Fri, 26 Feb 1999
Samy Merchi

This is a non-profit work of fan-fiction involving characters created and owned by Marvel Comics Group.

Samy <> Merchi


Fits almost anywhere in continuity, but if one wants to make sure the minor references make sense, place this just before ONSLAUGHT, Xavier still being at the mansion and Stark-Fujikawa having formed.

This story includes: No explicit sex A lot of implicit sex

Sequoia "MARVELOUS GIRL" Swennes who started the whole argument about Scott being sexy which led to me writing this little story...

Ororo "STORM" Munroe


Colleen Wing Aleytys Forrester

Remy "GAMBIT" LeBeau

Jean "PHOENIX" Grey

Old Flames

Samy Merchi




"I shall get the door", Ororo Munroe called from the living room as she put down the gardening magazine she had been reading, stood up, and started walking towards the foyer.

As she opened the door, Ororo came face-to-face with a familiar tall brunette, behind whom was standing a slightly shorter blonde with her hair tied up in a ponytail. Both of them seemed perhaps in their early thirties. "Colleen. Lee", she smiled at the guests, and stepped aside from the doorway. "It has been a long time."

"Entirely too long", Colleen Wing agreed, and stepped inside, putting her arms around Ororo and hugging her lightly. "How are you doing?"

"Quite well, old friend", Ororo answered with that soft silken tone she always used, like a gossamer veil drifting on little air currents. "And you, Lee?" she asked, turning to look at the blonde who was taking her coat off and placing it onto a hanger.

"I'm pretty good, actually", Aleytys Forrester answered as she placed her coat away on the rack, and then took off her shoes. "It's chilly outside. I don't understand how you can walk around with your jacket open, Colleen."

Colleen smiled and slipped off her Yankees leather jacket, hanging it onto the rack as well. "How do you figure all those women walk around the streets in midwinter with only panty hose covering their legs? Mind over matter. It's a woman thing."

"What is?" Remy LeBeau asked as he walked into the foyer, and then glanced at the still-open door, a gust of wind buffeting in and bringing in some snowflakes as it breezed over Gambit. "Brr", he commented. "Close de door, Stormy -- you lettin' all the heat out."

"Oh, nothing", Ororo smiled at Remy's question. "We were merely discussing female clothing -- nothing I would assume you to have an interest in, unless you have more secrets than I have surmised..." she spoke amusedly as she closed the door.

Colleen snickered faintly, and started pulling off her long knee-high leather boots. "So is this a friend of yours, Ororo?" she asked after getting the first boot off.

"Remy LeBeau, at your service, chere", Gambit smiled alluringly as he took Colleen's hand and placed a light kiss onto the back of the gloved hand.

"My my my", Colleen grinned as she pulled her hand back to herself. "A Cajun charmer. Do you have any lines of your own or are they all from a book?"

"Ah, but who be needin' a book when one can be divinely inspired by dose pretty eyes o' yours?" Remy smiled.

"I'm wearing sunglasses", Colleen answered and took off her raybans, stuffing them in the breast pocket of her leather jacket. Then, finally, she started removing her remaining boot.

"Uh...ah, oui!" Remy maintained his smile after only the slightest waver. "But the radiance of your eyes is wit'out peer an' remains unhindered by de glasses --"

"Remy", Ororo said calmly. "Why don't you go inform Scott and Jean of the arrival of our guests?"

"Oh." The Cajun looked over to Ororo, and then nodded. "Gambit can do dat." He grinned at Colleen and Lee and said, "Don't be goin' anywhere 'fore Gambit can show you around de bedrooms are simply magnifique!"

Lee's expression quivered slightly as she waited for Remy to leave the foyer, and then she was unable to hold back any longer, a wide smile coming to her face. "Does he always refer to himself in third person?" she asked Ororo.

"Commonly, yes", Ororo replied, and then led the two ladies over to the living room after they had divested themselves of their jackets and shoes.

"Is he -- uh...'special'?" Colleen asked as she followed the black woman, glancing around the portraits hanging in the corridor.

"No, he is not usually mentally challenged, though his speech patterns might indicate otherwise -- he merely had a poor upbringing", Ororo answered. "We do our best to understand him and provide a nurturing environment in which he can learn to use proper grammar. The professor is reading /Green Eggs and Ham/ with him and being very patient."

"O' course, some heads're thicker than others", came a rough voice as the three women entered the living room. Then, a brief scratch as Logan lit a match against the bottom of his boot, and lifted the flame up to the cigar protruding from between his teeth. "Hey Lee, Colleen, darlin's. What's up?"

"Not much, Logan", Lee answered first. "Been improving the satellite tracking system of the Arcadia the past few weeks -- tuning things up and all -- we can now figure out our position with double the accuracy that we could before, with some new Stark-Fujikawa hardware that I bought..."

"Sounds great", Logan answered, grabbed a beer can from the six pack he was holding, and tossed it over to the sailoress. "What about you, 'Leena?"

"Oh, this and that. Still working with Misty as Nightwing Restorations... Business has been a bit weak lately and Commcast's Executive Elite's been stealing most of the best gigs, but that's the nature of the business -- sooner or later they'll tackle another Deadpool and be in the hospital for a couple of months, leaving a void for us other agencies to fill..."

"Deadpool", Logan grunted. "Hrmph."

"Is there some reason you are here, my friends?" Ororo asked as she reached for the remote control and muted the television. "We had not been expecting guests, and especially the two of you at once --"

"Oh, we're just here to --" Colleen started, and hesitated.

"See Scott", Lee continued the sentence.

"Yeah, see Scott."

"And Jean."

"Jean, of course."

"We were invited", Lee offered.

"By --"

"-- Scott", Lee said.

"-- JEAN."

"-- Scott AND Jean", Lee nodded quickly.

"The both of them."

"Yeah, that's it."

"Uh-huh", Logan said slowly, quirking an eyebrow but saying nothing.

"Would you like some refreshments?" Ororo said, steering the conversation onto other rails with her usual amount of subtlety.

"No, it's all right --" Lee started.

"Logan. Why don't you go see if there are any snacks in the kitchen for our guests?" Ororo said, looking towards the Canadian.

Logan maintained a silent noncommittal expression for a few moments, and then nodded. "Sure thing, 'Ro, darlin'. Be back in five", he said before heading out a doorway.

Ororo waited for Logan to be out of human earshot. Then she waited for him to be out of superhuman earshot. Then, she asked, "Are you having problems of some manner?"

"No..." Lee shook her head, and looked questioningly towards Colleen.

"It's just that --" Colleen pursed her lips and looked thoughtful for a few moments. Then, she smiled softly. "We're not here because of anything to do with the X-Men, Ororo. We're just here to see Scott and Jean. Let's just let the topic drop, okay?"

"Fair enough", Ororo nodded once. "I shall not pry. I hope your plans for the visit will be successful." There was just the hint of suspicion in her tone and eyes that made Colleen and Lee wonder if she knew what was going on.

"Oh, they will be, Ororo", Jean Grey's voice broke in and the three women turned around to see the redhead standing in the doorway Logan had exited thru a few moments earlier, her shoulder leaning against the doorframe. "Hi, girls. How are you doing?"

"Nervous", Lee grinned, and popped open the can of beer with a slight fizzing sound. "You sure you want to go thru with this?" She took a long sip from the can while waiting for the answer.

"I am", Jean nodded seriously. "Are you? You both?" she asked, looking at Lee and Colleen.

"I'm fine with it, if you don't mind", Colleen said to Jean. "I've wanted to do this for years anyway."

"Same here", Lee nodded, a bit self-conscious as she was painfully aware of Ororo's eyes inspecting her and making her fidget slightly as she feared she was being too transparent.

"Okay", Jean nodded, and a transparent astral duplicate of her stepped out of her body. (( This way )) she broadcasted telepathically to Lee and Colleen, heading out of a different doorway.

Ororo didn't say a word, merely giving the two visitors a nod of good-bye as they filed out of the living room behind the astral form. Then, as they were gone, she turned her eyes to Jean. "You truly intend to go through with this?"

"Yeah", Jean grinned, walking over to Ororo and biting her bottom lip to stifle a nervous giggle. "You still sure you don't want to join us?"

"Quite certain, my friend, but thank you for the offer nonetheless", Ororo smiled and hugged Jean briefly. Then, she turned to look towards the doorway where Jean had stood. "You may come out now, Remy."

"Gambit wasn't hiding", Remy said a bit indignantly as he stepped into the living room. "I was just -- uh -- waitin' for de right moment so I wouldn't interrupt de two o' you..."

"Of course", Ororo nodded, and then looked to Logan as he returned to the room with a bowl of chips and a second six-pack. "That is your idea of 'snacks', Logan?"

"Sure", Logan answered and put the bowl down onto a table. "Where'd the girls go?"

"I'm leading them towards the boathouse", Jean said. "They're here because I invited them anyway", she grinned and playfully stuck her tongue out at Logan. "So you're not getting them tonight."

"An' you are?" Logan calmly lifted an eyebrow.

"Nope", Jean smirked devilishly and walked over to Logan, taking his cigar from between his teeth. She took it between her lips, drew in a long deep breath of smoke, and then blew the smoke in Logan's face. "Scott is."

"WHAT?" Remy blinked. "Gambit not believin' his ears --!"

Jean grinned and placed the cigar back into Logan's now-open mouth, and then gently placed her free hand onto his cheek, her thumb pushing his chin up so his teeth would hold the cigar down. "So don't worry if you hear a lot of screaming from the direction of the boathouse tonight..."

Remy looked stunned for a few moments longer, but then composed himself and grinned widely. "Well, if Scott's havin' dem, then where does dat leave you, chere --?" he asked as he stepped over to Jean and brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear gracefully. "In Gambit's arms?"

Ororo sighed mentally, but Jean just smiled, playing along, at least for a moment. "I don't think so -- with your reputation, I'd be too afraid of getting a disease..."

"My healin' factor counters all diseases", Logan grinned at Jean.

"Yeah, but you've got fur that'd probably get me sued for bestiality, darlin'", Jean replied teasingly, and then leaned in to give his forehead a light kiss. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have to go and make sure my sexy hubby gets the night of his life..."

"Hey, but Gambit got condoms!" Remy said, rushing after Jean, digging up some foil-covered circlets from his pockets and waving them in front of him. "No diseases, see, chere --! Gambit good to --"


"Ow!" Remy ricocheted backwards from the telekinetic forcefield Jean erected into the doorway after exiting thru it, and fell onto the floor onto his butt. "Gambit nosebleeding..."

"My macho ego's wounded", Logan said, wrinkling his nose. "'Ro, tell me you'd rather have sex with me than Cyke."

"Of course, Logan."