."

Remy didn't argue, instead he said, "De Plaza has excellent room service, we can go dere. If we're lucky maybe someone cancel dere reservation in a nice suite."

As it turned out they were in luck. It wasn't the most expensive suite, but it was one of the nicer ones. As soon as they got in the room Remy went to take a shower and Rogue called the mansion. She left a brief message with Logan, who answered the phone this time. "Something's come up, we'll be back in two weeks. Nothin' serious, we just need tah be away for the next two weeks." Then she hung up quickly, not wanting to answer any questions yet.

Logan stood there for a few seconds, dumbstruck. Then he hung up the phone. everyone in the room looked at him with curiosity. "It was Rogue, she said that `somethin' came up." Logan raised his eyebrows at Rogue's choice of words, "It wasn't no thin' to worry about, but they'd be gone the next two weeks."

Sam whistled in surprise.

Logan concurred. "One night? The Cajun's even better than I thought! Well McCoy, it looks like were both wrong.

"I was correct, however." Storm smiled and walked over to the jar that held the money, on the side was taped a paper, with everyone's bet on the time it would take marked on it by their name. Storm had put down one night. Betsy, Warren and Scott had not participated. Jean had however. When she put the money in Scott had objected, that this was a stupid, childish activity. Jean just laughed, and said it would hurt to be silly and child ish every so often. She had bet on three days, considering the man's charm, she didn't think it would take long. Sam had said one month, because Rogue could be pretty stubborn when she wanted to be. Bobby had said a year, for the same reason. Jubilee, who was visiting had laughed and said two days, Rogue couldn't resist Gambit's sexy bod' and charm. That made several of them laugh and nod. That seemed to spur even Bishop to join in the bet, he said from what little he knew of their relationship, he could not really judge but decided to go somewhere in the middle, so they put him down for six months. Storm looked approvingly at Bishop, he was gradually beginning to loosen up, attempting to be a real friend and making efforts at humor. As Storm walked out of the room with the jar, rampant speculation was flying about just what Rogue and Gambit would be doing the next two weeks. Logan commented, "There's things they could do without their skin actually touchin'." Jubilee shot back, "Oh that's gross, romantic, but gross, but the Cajun is one smooth mover."

The objects of their friends' speculation were getting ready for bed. Rogue took a quick shower after Remy was done. Then shyly, with only a towel wrapped around her, she walked back into the bedroom. Remy was already in bed under the covers. Rogue knew he was naked. She felt a little silly for still feeling shy about this, after all they had done everything but make love, and he had seen her naked every night this past week, and she had seen him naked last night. This, though, was the night...

"It be alright ma amour, I won' bite." Then he laughed, "Well at least not hard!" Remy leered at her.

"Stop it." Rogue said, but smiled back at him.

"Stop what, chere?" Remy said mock innocently.

"Uhrr...yah!" Rogue jumped onto the bed and tackled Remy, they playfully wrestled, then quickly becoming aroused. With their naked bodies in intimate contact it wasn't difficult; Remy had tossed off her towel almost immediately, they began to kiss and touch each other. Each others noises of pleasure further stimulated them. Remy waited until she had several orgasms from his hands and mouth before he moved over her. She moaned and arched her lower body towards his. As gently as he could Remy entered Rogue. She gasped, she had heard the first time hurt, but not in what way or how much, it hadn't so far, been as painful as she feared, but it was more painful than she had hoped. Remy abruptly stilled when she gasped, and he said softly, "Cherie, Remy be really sorry, I wish it not hurt at all, but.."

"It's alright, Remy. Ah'm okay. Ah knew it was supposed tah hurt. It didn't hurt as bad as ah was afraid it would. In fact it's not now. It just feels..." She was surprise to feel herself grin, and said,"...kinda full." She giggled and blushed.

Remy laughed. "Oh chere, you surprise Remy!" Then he gently moved again, and Rogue moaned, it hardly hurt at all, but oh god, it felt good! The more Remy moved the better it felt. It spurred her erotic thoughts, and Remy's until they orgasmed. Afterward they slowly relaxed, holding each other. Remy gently kissed Rogue on the eyelids and on the bridge of her nose. She sighed with contentment, and kissed him back. This aroused Remy again and when Rogue felt him get hard again, still inside her she moaned and pushed her hips up against his. They made love again.

"Sorry cherie, didn't mean t' do it again tonight, y' bein' a virgin."

Rogue giggled, "Was a virgin. Ah liked it, hardly hurt at all this time."

"You feel differently in the morning, ma amour."

Rogue blushed. She had read romance novels, being too shy and embarrassed to dare ask any of other X-women what it was like, really. Even the books mentioned about feeling sore down there the next morning. She wondered, how sore? When she got up the next day, she felt like she had done a major workout. Then she smirked as she took her shower, she had!

After nearly two weeks of mostly making love, Rogue woke up that morning and could tell that her powers were returning. She quietly got dressed in one the new outfits Remy had bought her. She, in turn, had bought Remy some clothes. Remy was still asleep. She looked in the mirror as she dressed, she silently told her reflection, If there's anythin' out there, ah hope yah made me pregnant. She had managed to persuade Remy the first night not to wear a condom, she hoped that night would be all it took.

"Time t' go home?"

"Yeah." Rogue's voice had a blend of happiness and regret in it.

"Chere, I wouldn't of suggested it t' you before, because y' weren't ready f' it yet, and it be your choice anyways..."

"Ah could wear one o' those little neutralizin' collars. Ah already thought o' that," She smiled at him. "Ah'm goin' tah, ah realized wearin' one ain't givin' up, it's takin' control, same as Scott wearin' his ruby quartz glasses."

"Dat's right chere." Remy was glad to see Rogue taking control of her life now. He hadn't been kidding when he had said shortly after he and Rogue met that he liked strong women. That meant in all senses of the word. Rogue's emotional vulnerability had spurred his desire to protect her, out of concern for her. He was surprised that someone as bad as he was could have any kind of good effect on anyone. He always made his own choices about what he did, and took the consequences, good or bad, blaming no one but himself if the choice was bad. Rogue had that in her already, it was what had led her to the X-Men after all. Most of the time, though, that he had known her, she was afraid to make the big decisions. Afraid of making a bad mistake, he guessed. Now though she had made one, and it was big indeed, she had decided to make herself vulnerable to him. It blew him away that she trusted him so completely now. Scared him too, being truth ful. He didn't know if he was worthy of so much trust.

Almost as if she had been reading his thoughts, she said, "Ah trust yah Remy, with all mah heart! Don't be thinkin' yah not worthy o' me! Ah know how yah think! There's no one more worthy than yah, Remy LeBeau! Yah gotta stop sellin' yoahself so short!" She hugged him, carefully avoiding any bare skin. "Now, let's go home."

Won' dey be surprised, chere...Logan's gonna know what we've been doin'."

Rogue blushed. That was true, his ol' sniffer would pick up there scents, people probably smelled different after they...made love.

"An' Betsy be nosy, she try makin' little trips in our heads..."

Rogue blushed redder, if anything, that was worse, she'd know exactly what they'd done... Rogue wished she still had that barrier she had when Carol's psyche shared her body. She knew that Remy had some sort of psychic barrier, lucky him!

As soon as they walked in the door, Logan looked at Remy sharply, and blurted out, "How'd you do it Gumbo?"

Rogue blushed as red as her Miata. Remy just grinned and put his arm around Rogue, and said, "De usual way, mon ami."

Betsy looked bored and said, "Spare us the details."

Remy shot back, "Why,`cause y' already pick `em up from Roguie's head? Was it good for y' too?"

Betsy blushed visibly, making it obvious that she had invaded Rogue's thoughts. Jean looked at Betsy disapprovingly. Rogue glared at Betsy. Betsy said defensively, "Well it's not like I had to try, she's practically broadcasting it!" Rogue stiffened, and Ororo decided it was time to end this before violence erupted. "Rogue, I have something I would like to show you."

"What?" Rogue asked, distracted. Ororo touched her sleeve. Rogue relaxed and followed Ororo to her room. When they got to the room Ororo said, "I do not know why I did not tell you this story before. I know you are interested in history..." Ororo proceeded to tell Rogue the life story of Judith. Rogue felt odd, especially when Ororo told her about Judith's escape from the south and showed her the ivory handled knife. It had been passed down in the family the generations. All Ororo knew was a strange looking couple had helped her. The man had given Judith money and the woman had given her the knife for protection. Rogue was relieved that the story had become so vague through the generations.

Then Ororo said,"I am glad you and Remy have found your love for each other."

"Me too."

Rogue went back to her Miata then, and took her things back to her room. While she was putting the clothes away Logan came to the room and stood in the doorway. "He treat you right?"

Rogue grabbed a pillow and threw it at him, "None o' yoah business." She smiled though. Logan easily dodged the pillow and grinned back at her. Then he said, "The look on your face, darlin', tells me everything I need to know."

"Out!" She grabbed her other pillow and threw it more forcefully. Logan just laughed and walked away from her door. He went to Remy's room and leaned against the open door. "Well Cajun, looks like you've got what you wanted." Then he smirked.

"Dat's right mon ami. Roguie get what she wanted too, neh?"

"Just how did it happen, Gambit?"

"We fight some people, beat dem, but dere be a device dat temporary take our powers away. Rogue want to, so we did."

"Just one more question LeBeau, you plannin' on makin' this a permanent relationship?"

"Oui!" Remy said emphatically.

"That's what thought you'd say, glad to know I was right. Now how about going out for the beer you turned down last time?"

Remy shrugged, "Why not. Let me tell ma cherie where I be goin'."

Logan burst out laughing then, "She's already got you trained!"

Remy just grinned and said, "Dat's how y' win dere hearts, neh?"