Wed, 28 Oct 1998
"Sandi Bowser"
Place Your Hand:

Notes [Warning NC-17]

Disclaimer: Okay, I think it~s pretty obvious that I don~t own the characters within: Marvel does. *gasp!* Also, without permission, I am writing Marvel characters doing things that Marvel characters aren~t supposed to be doing according to the Comics Code, so if you~re under eighteen (or sixteen in some countries); you know better by now than to read it. Once again, I have played with timelines, or rather kept Kitty and Wisdom together and Amanda (bless her heart) never stayed in Limbo. For all I know, that little mess never happened, but it does take place after Douglock~s thoughtful deed. I~m not making any money; once again, I doubt anyone would pay me for it, anyway. Please don~t freak about the accents, those of you who are more adept than I am; they are terribly Americanized by a hopeful (although terrible) Anthropological Linguist who~s dear friend spent a time in Scotland who has a tendacy to get her brogue back after too much Corona. ~The Black Swan~ is copyrighted to 20th Century Fox Entertainment, 1942. Warning: this story contains romance and sex of a graphic nature...I personally don~t know which is worse. *GRIN* And the quote isn~t mine, either and it~s used without permission, too. Flames will be fed to my cats and then I will send them to your house, and you can deal with them.

Also: This story is dedicated to Stephen Neal, who was cruel...I mean *creative* enough to throw the gauntlet and double-dare me. :) Thanks for the great challenge; sorry it took so long!

Place Your Hand



'Place your hand, my body will decide,

Place your hand, my anger will subside.'

- -Melissa Etheridge


Douglock was in the kitchen, trying to dig the eggs out of the refrigerator. 'Come on, now, there's gotta be one in here...' he muttered to himself. He knew making a batch of cookies for Rahne sounded incredibly stupid, but he'd heard her just the other day telling Kitty about how nice it would be to have a couple of walnut chocolate chip cookies to munch on, and he desperately wanted to give her something she wanted. Of course, he knew that he couldn't let her find out he'd done it, or she'd never accept them. As far as she was concerned, he was the Antichrist.

He'd honestly only been trying to help. He knew the reason that Rahne had thrown herself into the containment chamber after her foster mother was because she couldn't bear the thought of being without Moira. Just like he couldn't bear the thought of being without Rahne.

They all knew he had the components to the cure for the Legacy Virus somewhere within himself, and he just knew that if they tried a little harder, they could find it, but he couldn't do it without Moira's expertise to search the systems within his being. Then Moira would be cured and they' d all be together again. He and Rahne could be together...and even if anything ever happened to Moira, he'd take care of Rahne. He'd never let anything happen to the girl; he couldn't. He loved her.

But ever since he'd gotten into the computer and popped the door open, releasing the two women, Rahne had been furious with him. He tried to explain that he only wanted to save her, he didn't want her to become too exposed to the same virus that was killing her mother, and he knew Moira didn't, either. Just before she'd decided to lock herself away, Dr. MacTaggart had told her assistant, 'A dinnae want te see Rahne get this bloody theng and die beside me, Doug. A need te do thes. She's no' goin' te understand tha' this is the way it needs te be, so A need ye to be there for her. Dinnae let her do anytheng foolish, Douglock, or so help me God, when A get oot o' tha' chamber, A'll take ye apart bit by bit, do ye understand me?'

He'd given her a slightly scared smile and vowed, 'I promise, I'll never let anything happen to your daughter, Doctor.' He had meant every word of it, too. As long as he existed, he would never let anyone or anything hurt her.

A moment later, he'd seen a small smile appear on Moira's lips. 'Aye, lad, A'll believe ye; ye wouldnae let anytheng happen to me wee bairn, would ye?' Then, she stopped and turned away for a moment, before facing him again. 'But she's no' a bairn anymore, is she, lad? Nae, she's grown inte a beautiful young woman. But A'm sure ye ken tha', dinnae ye?'

'Well...' he sputtered, knowing that were he truly human, he would be blushing a dozen shades of red at that moment, but instead, a slight yellow glow colored his face from energy within him rushing to the surface. 'Well, yes, Rahne is a very beautiful young lady, from my own observations and... feelings...I mean opinions...' he corrected quickly.

Moira's smile had become slightly more mysterious at that moment, a small twinkle in her brown eyes as she replied, 'Aye, Doug, tha' she is.'

He'd even done the unthinkable to obtain the recipe for the cookies and had actually dug through mountains of old index cards Moira had stored on the far end of the complex, in one of the old rooms. Perhaps one day, he would put them all onto a disk for her, so she could find the recipes more conveniently, especially since she normally sent him to do it anyway, when she even used them at all. *It would sure be easier on me,* he'd thought guiltily. *But right now, Rahne is more important than that.>

He'd cried out triumphantly as he found the eggs and stood up straight, turning to add them to the other ingredients stacked neatly on the counter.

He'd never baked before, but the whole thing was written out, and he had already discovered a more efficient cooking time, calculating the exact measurements of the dough by the heat and exactly down to the second how long it would take to bring out a batch of perfect cookies that weren't burnt at all, but were still a perfect golden brown on the bottom, soft and chewy on the inside without being undercooked...

He was so wrapped up in his calculations that he didn't notice he had company in the room with him. A sudden flash of red hair brought him to his senses, and he groaned inwardly when he realized it was her. He could try to explain it away as nothing, but he was a horrible liar, and she knew it. And even if by some miracle had he managed to get away with it, she would know he'd been the one baking because of the supplies out on the counter. 'Hi, Rahne,' he stammered slightly, not daring to outright look at her.

'Hello, Douglock,' she replied, a slight chill to her voice. She was trying her hardest to remain angry with him, especially after what he'd done, but she couldn't help but remember the way she'd felt only moments before he'd opened the door. She had been so happy to see him and was thrilled that her mother let her talk to him, and had even kept her promise not to breathe a word about the talk they'd had the night before; mostly about how she'd felt about Doug, especially after she'd kissed him. Moira hadn't condemned her for her actions, and had only smiled. A long conversation had followed about making the right decisions when the time felt right, and it had left her feeling much better about the way she felt over the years for different boys she'd known, and how she felt about Douglock right now.

'So...uh, how are you?' he asked cautiously, testing the waters a little further.

'Fine, thank ye,' she answered, trying to remain aloof about the whole thing before her curiosity got the better of her. 'An' what do ye thenk ye're doin'?'

'Uh...baking cookies,' he offered with a slight gold tinge to his cheeks before he pressed on quickly. 'I wanted to try it and I discovered a new way of making them to come out as perfectly as possible...I don't suppose you'd...try them when I'm done, would you?'

A slight smile twitched at the corner of her mouth. *He~s so cute when he's embarrassed,* she thought to herself. 'Aye, A'll try 'em for ye,' she replied. 'A'm goin' te take a shower first, but A'll be back down in a wee bit.'

'Really?' he asked suddenly, forgetting to hide his surprise. 'You would? I'll have some waiting for you,' he promised.

She nodded and hurried off to take her shower as Douglock continued to puzzle his way through his first batch of cookies.