Wed, 28 Oct 1998
"Sandi Bowser"
Place Your Hand: 5/5

[Warning: NC-17 Graphic Sexual Situations]

Place Your Hand



He stared at her, in awe of her for a long moment before he realized that he was outright staring at her, his mouth wide open. He wanted to touch her so badly that his fingers ached. He felt a new surge of heat flow through him, piling between his legs again. He knew that this is what was supposed to happen, but he didn't know if it was supposed to make him want to lay her down and explore her everywhere, want to make her scream out with wild abandon as she had before. She stepped forward and stopped right in front of him, her head high, exposing herself by holding her arms out, her chest heaving, her eyes still wild. He couldn't take it any longer and stood up before her, taking her into his arms, pulling her close as she tore the rest of the shirt from his torso. He kissed her hard and picked her up, laying her down on the couch as gently as possible. His hands wandered down, stroking her hair, then her neck, down across her breasts, making her cry out with longing. He heard her giggle a little as his hand brushed over her stomach, then stopped when her brushed lower across her abdomen, hitting the patch of wiry red hair, uncertain of what to do next.

'Dinnae stop,' she pleaded, arching her body up, trying to squirm upward, so that his hand would go where she wanted it. 'Please touch me.'

'I...don't know...' he stammered shyly. How was he supposed to say he didn' t want to hurt her because of his inexperience. He felt himself blush again, the glow of it illuminating him, casting the glow over her body.

Rahne felt herself blush as the words spilled out of her mouth. 'Dae ye want me tae show ye?' she asked. He nodded, still looking her in the eyes. 'Then ye have tae dae sometheng for me. A want ye tae take your pants off, too.' She didn't know where she had gotten the urge to be so bold from, but she was so curious to see him as well.

'I...' he choked. 'Uh...sure. But could you give me a minute?' he requested, feeling his heart sink. He hadn't expected to have to form a penis this quickly; he knew what the male anatomy consisted of, but he'd never attempted to form one in front of anyone else and he was nervous that the one he had been working on was going to be unsatisfactory to her. He wanted everything to be perfect for her.

She nodded and sat up, turning herself away from him, her cheeks burning. She did want to look, but she felt the need to give him a bit of privacy, nonetheless. He hesitated for a brief moment, stripping off his pants, then gritted his teeth. There was one more ting he felt the need to do; something he'd been working on in secret with Kitty for some time as a surprise for her. Forcing his body to adjust on the molecular level, he changed his appearance to simulate flesh as his new form began to take shape. It didn't really drain him, but it took a lot of concentration to do so. Staring down at is hands, he watched as the simulated epidermal layer changed from circutry to a lightly gold-tinted fleshtone. Finally, he sat down next to her and reached out to touch her bare shoulder.

Rahne turned her head slowly and opened her eyes to a sight that she had never expected. Instead of Douglock, a very convincing (although somewhat golden) doppelganger of Doug Ramsey sat beside her, looking nervous and uncertain as to what her reaction might be. Her mouth dropped open and she was almost afraid to ask, but she heard it. 'Douggie? Es tha' ye?'

He nodded shyly. 'It was something I was working on...for you...I thought maybe you'd appreciate...' He trailed off, the blush still gold, looking down and away from her. He could tell from the look in her eyes there was something wrong. He knew he should have tried to find some other form for this purpose, but it was the one he'd taken for so long, it seemed to be the most logical of the chioces he had. 'I'm sorry you don't like it...'

'Nae, Douggie, tha's no' et,' she explained carefully, trying to choose her words, then realized she was about to say the very same thing that he'd said to her. 'Et's jus' tha' A fell in love with ye an' no' the image o' who ye are. A love ye no matter what shape ye take, but A would rather tae be with ye as who ye really are, no' someone or sometheng else.'

Douglock let out a somewhat relieved sigh. He had wanted to make her happy, but he had been a little uncomfortable like that. But knowing that it didn' t matter to her, that she really did love him, no matter what, just as much as he did was the one thing that he had always hoped for, but had been too afraid to ask that much of her. He concentrated once more and allowed himself to go back to his Techno-organic state. Openeing his eyes, he gave her a slightly lop-sided grin and asked, 'Better?' He was answered with a smile from her and a kiss that seemed to last forever.

Finally, she lay back, exposing herself to him. 'Nae A said A'd show ken,' she said, turning scarlet. 'A'll try tae dae wha' A can...okay?' He nodded and she situated herself to allow him a proper view, trying to force the embarassment out of her mind and closed her eyes.

Doug sat before her, entranced with the flower-like sight before him. He watched as she carefully spread the set of lips and drew one finger from her other hand across the fleshy little nub above the hole there. She gasped and her hips thrust forward, her body shuddering. Then, she slowly placed the tip of her index finger into herself, wetting it before she began rubbing it over the protrusion. He could see the individual muscles of her body tensing and releasing as she worked on herself, thrusting her breasts eagerly into his hands. He kneaded them again, watching her fingers carefully, trying to memorize everything he saw. He didn't want her to stop, wanting to watch her from a little farther away so he could see her entirely and extended his arms to sit back and watch.

What he saw as a sight he would not soon forget, if ever. Rahne's head was tilted back, her mouth open as her tongue flicked out to wet her lips, a flush making her body positively glow. It was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen. And if that wasn't enough, he was allowed to see something he doubted anyone else had ever seen. His eyes were slowly drawn back down to that coppery cloud where her fingers were working in a more frantic pattern. He couldn't control himself; he reached forward and pulled her hands away. He wasn't about to let her bring herself to orgasm when he was the one supposed to be doing it for her. She looked down at him with a puzzled, somewhat frustrated expression. 'I think I have an idea of what to do, now,' he told her with a slight smile. 'So why don't you just relax and let me do that for you.'

Rahne smiled and shyly lay back, closing her eyes. She felt him lean forward and begin his cautious exploration. It was incredibly uncertain, but it didn't stop her from moaning when he probed into her with one finger, almost insanely slow. It felt different when he did it; better, in a way. It was certainly much more exciting. She couldn't help but give a murmured instruction to do it just a little harder. When he complied, she found herself gasping again, squirming. There was something else she'd heard about; actually, she'd found a story one night on the internet when she'd been looking for information on D.H. Lawrence for a research paper her mother had insisted on her writing and had found a contest dedicated to his writings. She had looked into it, not expecting to read about people having sex and doing these things to each other orally. It was something she'd been curious about as well. 'Douggie?' she asked sheepishly.

'Yes?' he asked, looking up at her. She was blushing again.

'Would ye...use your tongue?' she asked carefully. She wasn't sure he'd do it, but he had told her that he expected her to tell him what she wanted him to do, after all.

'Am I not doing it right?' he asked, worry etched all over his features.

'Ye're doin' fine, Douggie, trust me,' she assured him. 'A jus' read aboot thes once an' et sounded interestin'...A wanted tae see what et felt like.'

'Okay,' he agreed. 'Where do you want me to use it?'

'Everywhere,' she told him. 'Everywhere ye used ye fingers, please.'

'I'll try,' he promised. 'Tell me if I'm doing it right, okay?' She nodded and he bent back down, carefully lifting her legs over his shoulders to gain more accessibility. Starting from the back, he took a tentative lick all the way to the front and was surprised to hear her moan even louder than she had before. She thrust her hips upward, closer to his mouth. Leaning back down, he began licking her, gauging her reactions and finding that she was enjoying what he was doing a lot. He used it everywhere, going over her clit, then probed into her, which produced a loud squeal from her and her legs clamped around his head.

'Use ye fingers, too,' she gasped, pressing his face into her pussy, urgently bucking against him. 'Please! Dae et faster!' She felt two digits carefully press into her as his tongue moved back up to her clit. 'Aye, Douggie! Like tha'!' she whimpered, her body starting to convulse under his ministrations. She felt her world growing dim and fluctuating behind her eyelids. It felt as though there was a rubber band being pulled taut within her and suddenly, everything exploded. There were flashes of light behind her eyes and the rubber band snapped as waves of pleasure almost to the point of unbearable crashed through her entire body. She couldn't seem to hold still and she felt him slightly tighten his grasp with the one hand on her hip.

Douglock felt her legs clamp almost painfully down on his head and he was suddenly thankful that he didn't need to breathe. He felt her fingernails get very sharp, suddenly as they clenched on his hair and he felt her changing form as she lost control of herself, letting out an ear-splitting howl. He figured he shouldn't stop and kept licking frantically, pumping his fingers in and out of her as fast as he could; there was a sudden gush of warm fluid running down his fingers and to his wrist. Finally, she stopped convulsing and scrambled away from him, gasping for breath, tears streaking her face, her eyes wide. He grew immediately concerned and sprang up beside her, wrapping her into a tight embrace. 'Oh, Rahne, I'm sorry,' he whispered, stroking her hair, letting her weakly cry on his shoulder. 'Rahne, I'm sorry; I didn't mean to hurt you...I'm so sorry...'

Rahne shook her head, trying to find her voice to speak. 'Ye dinnae hurt me,' she murmured. 'Tha' was the most amazin' theng A ever felt en my whole life!' She threw her arms around him tightly, kissing him hard, knocking them both back, landing on top of him. 'Thank ye, Douggie,' she gasped, giggling in a state of giddiness she hadn't expected. She was so excited, she started kissing him all over, wildly attacking him with her lips and her tongue, having gone into her lupine form. There was the uncontrollable urge to make him feel just as good as he'd made her feel. Her eyes closed, she felt her way down lower, down across his stomach, marveling at the feel of his body involuntarily twitching and arching under her mouth and hands.

When she felt the rod she'd seen earlier brush across her cheek, she opened her eyes and sat down on the floor in front of the couch. She reached out and touched it with the tip of her finger and let out a surprised squeak when it twitched. Pulling her hand away, she bit her lip, looking up at Douglock, who's hands were clamped down on the arm and back of the couch, digging into the padded material, his head thrown back as hers had been. Reaching out again, still watching his face, she enclosed his penis in her fist and squeezed lightly. He moaned and it twitched again in her grasp. Giving it an experimental pump, she saw his eyes fly open and he gasped, his hips raising.

Wetting her lips, she wondered if she dare try what she had also read about in that story. Lowering her head, she brought her lips to the head of his cock and gave it a tentative lick, much like he had done earlier. Then, she closed her eyes, opened her lips and slid it into her mouth with surprising ease at first. When it hit the back of her throat, she gagged reflexively and pulled it out, which made him groan and place his hands on the side of her head, the way she'd done to him. Taking a deep breath, she did it again. And again.

'Rahne,' Douglock gasped as she licked the underside of his penis, then pulled it into her mouth, sucking hard, then drawing it out, twining her tongue around the head. Now he could understand why she'd been going so wild, if it felt anything like what she was doing to him at that moment. He received an additional shock of ecstasy jolted through him when her fingers crept up and brushed over his nipples, forcing his hips to thrust again. He hoped that he didn't push too hard, but at the same time, he couldn't stop, wanting the sensation to keep going. But there was something that concerned him and he didn't want to take that chance. So, regretfully, he pulled her up off himself.

'A dinnae dae et right, did A?' she asked, visibly upset.

'No, Rahne,' he soothed. 'That was wonderful. I'd love to know where you learned that, but I'm a little afraid to. But I'm also afraid of what would happen if I had any form of ejaculation without protection on. If I'm correct in my assumptions, there could be a chance that I'd kill you. There 's a possibility that what would end up coming out would be the Transmode Virus, as a form of ejaculate. I risked you never talking to me again just to make sure you wouldn't die in the chamber...I would never forgive myself if you died because of me.'

'Och, Douggie, A dinnae even thenk aboot tha',' she sighed. 'Why dinnae ye bring et up earlier? Hae am A supposed ken...ef A canna let ye...'

'All I said was that there would require some form of protection,' he corrected her, then held up his pants and pulled out a small square, blushing gold once again. 'Your mother gave me this...just in case, she said.'

'A dinnae ken whether tae hug her or choke her,' Rahne muttered, blushing as well. 'But A suppose we may as well put the jus' in case tae use.'

'If you'd still like to, yes, we could,' he offered.

She smiled and took the package from him. 'Aye, A would.' She tried to tear it open, then sighed in frustration. 'Damn claws!' she hissed, baring her fangs.

Douglock stared at her for a moment, not believing he had just heard a curse escape her lips. But when he saw she was about ready to shred the package open, he took it from her and opened it. 'Here, let me. You just lay down and I'll take care of it.' He watched her lay back down, watching him closely as he took out the condom and carefully pulled it on. 'Now...uh...'

'A guess A should make et a little easier,' she offered, spreading her legs.

'Okay,' he agreed shakily, kneeling in front of her again. 'Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop, okay?' She nodded and he carefully rocked forward, placing himself at her entrance. Slowly, he pushed forward, entering her just a little. He heard her gasp again, but when she grasped his hips and pulled, he found himself buried halfway within her. 'Rahne?' he whispered.

'Dae et,' she snarled, her eyes squeezed shut. 'Please...'

He pushed again and moaned with her as their hips met. The feeling of being completely enveloped with her was like nothing he'd ever thought he would experience. Especially not with her, of all people, making it all the more wonderful and magical. 'Rahne, I love you,' he whispered in her ear.

'A love ye,' she replied, kissing him, clutching onto him. After a while, he began to move and she cried out into his mouth, holding on tighter, letting her hands wander down across his back, scratching lightly with his thrusts. Slowly, his rhythm began to increase, forcing sharp, loud cries from her throat. She expected it to hurt more, but she had been so excited that he had been able to enter her without much force and now that it was actually happening, it was exciting her even more. Even in this form, she hadn't made him disgusted; he hadn't stopped. He wanted her the way she was and that made everything so perfect... The thought was interrupted by the familiar feeling of the band being tightened again and she just let herself go.

Douglock was losing all form of thought again as he felt Rahne began to writhe and squirm under him, clutching onto him desperately. He was trying to keep himself focused long enough to make sure that he didn't pass out on her. The more she cried out, the more excited it made him and he started to match her cries as much as she matched his thrusts. 'Rahne,' he rasped, starting to panic. 'I'm...'

'Shut up an' dae et harder!' she snarled, grabbing the back of his head with one hand, clamping down on his ass with the other. She pulled him down for a brutal kiss, biting his lip, thrusting her hips upward harder and harder the closer she got. It felt different than before; not as intense, but more intimate. Wonderful. She felt the world grow hazy again and waited for the explosions within herself again as Doug's tongue gingerly snaked inside her mouth.

*Okay...almost there...should I be thinking about baseball?* he wondered. He remembered reading that somewhere. *But I can't tell how close she is to achieving an orgasm... 100111010101011...*

He lost track of his thoughts as the muscles inside her clamped down almost painfully on his cock and she began to spasm uncontrollably. There was no logical thought; there was nothing but the last burst of instinct and he thrust over and over, Rahne howling and screaming, tearing at him with her claws, thrashing and biting.

There was a loud 'Squark!' and then it was over.

'Now you can't tell me there's nothing going on!' Kurt half-hollered, looking back and forth between Amanda and Kitty. 'If you have a reasonable explanation for those noises, I won't go check.'

'Don't go gettin' yer bloody knickers in a twist, Wagner,' Pete Wisdom advised, lighting up a cigarette, just waiting for Moira to say something. She only glanced at him, then started to chuckle to herself.

'Rather him than them, I guess,' Kitty whispered to the older blonde woman. Amanda set into a bout of hysterical laughter, leaning weakly against her boyfriend.

'Now come on, you two, what's going on?' Nightcrawler demanded.

'Tha' would be none o' yer business,' Moira replied calmly. 'Nae sit down, shut up, an' watch thes ridiculous excuse for a movie, or A'll send ye tae bed.'

'This is _The Black Swan!_' he cried. 'It's a wonderful film! There's pirates and...'

'I think that and women are the only prerequisites for you, my love,' Amanda teased lightly. 'Now you heard Moira, be quiet and watch it, or I'll take you to bed myself.'

'Great, now he'll start singin'' Wisdom muttered, receiving a playful swat from Kitty.

'Keep it up and I'll kick you *out* of bed,' she threatened.

Rahne slowly opened her eyes and looked down at Douglock with a small grin. She'd read that men pass out, but she hadn't expected his systems to go off-line. Patiently, she waited until he opened his own eyes and looked at her with a gentle smile, reaching up to touch her face. 'Good mornin', Sleepy-head,' she giggled.

'I think I may need to go find Mr. Wisdom and request one of those things he 's always smoking,' he joked. 'Although I have a feeling that would bring on the wrath of your mother on me, if this doesn't.'

'Ye canna dae tha',' she laughed. 'Ye dinnae' ye canna sneeze, either!' she cried, swatting at him.

'Peer pressure,' he claimed with a smile as he pulled her down next to him, cradling her in his arms. 'I just couldn't let the woman I love sneeze alone.'



'Shut up an' kiss me,' she laughed, snuggling close to him.