Mon, 10 Apr 2000
[X-Forcish] Intimidation

Disclaimer: All characters named herin are the property of Marvel Comics, except Jack, who belongs to me. No profit is being made by this story, although I did write it for Mel, who when she wants a story can be very politely persistent.




Jack Ackley sidled down a dimly lit street. He looked like a suspicious character, goodness knows, and a suspicious character indeed he was. If there was a petty theft, a minor framing, or an attack on an elderly person from behind, fingers could confidently be pointed at Jack Ackley.

So he probably deserved what happened to him as he went to pass a small, dark alley.

Two people stepped out in front of him. The woman had short black hair, chalk-white skin, and a black spot over one eye. The man had short black hair, pale skin, and a black patch over one eye. Both were dressed alike - black suit, white shirt, thin black tie, heavy black coat, and gun-bulges on each left side. They looked like a Burton take on the Bobbsey twins. Grown up. And licensed to do some pretty serious bodily harm.

"Hello," the man said curtly.

"Hello," the woman said curtly.

"Uh... hi..." Jack managed.

The man's eye narrowed. "Haven't we seen you someplace before?"

The woman's eyes narrowed. "I think we've seen you someplace before."


The man looked at the woman and grunted. "Singapore?"

The woman looked at the man and grunted. "Singapore."

"Hey, I ain't never been to-"

"We never forget a face," the woman said to the man, giving Jack a suspicious look.

"No, we never forget a face," the man said to the woman, giving Jack a suspicious look.

Jack was backing away slowly. "Look, you got the wrong-"

"You think he was... involved?" The woman asked cautiously.

"He might have been involved," the man said cautiously.

"We don't know if he was involved." The woman took a step towards Jack.

"We don't care if he was involved, either." The man took a step towards Jack.

"Gotta take care of business," the woman said menacingly.

"Yeah, gotta-"

Jack lost the little that was left of his nerve (and his sphincter control) and raced off up the street, gibbering and trailing a worrying smell.

Domino grinned wickedly. "Ooh, that was a good one. The 'don't care' ad lib was a nice touch."

Pete grinned an equally wicked grin and nodded. "I liked your expression. Very menacing."

"Thanks." Domino turned back to the alley. "Okay, now, did you all see how Pete and I did that?"

"Yes," X-Force chorused.

"You've all memorized your scripts and gotten into your groups?"

"Yes," they droned.

"Good." The two adults sidled back against a wall. "Then... Sam, your team first."

"The first shady character you see, step on out and... what do we do when we step out of the alley on a dark, drizzly, foggy night in the bad part of town?" Pete asked.

"Intimidate, intimidate, intimidate!" the youngsters chorused obediently.

"That's my little terrors," Domino said fondly.

"Good kids. Dom and I know you can do the work, an' we've got every confidence that you'll all pass Intimidation 101 without a hitch." Pete lit up a cigarette and took a satisfied drag. "Now go be the little bastards I know you have it in you to be."