Tue, 26 Jan 1999
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Four Whispered Words(NC-17, m/f sex)

Disclaimer: All the characters portrayed in this piece of fanfiction belong to Marvel Comics. No profit is being made from this work. This work contains consensual male/female sex between two people who are above the age of consent. If you are under the age of 18 or easily offended by this sort of thing, please read no further.

Note: The first flashback scene is taken from X-Men 78, where the Shadow King shows the rookie X-Men their fondest desires. All the others come from X-Men 79.

Many thanks to Falstaff, M-Nute, and Indigo for their help and contributions.

And for those of you who are wondering...yes, I DID write this. With no help except for the usual beta-reading. So just pick your jaw up off the floor.

Four Whispered Words



They sat on a picnic blanket, staring off into the sunset. His arms were wrapped tightly around her, holding her against his chest. She reveled in the feeling of her smooth back pressed up against him. She breathed deeply, smelling his fresh, clean scent. She enjoyed the feeling of being safe in his arms, protected, for once not having to show her gruff facade to the world. When the sun finally sank beneath the horizon, he turned her face up to his and kissed her gently. ~Always the gentleman,~ she thought as she tilted her head to the side and invited his tongue into her mouth. They kissed with more and more passion. Finally, he broke the kiss, and his hand came up to stroke her cheek gently. She leaned into the caress, closing her eyes. Finally, he spoke, in a reverent whisper. "Sarah, Ah..."

*knock knock* "Sarah? Are you awake, fraulein? We are having a workout today and..." Nightcrawler's voice trailed off as a bone dagger came through the door and stopped inches from his face. "Go. Away." came the hissed reply from the other side of the door. Blinking surprisedly, the fuzzy elf beat a hasty retreat, and so didn't hear the muted whimper that came from the other side of the door.

"Sam..." the former Morlock known as Marrow whispered, wrapping her arms around herself in an attempt to recapture the feeling of those tanned arms holding her close, that strong chest pressed comfortably against her back...Sarah sighed and pulled a long protruding bone from her shoulder blade. The vision had been a recurring one in her dreams, ever since that mission...

The Shadow King, in an attempt to divide the X-Men, had shown the newest members what they most dearly desired. For Sarah, it began with control over her hyperactive bone growth, but that was only the first part of it. The other part involved the blond-haired Kentuckian, Cannonball. The feeling of sitting on that blanket, her smooth back flush against his chest, had been so incredibly real. Then, she found out it was an illusion. She would have cried then and there from the pain, but for her iron will, and the resolve never to let the other X-Men see the fragile girl inside the homicidal shell. She had only let one person close to inside...~Only to have him leave,~ came the sad thought.

Looking in the mirror, she was surprised to see a tear trickling down her face. Fury flashed through her and she drove the bone into the glass, shattering it the way her life had shattered that fateful day...

Sarah sat on the stairs, gazing dreamy-eyed down at Sam, who was on the phone talking to his family, oblivious to his silent observer.

"Uh huh - well, shore Ah'd like to, Ah guess. But Ah got some chores t'do here an'...you did? When?"

~He's so cute when he talks. So polite. and not just when he talks. He's always polite. And nice ... and ... clean. If Callisto is going to be leaving me, I should make a new friend. At least one... one ally against all the self righteous imbeciles in this house.~ She straightened in a shy, girlish manner. ~And if all that goes well, maybe MORE than just a friend.~ From the beginning, she had been attracted to the farmboy. He was always unfailingly polite to her, and treated her like a real person, not the maniac that the others saw her as. And when he touched her, even just a casual brush on the arm...her heart began beating wildly, and she felt a strange thrilling deep in her belly.

She had heard rumors about sex from the Morlocks, but had never felt like this around any of them. Although she had been propositioned a few times, she had never felt that she should casually engage in what, from all rumor, seemed to be a very special thing. Besides that, as she grew, her hatred and bloodlust grew with her, to the point where none was willing to chance her wrath. But Sam...Sam confused her...made her feel unfamiliar feelings...made her...

"I will, Mama. no matter what. I'm sayin Ah'll come home for as long as it takes, if you need me."

~WHAT!?!?!?!? He CAN'T leave! I...I...he...~ A cloud of unreasoning rage descended upon Sarah, leaving only Marrow the killer in its wake.

*knock knock* "Sarah, Ororo sent me up to tell you breakfast is..." Another bone dagger through the door sent Kitty jumping back, halfway into the opposite wall, startled. "I'm. Not. Hungry." Kitty, like Kurt before her, beat a hasty retreat downstairs, not hearing the sigh that filled the room in wake of her departure.

What had gotten into her that night? What had made her so furious as to send her on a rampage through Battery Park that night, trying to erase her pain with the blood of innocent flatscans?

The very person who came to stop her.

"MARROW! What in the heck are you DOIN' girl?!" came the shout as he rocketed into view, his gorgeous blond hair waving in the wake of the air he was displacing.

~By the first one...! He came ... Guthrie came for me. I ... I have to say something --~ But her unreasoning anger with him took over, and she flung a barrage of bone daggers at him. They, of course, bounced harmlessly off his blast field.

"Nice. Ah'm invulnerable to yer bone thingies while Ah'm blastin', Marrow, but if it makes ya feel any better ...Ouch. Now would you mind tellin' me what you think you're doin' out here, young lady?"

~Young lady? YOUNG LADY? Who does he think he is?~ The fury in her heart gave itself voice. "Come closer and I'll dance on your STILL BEATING HEART and eat your SPLEEN, Cannonball! I'm trying to take something back from the world that was already stolen from me! And I'm taking my due in Blood! And no one can stop me! Especially not you!" Then she whispered, "Even if you try really hard." ~The world has stolen you from me, and I'm trying to forget you by killing...but it doesn't seem the same...~ She took off running, not wanting him to see the naked emotion running across her face.

"MARROW!" came the yell as he blasted and gave chase. "Come on, we just want t'help you! You got no cause t'put everyone through this nonsense!" Finally, catching no sight of her, he sat down and pulled a creased note from his pocket. Moving quietly from tree to tree until she was directly above him, she tried to read it.

~Pretty FARMBOY with his precious FAMILY -- run run home to Mama. Everyone leaves...I don't WANT you to go...~ she whimpered slightly. Then her resolved stiffened. ~But if I can't have you here...maybe NO ONE gets you...~ With that thought, she dropped out of the tree, bone-sword at the ready, only to find herself caught in strong arms, staring at a grinning face.

"Ah-HA! You have t'be a lot quieter if you're gonna stage an ambush on this Kentucky son, girl. You're dealin' with an X-Man..." The look on his face was too much. Compassion...worry...friendship...she wriggled, trying to break free.

"Let me GO, Guthrie!"

Sam struggled with the magenta-haired bundle in his arms. "Will y'stop thrashin all around an' at least tell me what the problem is?!"

Marrow hid her pain behind a snarl. "The problem is you, Guthrie. You and the rest of them!" She elbowed him in the face, connecting since she was inside his blast field. Flipping him over, she held him to the ground, bone-sword at his throat. " You don't know what's best for me! How could you?! None of you know anything ABOUT me!"

Sam wriggled underneath her, trying to get out from under her. Sarah was finding it more and more difficult to ingore the feeling of her body pressed against his, and the butterflies that were doing calisthenics in her lower belly. "We -=nnh=- want to, Marrow!"

~You WHAT? No...no...you can't...~ Marrow thought desperately. "Don't bother! Unless you've lived a whole life in the underground, where 'humanity' is just a word, and sunlight's just a legend, YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND ME!" ~...he wants to know me?~ "Callisto is the ONLY one who understands! The only one I can be me around, because SHE understands LOSS!" The pain inside her heart finally came out in a hoarse scream directed at the very reason for it. What she didn't expect was his reply.

"Loss? Gimme a super-sized break! If you think you're the only one who's ever lost somethin' or someone, you're deaf-hog dumb, girl! My pa died when I was just a boy, leavin' me ta work the coal minds -- UNDERGROUND -- ta support my family, an --" ~His father died? I never knew that...~

"And now while the rest of us stay here and FIGHT, you're just going to gallop back home to the farm?" ~Trust the upworlder to take an easy out...~

"Not for fun, Marrow. My ma's sick. Real sick. DYIN', just like Callisto. An' every minute I lay here ARGUIN' with you, is one less minute I got with HER." ~...dying? His mother's dying?~ Sarah turned her face so Sam couldn't see the raw emotion fighting within her. ~Did you honestly think he'd leave without a good reason?~ the tiny voice of her conscience, which she had ignored for so long, asked. ~But he didn't tell me...~ came the feeble reply. ~You never gave him a chance to. You just ran off and went to kill. He came after you. How did you know he wasn't going to tell you?~

The awkward silence continued. Sarah began to notice the feeling of his soft skin against hers as their arms touched, and the way their bodies fit together...But then she straightened up regretfully. ~But these aren't my moments to have. I have to let him go to his mother. I understand what it is to have your mother dying and want to go to her side.~ "So go. Go on. See if I..." she said the word hesitantly "...care?"

Sam reached out and grabbed her before she could pull away from him. "Aw, don't be so --" But whatever he would have said to her was interrupted.

*knock knock* "Marrow? Ya in there? Windrider says be outside in ten minutes for..." *THUNK* To his credit, Logan didn't even blink at the bone dagger that came through the door and nearly skewered the cigar he wsa smoking. He merely shrugged, turned around, and walked back down the stairs.

Inside her room, Marrow sighed again. Those cops had interrupted, and she had nearly killed them. Looking back, she had no idea why. Maybe it was the remnants of anger at Cannonball's imminent departure. Maybe it was her frustration with her own foster mother's condition. Whatever the reason, she tackled one of the cops and nearly slit his throat. Why? For the joy of the kill? That bloodlust had slowly left her since her admission to the Xavier School.

And specifically, her introduction to a certain blond who had stood next to her. A man who stood and appealed to the best in her, to a part of herself she didn't know existed. A man who made her see the good in the person she was about to kill for no reason. A man who showed her that the whole world felt loss, not just her.

Sam placed his hand on Sarah's shoulder. She tried to ignore the trill it sent through her as he spoke. "They ain't faceless upworlders, Marrow. They're real folks with real problems. Just like me ... an' you. Real folks you gotta protect now more than ever with me leavin' for a while." Slowly he reached down and lifted her hand from the cop's face, holding it in his. "Look at the fear in his eyes and ask yourself. 'Do I wanna be the monster he's afraid of?' or the Human being who saved him FROM that monster?" Marrow sat there, torn inside herself, when another voice spoke.

"Well, Sarah, which will it be? The boy is right. You need to decide and decide now." Sarah turned to meet the eyes of the woman she considered her mother. ~I know he's right, Callisto, but how do I let go? How do I let go of the pain? How do I let go of HIM?~ Then a third voice spoke.

"The answer is yours, and yours alone. We X-Men are ready to welcome you, but only as the hero you are capable of becoming." Sarah turned her face toward the woman she had hated for so long, the woman who had abandoned the Morlocks, who was now her leader. ~I wouldn't have believed you yesterday had you said that, Storm. I still don't know that I can be a hero, but for his sake...I'll try. I want to make him proud of me.~

"I...I'm not a monster." She got up off of the cop, apologetic. "He's all yours, Mister. I ... I'm sorry if I ... well, you know."

Then came the words she secretly longed to hear. The words that validated the choice she had made. "I'm proud of ya, Sarah. Real proud."

"Why? Just because I said a few words?"

"No, Sarah. Until a few seconds ago, y'would've said them just t'get me off your back. I'm proud of you because you MEANT them." He pulled her into a hug. The quivery feeling in her stomach intensified, and she sniffled back a small tear as she hugged him back. "You done good kid."

After a brief conversation with Callisto, Storm asked Cannonball to take Sarah back to the Mansion. Sam grinned and turned his back, thumbing at his shoulders. "'Night officers. All aboard the Kentucky Clipper, express route t'home base." Sarah slipped her arms around his neck, enjoying the feel of his broad back beneath her. She grinned mischeviously. "How fast can you fly, cornbread? Really..."

Sam grinned back at her. "That's a PERSONAL question, Marrow...not proper t'BRAG...but seein' as how this is our LAST FLIGHT for a while, Ah'll show you ...if you think you can hold on TIGHT enough."

Sarah smiled as she buried her face in his back and looped her arms tighter. "Just try to shake me, farm boy...just you try." She smiled happily and softly whispered four words into Sam's back as the blast drowned them out...

*knock knock* "...Sarah?..."

Exasperated, Marrow flung open her door, bone dagger ready to gut the person who had interrupted her reminiscing. The dagger dropped from her suddenly nerveless fingers as she saw who it was. "...Sam?..." She blinked, not believing her eyes, but wanting so badly for it to truly be him. "Is...is it really you?" He nodded mutely, not trusting his own voice either. Sarah flung herself into his arms, this time not holding the tears back as she cried for pure joy into the flannel shirt of the person she had dreamt every night of greeting like this.

Sam smiled wryly. "Ah take it this means ya're happy ta see me?" Sarah pulled his head down to hers and kissed him fiercely in reply. Suddenly realizing what she was doing, she backed away and turned around, inwardly cursing herself for being so bold. But a strong hand turned her face back to his, and all she could see was a smile and acceptance there. "Ah'll take that as a 'yes'. Mind if I come in and catch up on things with ya?"

Marrow blinked, then spun around in horror at the state of the room she occupied. Slamming the door in his face, she raced around the room in an attempt to clean. She swept the shards from the mirror into the wastebasket, straightened the covers of her bed, tossed her dirty laundry into the closet and shut it, and finally, desperate, threw a pile of broken-off bones out the window. A chorus of oaths gave evidence to where they landed. Breathless, she reopened the door to see a bemused Cannonball. Drawing him in, she shut the door and walked over to sit on her bed. Sam followed her and sat down looking at her.

"Why...why'd you come back...I'd heard you went back to X-Force...and that girl Tabitha..." It had eaten her up inside when she had overheard her teammates talking about Sam getting rescued at his farm by X-Force, and their subsequent taking up of residence in San Fransisco. Ororo and Logan had speculated that he would more than likely get back together with his former girlfriend Tabitha. Sarah had almost despaired of ever seeing him again, and was certain he would never think of her the way she thought of him.

"Ah did go back to X-Force, but Ah realized after a while that Ah didn't belong there anymore. And yeah, Ah thought about gettin' back with Tabs for a bit. But she made it clear that 'Berto was the guy for her, and that Ah was old news. Ah spent a lot of long nights walkin' through Chinatown wondering what ta do after that. And then, finally, Ah realized somethin'. Mah place is here. There are people here who need me, there are people here who respect me...and there are people here who love me."

Sarah's pink skin flushed an even deeper shade of red as she turned her eyes down and traced designs on the quilt. Sam's gentle hand brought her eyes up to meet his. "Didn't think Ah'd hear ya if Ah was blastin'? Ah got REAL good hearin', gal. Ah heard ya. A lot of those walks Ah took? They were ta try and figure out how Ah felt about ya. At first, Ah was confused. Why me? What was so special about me that would make ya care that much? Then, as Ah thought about it more and more, Ah came ta realize somethin' else." He lowered his head slowly and brought his lips to hers. "Ah love ya too, Sarah, and Ah'm proud of ya." He bent and kissed her again, a kiss that rapidly escalated in passion until they both were breahtless. Finally, Sarah pulled back and looked into his eyes, shy and vulnerable. "Sam? I...I want you to stay with me."

Sam's response was to cup her face in his hands and kiss her softly. "Yes." With that reply Sarah threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. She tilted her head and invited his tongue in, reveling in the taste of him. Their tongues dueled as their arms drew tighter around each other. Sam broke the kiss and began nibbling his way along Sarah's jaw line to her ear, where he began to nibble and suck on the lobe. Sarah gasped at the sensations as the butterflies in her belly rapidly multiplied. Finally Sarah pulled his head away and looked at him, a sheepish look in her eyes. "Sam? I...don't know what to do."

Sam looked at her puzzled. "What do ya mean?" Sarah looked down and blushed. Suddenly comprehenshion dawned on his face. "Ya mean...ya never..." Sarah nodded. "Even with all the amount a' flirtin' ya do?" Another shake of the head. Sam whistled low. "And it's not like ya were ever in high school ta have sex ed..." Then it was Sam's turn to blush. "Ah...don't really have any experience either, Sarah. Ah mean, I had sex ed in high school and all, but Ah never done it...so Ah guess we're in the same boat..."

Sarah blinked. "Not even...with Tabitha?"

Sam shook his head. "We made out and stuff, but we never went all the way. Ah think maybe that's why she went to 'Berto, cuz I didn't want ta do it with someone Ah wasn't sure Ah loved." Sam looked down and sighed. Then, he looked at her again. "But Ah'm sure of it with you. You make me feel like nobody's ever made me feel before."

At once, Sarah felt a flutter in her heart at his frank admission, and a desire to eviscerate the girl who had torn Sam's heart apart so. She covered both up with another kiss, and then a return nibble along his jaw line. Sam ran his hands up and down her back, around the bone growths that protruded from it. Beginning to be short of breath from the effect she was having on him, Sam said, "Ah guess...ya'll have ta...be on top then..." Sarah broke off what she was doing to giggle at the thought. Then Sam joined her, and escalated until the two of them were rolling on the bed, laughing. Finally, they lay on the bed, gasping for breath.

Then, Sarah rolled over so she lay atop Sam, and she ran her hand over his chest, cupping it against the muscles there, eliciting a different kind of gasp from him. His strong hands lifted her and set her more firmly against him, leg against leg, hip against hip...and pelvis against pelvis. The mysterious pressure in Sarah's lower body increased as she felt the evidence of Sam's arousal press against her. Sam, for his part, grew even more erect at the soft feeling of her pressing against him.

Bending down, Sarah kissed Sam again, this time sending her tongue invading into his mouth. She ran it along his lips and teeth, finally meeting his tongue in a duel of passion. Breathing more heavily, she began to kiss her way down his neck to the opening of his shirt. Unbuttoning it slowly, she pushed it over his shoulders and helped him lever himself up to take it off. Staring down at him, she marveled at the well-defined muscles. Knowing she was the less experienced, Sam let her take her time, although the pressure in his groin was building steadily.

Cautiously, Sarah placed her hands on Sam's chest, smoothing them over his pectorals, and lightly brushing her fingers over his nipples. Sam shivered slightly. Suddenly, Sarah got an idea and leaned over, drawing a nipple into her mouth. Sam's gasp of pleasure was an indication that she must have done something right. Smiling, she leaned her cheek against his warm chest and sighed, not wanting to spoil the moment.

Peacefully, she lay against him, when suddenly, nimble fingers began to poke and tickle her side. Giggling, she writhed, trying to get away from them, but the merciless fingers gave no quarter. Finally, giggling madly, she began to tickle Sam in retaliation. He jumped, and tried to fend her off. But a lifetime of battle training paid off as Sarah managed to pin Sam's arms down. This, however, brought her more fully in contact with his body, and the gaiety of a tickle fight rapidly darkened their eyes to passion again as their lips met in an ever-more passionate duel.

Able to release his arms from Sarah's loosening grip, Sam began to stroke Sarah's back and side, finally moving around to cup her breasts through her shirt. He rubbed his thumbs across her nipples and heard her gasp in amazement as he felt them tighten through the fabric. Pulling her shirt out of her waistband, he began to run his fingers slowly along her bare midriff and back. Finally, impatient, Sarah sat up and peeled off her shirt of unstable molecules. She wore a plain, no-nonsense sport bra beneath(the discussion between Storm and Sarah on the subject of underwear had been a hilarious one, one that Bobby had managed to capture on tape and circulate through the male population of the mansion). Finally, growing even more impatient, she used a bone dagger to slice that apart and throw it on the growing pile of clothing. Finally bare to the waist, she suddenly felt self-conscious. She looked at Sam, anxious.

On Sam's face was a look of pure awe. He reverently placed his hands on Sarah's breasts, which seemed to fit perfectly in them. He ran calloused thumbs over the nipples, eliciting another gasp of pleasure. Finally, he sat up slightly and took one nipple into his mouth, returning the favor Sarah had done him. Her moan was evidence that she appreciated it just as much as he had. The pressure in Sarah's lower belly continued to grow as she ground her hips against Sam's, which raised themselves against her in reponse.

Unable to take it any longer, she shifted back off his hips in order to unfasten Sam's belt and jeans, drawing them quickly off his legs. She stopped for a moment and stared at the tent that his briefs made due to his arousal. She wet her dry lips unconsciously. Sam took that advantage to hop off of the bed and begin to pull her pants down her legs. A pair of white cotton panties was underneath, the same brand as the sport bra. Sam slowly drew those down her legs as she braced herself on her arms.

Sam gazed just as amazedly at the small thatch of magenta hair between Sarah's legs. Running his hands up her legs to her inner thighs, he slowly began to rub a finger against her. By this point, he was well beyond his experience with Tabs or Lila, although he technically had some idea as to the mechanics. Slowly, Sam parted her outer lips and pushed a single finger into her. Sarah threw back her head and gasped with pleasure. That gasp turned into a drawn-out moan when Sam began to move the finger in and out.

Sarah pressed her hips against his hand, in disbelief that there seemed to be no limit to the pleasurable sensations Sam was giving her. Then, Sam introduced a second finger, stretching her more and making her moans more pronounced. Sam's thumb was probing around, looking for something he knew was there, but wasn't quite sure where it was. As his fingers began to move faster and faster, his thumb finally found the spot he was looking for: the nubbin of her clit. Jerking her head backward in surprise, Sarah moaned Sam's name and came on his hand, pulsing her walls as she arched. Sam slowed down his fingers as she came back down, an amazed look on her face.

"I...never imagined..." she said breathlessly. Drawing Sam to her, she kissed him passionately. "Thank you." Finally, throwing him down and straddling him, she said, "Now I think it's time for your turn..." with a wicked grin as she stripped his briefs off. Sam shivered in expectation.

Running her hands over his chest, Sarah leaned over and kissed Sam again. Smoothing her hands down his sides, she pressed her chest firmly against his and both moaned with the sensations. Raising herself up, Sarah caressed Sam's chest and upper arms, feeling the definition of the muscles there. Running her hands over the pectorals, she smiled as Sam closed his eyes and moaned.

Finally scooting back down Sam's legs, Sarah's hands roamed farther down Sam's belly to the thatch of yellow hair surrounding his erection. Cautiously, she ran her fingers against the rod, feeling the heat it gave off. Sam's gasp encouraged her to wrap her hands around it in a more firm caress. His moan was her only reply. Finally, Sarah ran her thumb across the head of it. Sam's hips jerked as he whispered her name. Sarah felt another rush of heat between her legs at the whisper. Impatient, feeling a urgency to the feeling in her lower body, she moved above him.

"Are ya sure ya're ready, Sarah?" Sam asked breathlessly.

Sarah responded by placing a gentle finger against his lips. "Just shut up and take me, Sam." He nodded and his hands helped her spread herself and lower onto him. Sam's teeth gritted as he forced Sarah to go slowly, and not impale herself on him.

Finally he reached the barrier of her maidenhead. He pulled back slightly and pushed through it, Sarah gasping first at the pain, then moaning at the pleasure. Sam breathed a sigh as his hips settled against hers. Slowly, he brought his hands to Sarah's hips and began to move inside her. Their gasps and moans became more frequent as they rocked together, slowly finding their rhythm.

Sam's hands moved up to caress Sarah's breasts again as she braced her hands on his chest. Slowly, their pace picked up, becoming more frantic. Sarah began to grind her hips against Sam's, trying to get more friction against her clit. Finally, Sam's hands slipped back to her hips, pulling her up and slamming her down as they both began to grunt.

Sarah reached her second climax first, shuddering above Sam and moaning his name again. The pulsing of her walls sent Sam over the edge, and he stiffened and arched his back as he shot his seed into her. Finally, panting and spent, Sarah collapsed, her head resting against Sam's chest. She smiled dreamily as he pulled the quilt over them. "I love you, Sam Guthrie." she said.

"Ah love ya too, Sarah," he replied.

Logan walked back from the morning workout, noticing Sam's suitcase by the door to Sarah's room. Getting a whiff of the scents, he smiled secretly. ~Looks like those kids got their own workout,~ he mused. ~And it's about time that girl found something to start living for.~ With that, he walked down the hall, whistling a nameless tune.