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Notes: Just for those who want to know, as far as I'm concerned, the end of UXM #350 really went something like this:
Betsy: Quick, everyone into my shadows.
Hank: Wait - where's Remy?
Rogue: He's a meanie poo poo head so ah dumped him in the snow.
Hank: Oh for crying out loud...
{Hank bounds off, comes back with Remy thrown over his shoulder.}
{They all leave.}

Okay? Everyone got that? Good. For future reference, same goes for every post-#350 story I ever write.

WARNING: Despite the title, this story doesn't actually need much of a warning. PG-13, at the very most.

Other note: None of my good stories are talking to me. I wrote this to be doing something, and because the Remy/Rogue entity was really pissing me off today...





Doctor Agee, Rogue mused, sure was a hell of a doctor. He'd gotten rid of her absorbing power for her, but she still had the rest - the strength, the flight. Oh lord, she thought, she never _could_ have given up flying, not for anything. She still wasn't entirely sure she'd done the right thing by leaving the man's research intact but - it just didn't seem right for her to destroy any other mutant's chances, when she'd already taken hers. But she'd told him, loud and clear:

"Ah'll be watching you. Ah'll be watching you like a hawk. Ah mean, ah'm grateful for everythin' you've done for me, don't never doubt that - but you ever, _ever_ use this stuff on someone who don't want it, or let the government anywhere _near_ it, ah'll be there. And then you _won't_ be anymore. Ya got that?"

He'd gotten that.

She pulled on one of her many new outfits; red and slinky, this one, of which Bobby had said, "That's not a dress. That's a belt." Shoes with no heels. This was about her comfort for once, not her vanity and not anyone else's safety. No tights. And no gloves. No _gloves_. Not ever again, for as long as she lived. And no more full body costumes either, no more full body _anythings_; Rogue threw herself into the air and just hugged herself in delight for a minute, tears running down her face.

"No more no more no _more_!" she chanted to herself, and then laughed out loud.

"Lord. Ah'm being such a little fool. Huh, screw it. Didn't never get much of a childhood when ah _was_ a child. Reckon no-one'll mind if ah take just a little bit of one now." She laughed again, giggling for pure joy until she could hardly even breathe.

She flew out of the room, face still shining with happiness, and flew down the stairs too, doing silly, extravagant, loops that brushed her up against the ceiling. She was still hovering a few inches off the floor as she announced:

"Ah'm going out," to the living room full of X-men. "Don't nobody wait up. Ah don't reckon ah'll be home tonight." She pirouetted on air - and came face to face with the one person she'd been hoping to avoid that night.

"Chere." Remy nodded in slow, ardent approval of her outfit, looking her up and down with that damned snake charming smirk on his face. "You going out tonight? I thought mebbe we should have a little talk..."

"`Bout what, exactly?"

"Us." That single word, and Rogue's whole mood damn near took a dive into oblivion. `No.' She told herself. `Nuh-uh. Ah ain't goin' there no more, ah ain't doin' this no more, and ah _ain't_ taking no more of his crap no more.'

"Ya wanna talk? About _us_?" Her eyebrows arched impressively. "Ya know, those words sound pretty damn familiar to me. Ah reckon ah've heard them once or twice before. Ah _reckon_, ah've heard them comin' out mah own mouth - but ain't never heard nothin' but lies and sweet talk comin' outa yours." He opened that mouth again to interrupt her, but he wasn't going to get a chance.

"Mister Remy `ah'm so fine' LeBeau," she cut him off abruptly, "just in case ah hadn't made it all totally clear for ya, ah think there's something ya oughta know about _us_. There isn't one. No us. No more." She hovered closer to him, and he shuffled back, unsure of her suddenly. She noted his discomfort with satisfaction. "Ya jerked me around one time too many, and now there's just me, and you. _No more us_. Ya got that?" she waited for his slow nod before continuing. "Ah won't say ah'm completely over ya," she added, "cos that'd be a lie, but ah'm gettin' there _real_ fast." She flew a little further into his face until he backed right up against the wall, and then slowly reached out and put a slender finger under his chin. She shivered slightly in delight at the sensation: `touching someone, ah'm touching someone, and look ma, no coma!'.

"So, ya wanna know what ah'm doin' tonight, do ya? Well ah'll tell ya. Tonight, sugah, what ah'm doin, sugah, is goin' out, on mah own, to have some o' that fun ah've been missin' out on all these years." She pouted her lips seductively, and drew in a slow, deep breath that pushed her chest out, just a little.

"Ah reckon ah'll go dancing." She wriggled her hips slightly to the music already beating out its rhythm in her head.

"Ah reckon ah'll get nice and sweaty, all nice and _hot_, up close and personal to some nice boy." She watched his eyes start to glaze over as she savored every word cruelly, her eyes wide and her lips wet. This, Rogue decided, was easily the most fun she'd had in years.

"Or who knows, maybe some nice girl. Ah've been waiting a hell of long time, _chere_, ah ain't feeling all that particular." She hadn't actually considered lesbianism before, but now - `what the hell', she decided in that instant. `Ah'm goin' ta try that too. What can it hurt?' The look on Remy's face would make it worthwhile even if nothing else did.

"_In fact_, sugah, what ah'm gonna _do_, is get myself well and truly _laid_." He gaped like a goldfish. It was beautiful.

"An ya know what you can do?" she continued as she remembered a phrase she'd heard Kitty use just the other day. "_You can sod right off_, is what _you_ can do."

She settled to the ground with a firm nod of her head and swish of her hips. He opened his mouth one last time - she shot him a look and he shut it again. `Well, what d'ya know. Boy's got an off switch after all.' She turned her back on him, smoothed her dress back down on her thighs, hauled it a little higher over her breasts - and looked up to find a room full of X-men staring at her, stunned.

"What? There some kinda problem here?" Heads were shaken, `no's' were murmured. "Good." She said forcefully, and threw her head back proudly as she strode towards the front door.

"Rogue." She turned and glared as Logan called her name, but all he did was pull out his wallet and throw her a small, silver square of plastic. She snatched it out of the air easily.

"Wha -" she started - and then stopped as she realised what it was. She stared at it for a moment and then back at Logan, gaping speechlessly. He shrugged, picked up his paper and sat back down.

"Can't be too careful these days, darlin'." He grinned at her broadly, and winked. "Have fun." She went slightly pink as she stuffed the condom into her purse, but still, somehow, managed a dignified,

"Oh, ah will sugah. Ah sure will," as she raced for the door.