Wed, 28 Oct 1998
"Sandi Bowser"
Place Your Hand: 4/5

[Warning: NC-17 Graphic Sexual Situations]

Place Your Hand



'A dinnae ken,' she admitted. 'A guess we jus' let thengs happen as they happen.' With that, she let out a small shrug and leaned up to kiss him again. She knew that no matter what the Reverend had taught her growing up, there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. It felt right and there was nothing wrong at all with that. She closed her eyes and let the kiss take her thoughts away, wrapping her arms tightly around him, pressing them together. She liked the way it felt when their bodies crushed together, only their clothing between them. She gasped when Douglock broke the kiss and trailed his lips down her neck, brushing against the sensitive spot right behind her ear and continued agonizingly slowly down her jugular, then over to the hollow of her throat. She couldn't control the whimper that escaped her lips, nor did she want to. It felt too wonderful and she hoped he wouldn't stop anytime soon. But she couldn't get over the feeling that she wanted more than that. She didn't know how he'd react to her next actions, but she just couldn't trust her voice to ask him to do it.

Doug almost stopped kissing her when he felt her hand lightly grasp his wrist. He wondered if she was mad again, even if she was responding in a very pleased manner. He was fascinated with the whimper she'd made when he kissed her throat; that was something he hadn't really expected. Then again, he'd never done any of this before, but he seemed to be doing it right, as far as he could gauge. He paused, glancing down as she guided his hand up and under her sweater, not understanding what she was doing at first, until he felt her press his hand to her breast. His immediate reaction was to move it away, not sure if that's what she'd meant, until he heard her whisper in his ear.


He noted the near-pleading tone and figured that was what she had wanted him to do. Tentatively, he reached up again and cupped her breast, tracing his fingers along the bottom, up to the swell, wishing he could actually look, just to see if she really was as beautiful as he thought she would be. Of course he knew she was, but he just couldn't keep the curious thought from his mind. When he absent-mindedly brushed his palm over the nipple, he was intrigued to find it hard. Brushing his thumb over the little pebble, he heard her gasp again and she pressed herself forward against him. *Wait a minute...if I can feel that, then she's not wearing...* he realized. 'Whoa,' he whispered as it dawned on him.

'What?' she asked, gasping slightly. 'Ef ye want tae take the sweater off, A wouldnae mind.'

'Would you like me to?' he asked seriously. This was something he was completely clueless about, so he figured it would be best if he just asked her. 'Maybe you should just tell me what you want me to do,' he suggested. 'That way, there won't be any miscommunication.'

'Aye, A'd like tae take et off,' she told him, struggling to pull it off. After a moment's consideration, she blushed and peeled away the tank top as well. She wasn't wearing a bra at all, which was probably a good thing, since she just couldn't imagine what a mess it would be for him to try to take it off later. She noticed he was glowing; slightly...embarrassed...and smiled very slightly. 'Ye can look, ye ken; tha's why A took et off...ef ye want tae,' she added.

'Of course I do...I mean, I...' he stammered, blushing again. He looked away, until she turned his head toward her and he was looking her right in the eyes. She had meant it and she didn't want him to feel that he would upset her at all by looking. When he didn't look, she took both his hands and placed them over her breasts, pressing them there, closing her eyes and leaning back. He realized that she was giving him another hint and allowed his gaze to wander down to where his hands encased her chest, gently kneading the soft flesh between his hands, which caused her back to arch up and she let out a full-throated moan that time. In a panic, he looked back up. Her eyes were closed and the look on her face was unmistakable; it was one of utter bliss, a light flush staining her cheeks, her lips parted as she drew in shallow breaths.

Taking care, he started to gingerly explore her, marveling at the same pale skin he'd seen earlier in the kitchen, this time uncovered and bared to him. He drank in the sight of her breasts, the perfect size for her lithe frame, not too big, not too small...just perfect. He continued to study her, brushing his thumbs once more over the erect pale pink nipples that looked painfully hard, but she gasped again and pressed her hands over his once again before running her fingers up his arms, leaving a tingling sensation where she'd touched him. Cautiously, he bent forward and flicked the tip of his tongue over her left nipple. Upon hearing her moan again, he repeated the action on the other side before she grasped the back of his head and pressed his lips to her body.

Rahne was about ready to scream when she felt the initial brush of Doug's tongue over her nipple and couldn't stop herself from pressing his mouth over it. The sensation that followed when he drew it into his mouth and started to suck, very softly, made her cry out and thrust her chest forward involuntarily. She had heard that it felt good, but she had no idea that she would be so aroused by what he was doing to her. She even felt her stomach tingle and tighten even more when he wrapped his arms around her waist, nuzzling between the valley of her breasts, then moving to trace his lips down her stomach. She didn't stop herself from crying out; she wanted him to know that she was enjoying what he was doing to her, pressing her hips against his and she felt the same prodding into her thigh, this time as he crept downward. That made her start to giggle all over again; he knew she was ticklish! She remembered from the time he accidentally found out; he'd almost kissed her then, when he landed on top of her as she had pulled them both to the floor. *Would it have turned out different? Would we have done this sooner?* she thought to herself, absently letting her own hands wander upward to cup her breasts and gently brush over her nipples as Doug sat up and grinned apologetically.

'Sorry; I forgot you were ticklish,' he admitted sheepishly. 'I just got a little carried away.'

'Tha's okay,' she told him, running one finger down the front of his shirt, lingering as long as she could with her touch. The button-down shirt he wore made her smile a little at the contemplation of what he would do if she removed it from him. The impish thought of actually doing something as horribly naughty as biting the buttons off made her blush and giggle. She knew it would blow her entire image as a good girl, both to him and everyone else, but it sounded like so much fun and she remembered hearing Kitty say that Mr. Wisdom got really excited when she had done it. With that same smile, her cheeks crimson, she leaned forward and took the top button of his shirt in between her teeth and tugged. She suddenly let the button go, realizing that it had pulled painfully against her teeth. *Maybe that wasn' t such a good idea,* she thought, critically eyeing the shirt. *Well, there 's always alternatives...*

Doug was watching Rahne with an extreme amount of interest. He didn't know why Rahne had bitten the button on the front of his shirt, but it didn't seem to have the desired reaction she had planned. He was about to reach down to unbutton the shirt himself, but just as he raised his arms, Rahne let out a disappointed noise, pouting for a moment, then reached up herself and clenched the two sides of his shirt. Before he knew it, she growled softly and yanked hard, scattering the buttons across the room. 'Rahne, what are you doing?' he gasped, staring down at her and his bared chest, a thought in the back of his mind that there was going to be no way to explain why he couldn't find any of the buttons and why they were ripped off in the first place.

She looked up at him through her eyelashes, still blushing. Without a word, she leaned forward to kiss him, then took the same track as he had before, starting by brushing her lips across his cheek, to his jaw, across to the same spot behind his ear. Almost as an afterthought, she tilted her head slightly and nipped at his earlobe, giggling when she heard his surprised gasp. She wanted to see what else she could do to make him do that again, so she kissed more, drawing the earlobe into her mouth for a short while, then left a long trail of kisses down his throat, almost squealing with delight when he moaned and twined his fingers through her hair. She couldn' t believe that she was the one actually making him react that way and it felt wonderful that she could do such things to him. Her hands tentatively reached up and she placed them flat against his chest letting her palms brush downward, then stroke gently upward, attacking his throat with kisses, wanting to touch him everywhere. His body felt surprisingly warm and just as strong as she had always imagined it to be. She wondered if she could get the same reaction he did if she just bent down...

Doug's eyes were closed, amazed with the sensations that Rahne's hands, mouth and lips were pulling from his body. It all felt wonderful, everything was buzzing with an electrical current, and he could feel everything so sharply, he had to force himself to keep his systems from going off-line right then and there. He felt her breath play down to his chest and then couldn't stop himself from crying out when he felt her lips hover over his own chest. 'Rahne, what are you...' he started, abruptly cut off when the tip of her tongue cautiously flicked over his nipple. He let out something of a small squark and his eyes flew open. He didn't know if that was the same way that she had felt when he had done that to her, but he wanted to scream when she continued with her experimentation, suckling him as gently as he'd done. 'Rahne...' he whispered, tilting his head back, running his fingers deeper into her hair, loving the feel of the silky red threads tangled in his fingers.

She drew in her breath when she heard him whimper her name, curling his fingers in her hair. She felt a heat began to throb from somewhere within her, trickling down, lower, lower...the heat settled between her legs and she felt the most urgent feeling condensing there. She couldn't stop her roaming hands from running up and down his chest, his arms, his neck as she leaned back up to kiss him again, this time pressing their mouths together, her tongue reaching forward to find his. As she pressed herself against his hip, grinding against him, her right hand wandered lower, to that place that had strained against her before in the kitchen. At first, she stopped abruptly at his hip, then slid her hand over when his own fingers brushed up over her breasts again. She was a bit shocked to realize that it was so warm; she could almost feel an electronic pulse there, marveling at the expanding area, knowing that she was the cause of his excitement. Cautiously, she squeezed lightly, cupping the bulge in his pants. He groaned and kissed her harder, cupping her breasts a little harder than he had before, which made the urgent feeling grow even stronger and she whimpered, thrusting herself against his leg.

He pulled away from the kiss, looking down at her again. Her eyes were closed and she was gasping, her entire body staring to flush. Her eyes snapped open after a moment, looking up at him with a wild fire in her dark eyes that sent a shiver through him. Her lips parted and she reached up with both hands, placing them on either side of his face, stroking down across his neck. He was taken aback when he heard a growl from her throat and she savagely attacked his mouth again, grasping his wrist and pulling it down between her legs, pressing it there, grinding herself against his hand. He felt a strange heat there and probed gently, pressing his fingers against the seam of her jeans, making her moan and writhe against him, pressing their chests together and he could feel her heartbeat pounding at an alarming rate. Her hand reached down between his legs again, probing and gently squeezing. He shut his eyes again and saw stars when she pressed her fingers against the back of the bulge, brushing them forward. Suddenly, she growled again and disentangled herself from him.

'A canna take thes!' she hissed, fumbling with the button on her jeans. She could barely breathe, she wanted her clothing off so badly. 'Douggie!' she half-screamed, frantically tugging at her pants, 'Help me!'

'Rahne, calm down,' he counseled gently. 'You've gotten yourself very worked up and you need to calm down for a minute.' He pulled her close to him, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead. He thought that maybe this whole talk had been a bad idea. He felt her slip her arms around him and she snuggled against him, resting her head on his shoulder.

'Douggie, please,' she whispered after a moment of silence. She didn't know how she was going to say it, but she wanted to let him know without him trying to stop her from doing what she wanted. 'A tae...A want ye tae make love tae me. Now...'

'Are you sure about this?' he asked her seriously, looking into her eyes. 'This is a very big decision for you to make on such short notice.'

'Dinnae patronize me!' she snarled, her eyes welling up with tears. 'Please, Douggie, A want tae do thes. Thes isnae sometheng tha' A jus' decided; A've wanted tae do thes for a long time. A wanted et...A wanted et since ye kissed me the first time,' she whispered, her eyes flitting downward for a moment. 'A want ye. How hard es tha' for ye tae understand?'

'It's not, Rahne, I just want you to be sure about this,' he insisted carefully. 'I don't want this to be something that you'll end up regretting...I don't want you to regret me or what's going to happen if we do. I don't want you to hate me.'

'Douggie,' she told him firmly, placing his head in her hands again. 'A wouldnae hate ye for thes; A do want et, an' A want ye, an' A want tae do thes with ye. An' A thenk tha' thes es the time tae do et. Or dae ye no' want tae?'

He stopped and tried to consider how he wanted to tell her his answer without sounding like a jerk. He couldn't find any way, so he looked her right in the eyes, kissed her once, very gently and gave his answer. 'Yes, I want to very much. I just want you to be sure. I don't want you to feel like I'm forcing you to do this.'

Rahne shook her head. 'Ye aren't forcin' me, Douggie. Please. A want ye tae do thes with me.' She wanted nothing more for him to understand that she truly wanted to do this; she wanted to understand what it was that so many others had talked about in hushed tones, afraid of offending her, but more than that, she wanted to feel him closer than she'd ever felt anyone else. She wanted to feel that love on a physical level, more than she'd wanted anything else. Carefully, thankful that he had calmed her down, she stood up and faced him, unbuttoning her pants and slowly tugged them down, until they were pooled around her ankles and she stepped out of them, toward him.