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Flesh And The Meeting Of Flesh (NC-17)
Mon, 22 Feb 1999

Well, I'm back from my holidays and was feeling rather whimsical and wrote this piece of erotic fluff (no comments on what I did on my holidays, okay!)

Disclaimer: Marvel's, not mine. No profit, no harm.

Warning: This is a piece of erotica. Just plain old smutty sex-story. Heaving, panting, sighing, moaning and some glistening of sweat are all involved. Do not read this if it is illegal for you to do so or if you will be offended. I am not responsible for any injuries sustained if you attempt any of the techniques described herein.

Flesh And The Meeting Of Flesh



In the last few moments in which she was capable of conscious thought, Rogue wondered why she had taken so long to be persuaded to do this. And then Remy's hands were sliding her shirt off over her shoulders, his hands caressing down over her arms and then sweeping back up to skim lightly over her breasts and she let all conscious thought disappear in the burning heat of sensation.

Fire swam up from her breasts as Remy's fingertips brushed lightly over her hardened nipples and she couldn't help but arch her neck backwards and whimper lightly. It felt *so* good.

His hands slipped down again, over the soft curve of her belly and then behind her to lower the zipper on her skirt. His hands swept over her hips gently, a mere tickle of a touch as he lowered the skirt downwards, until she could kick it over her feet. He lifted her chin with his hand and held it until she opened her eyes and looked at him. He smiled at her and made a twirling motion with his hand to indicate she should turn around.

~He wants to take off my bra,~ realised Rogue and she shook her head suddenly.

'Ah'm not ready,' she said, softly, scared that speaking would break the spell that held her, scared her reticence would drive Remy away.

But nothing, not even a sudden attack by a major super-villain could have diverted Remy at that point. Instead he grinned, his eyes flaming with desire.

'Pretty enough view as it is, chere,' he said, his eyes devouring the sight of her in her flimsy black bra and panties.

Rogue smiled, sultry heat replacing the slight apprehension that had tinged her gaze. 'Ah bet,' she said and then reached forward suddenly to Remy's shirt. Her hands trembled slightly as they undid the buttons and she could feel the mirroring tremble in his muscles as she slid the shirt over his chest and shoulders until she could grip it in her hands. She pulled it close to her and buried her face in it for a moment, revelling in the sensation of the silk against her skin, breathing deeply of Remy's spicy aftershave.

Then the shirt drifted to the floor as she reached for his trouser buttons and undid them, sliding the black pants over slim hips and muscular legs until they pooled around Remy's feet. Trapped by them, Remy couldn't move as Rogue reached forward and lowered his underpants after them.

'Oh my,' said Rogue as any lingering doubts about Remy's interest in her were forcibly removed by the sight that greeted her. Her eyes widened as she gazed at the particular part of Remy's anatomy she had always been so curious about.

Remy's movement startled her from her silent contemplation. He leaned backwards until he could rest his shoulders against the wall, his arms crossed in front of him. He seemed amused by the seriousness of her expression.

'Well?' he asked.

Rogue looked him over, her eyes clinically analysing every part of him. Dishevelled hair above demonic eyes in a face that was far too handsome. Strong musculature in arms and chest, tapering to slim waist and hips and then broadening again into muscular legs. And then there was *that*. Rogue wasn't exactly an expert on male anatomy, her knowledge mostly relating to the two X-rated videos she had managed to watch in her life, the odd glimpse of an X-Man in a shower, fighting beside Logan when he was naked once and innumerable uncomfortable close dances with men who had seemed to be carrying rather large bunches of keys in their pockets.

~The videos,~ she decided. If she was going to compare Remy to anyone it had to be one of the guys in the X-rated videos.

She tore her gaze away again and they lighted on what had worried her most about this whole thing.

She had always hated gloves. She had had to wear them her whole life and she had come to detest them, to consider them her jailers, to long for the day when she never wore gloves again.

But the ones Remy were wearing were different. Normal looking, they covered all of his fingers and reached to his wrists. Black and made of silk, they were so tight she could nearly see the whorls of his fingerprints through them. They felt exquisite against skin, she knew, for he had gifted her with her own pair when she had agreed to this. Snug now on her hands, hers were a dark, dark green instead of black, and suddenly she knew these would not be her jailers. These gloves were going to set her free.

'Ah agree,' she said and smiled at Remy, lust shimmering in her eyes. She grinned as he tilted his head in puzzlement. 'Pretty view,' she said and then she reached forward and slipped her hand along his collar-bone, down over the flat planes of his chest and down his belly until it rested just above the nest of his pubic hair. She grinned even more as she heard Remy's breath catch in his throat.

And then her hands were tormenting him as she skimmed them over his whole body, torturing him with the spider-web softness of her touch, as if she was still scared of contact. The feel of her silken gloves on his bare flesh made Remy shudder and he could not stop the moan that ripped from his throat as her hands finally slid over his aching erection.

Hot fire rippled along Remy's veins as Rogue slipped one silk-clad finger along the length of Remy's cock, her expression bright with curiousity. Slowly she kept moving her hands, changing grip and speed and rhythm as she tried to work out what Remy liked best.

'Dis,' panted Remy. 'Dis is jus' being cruel,' he said.

Rogue's grin was bright and wide and utterly unrepentant. 'Oh, but Ah'm enjoyin' it,' she whispered and slid her hand forward again.

But Remy's hand caught hers and he lifted them away from him. 'Non, chere,' he said. 'Dis was s'posed to be for you, neh?'

An instant of blind terror flickered across Rogue's face as she realised what he wanted from her - or rather, what he was offering. So much of her had been locked up for so long in her own world, where nothing could touch her, where no-one could hurt her, where she didn't need to risk her own emotions, where - if she was being honest - she could be the tragic heroine of her own life. If she let Remy touch her, if she accepted his offer then she would have to accept a whole new life as well. Rogue teetered on the edge of an abyss.

Then she plunged - down, down - blood flowing through her veins with startling heat as she leapt from terror into exhilaration. Hot anticipation sang through her again, and her eyes blazed with renewed lust.

'Yes, Remy,' she said and clutched his wrist and lifted his hand to her breast.

He began gently, his hands caressing her as lightly as she had caressed him. He had seen the look on her face and was willing to give her as much time as she needed to make her own decision. But he hadn't counted on the strength of Rogue's need.

Impatiently she lifted her hands over his, pressed them over his so he realised what she wanted. He allowed her to dictate the feelings of his hands and then responded, caressing her more strongly, his hands less gentle as they skimmed over her breasts, his fingers lightly tweaking her hardened nipples. He was rewarded with her sudden gasp and sigh. He allowed himself to smile as his hands wandered down her body and caressed over her panties. Even through their gossamer thinness and the silk of his gloves he could feel the dampness that soaked Rogue's pussy. He allowed his fingers to linger over the heat of her, to touch her lightly there. He placed his other hand over the gentle swell of her stomach and felt the tremors that shuddered through her.

This time, when he pressed her shoulder lightly, she turned quickly to present her back to him. With the practised skill of a thief he undid her bra with one hand and allowed it slide forward from her shoulders and over her arms to the floor. He turned her back around and gave himself a moment to admire her magnificent breasts. Then his hands slid down and pressed her panties down her legs until they slid to the floor.

When he didn't touch her for a while, Rogue opened her eyes, suddenly worried what had happened. She hadn't expected the worshipful look in Remy's eyes as he gazed at her naked figure.

'Remy?' she asked softly.

'Chere,' he replied, and his voice matched his eyes. 'You are - magnifique.'

She felt the blush start at the tip of her toes and rise through her whole body until she was sure she was flaming red. 'Oh, Gawd, Remy,' she said. 'Ah love you.'

'Je taime, chere, je taime,' replied Remy and touched his silk-clad finger to Rogue's lips. She kissed it gently and then he was sliding it down over her chin, tracing a path between her breasts, down past her belly-button and then gently onto her clitoris.

Rogue couldn't help the groan that shuddered through her whole body as someone's hand other then her own finally caressed over the most sensitive part of her body. Her legs began to tremble as Remy's long, sensitive fingers stroked over her clitoris and she nearly fell as he slipped one finger inside of her. She squeezed her eyes so tightly shut that little white lights danced across the darkness.

Then his voice was whispering in her ear, 'Not yet, chere, not yet,' and he moved his hand away from her pussy and she opened her eyes to look at him. He smiled down at her and she gripped his hand, pulled it to her mouth and kissed it again, tasting herself on him and loving it. She didn't need control, didn't need to fight her powers for this, she could have him the way she was. Delight burst through Rogue's veins and made her feel drunk. She laughed with the sheer joy of it.

She was so relaxed that Remy found it easy to steer her to the bed and sit her down. When she was comfortable he went and got the squares of silk he had waiting. Gossamer fine they were, so thin they were transparent and yet strong enough that there could be no worry about skin contact.

Gently he gathered up a square and trailed it across Rogue's breast and she shuddered with the pleasure of it. And then it was on her neck and his mouth was on it, and she could feel the heat of his mouth on her and the rough caress of his tongue, and then the strength of his teeth as he nibbled on the side of her neck and it was so wondrous to her that she cried out aloud.

The silk trailed all over her, his mouth behind it, and for the first time Rogue felt the pleasure that a skilled and patient lover could create. His mouth teased over her breasts and strong teeth nibbled at her right nipple even as his hand whispered over her left. He made her lie back and she discovered that the sensation of his mouth on her sensitive belly made her giggle at first and then sigh in pleasure. And then she discovered exactly what a skilled tongue could do when it tasted her pussy, when it whispered over her clitoris and when Remy's sensitive fingers joined his tongue, she dissolved into the first orgasm she had ever had that was caused by another person. The pleasure shuddered through her like fireworks in her blood and she cried out his name as she laced her fingers through his hair and knew that she would never be alone again.

When she returned from the edge of ecstasy she found that he was beside her, gently caressing her leg with his hand, looking at her anxiously. 'Was it - good, chere?' he asked, his voice slightly plaintive.

Rogue burst out laughing. 'Ah don't think good is the word, Remy. Something made up might do better. Fantabulous, Ah think might do.'

Relief spread across Remy's face. He loved this woman, loved her until he thought his heart would burst with it, and he had wanted to be able to please her. He had worried when she had first agreed to his suggestion, but now his heart sang with joy and the love of her.

'Kiss me,' Rogue said, suddenly, startling Remy.

His eyebrows quirked upwards. 'I can', Rogue,' he said. 'Not like you mean. De silk . .' he trailed off.

'Try it,' begged Rogue. Remy opened his mouth to protest again and then shrugged.

'Dis not goin' t'work,' he said, but placed the silk across her mouth and kissed her gently through it. It worked at first - until Rogue stuck her tongue in his mouth. Then he was gagging and she was trying to pull the silk off her tongue and then he was laughing so hard he thought he'd hurt himself. He laughed so much he started to choke and couldn't stop until Rogue slapped him on the back.

'Sorry, chere,' he wheezed. 'But I knew dat was goin' to happen.'

She raised a dubious eyebrow at him and then grinned. 'It's okay, sugah,' she said. 'So Ah can't kiss yah. Don't seem half the tragedy it used ta when Ah know exactly what yah can do ta me with yah tongue.' Her smile was very happy - and very, *very* smug.

'Ah, chere,' he said, and his voice was full of something that sounded almost like heartbreak. He was so happy he thought he might shatter.

'Ah want to try something,' said Rogue and he indicated that he would be only too happy to oblige. He was even happier when her hand slid down his body and around his cock again. He had concentrated so hard on her pleasure that he had lost most of his erection, but he quickly regained it as her hand caressed him again. She was, he discovered, a quick learner - she remembered precisely what he had enjoyed most and repeated it.

And when he was fully erect she took her hand away from him and made him stand up. 'Ah want to do to yah what yah did ta me,' Rogue said, and Remy knew what she was asking for. He went to his dresser and got what they needed from a dresser.

'Aniseed,' he said, when he returned to Rogue, now seated on the floor, unwrapping the foil as he walked.

'Oh, mah,' said Rogue. 'The man does know me.' Her smile was quick. She loved aniseed - and the playfulness in Remy's eyes.

'Shall I - or you?' he asked.

'Yah do it,' she said, suddenly shy. She didn't want to betray her inexperience by putting the condom on inside out or something equally embarassing.

Then the condom was on and Remy leaned back against the wall and Rogue was faced with the sudden realisation that she was about to try something she never had before. She felt the betraying blush start again and wondered if running away at this point would be a good or bad thing.

And then Remy's hand was beneath her chin and he lifted her face up until he could look into her eyes and he said, gently, 'Take your time, chere. Whatever you do - it will be de greatest t'ing dat happen in dis t'ief's life, non? If you don' want to - den we stop now.'

She took the deepest breath she had ever taken and said, 'Ah want to.' She raised herself to her knees and reached forward and touched her tongue to the end of Remy's cock.

Aniseed. Strong aniseed. And then the feel of him beneath the latex, the soft pulse of blood, the way his cock hardened even as her tongue whispered over it, the soft moan from above her. She raised her hands and gripped his legs, supporting herself as she slipped her mouth over the end of his cock and engulfed him. His hands descended into her hair and caressed her gently as she began to see what she could do.

Rogue had learned her lessons well from the two X-rated videos she had watched - and the odd sneak look at various sites on the Net. She tried out everything she could think of - sliding her tongue along the length of him, covering his erection with kisses, using hand and mouth together to create a counter-rhythm. She could feel the muscles in his legs tighten as she used her mouth to tease the head of his cock and she smiled secretly inside herself. ~Not bad, girl,~ she congratulated herself. ~Not a useless rookie, after all.~

Above her, Remy leaned back against the wall, his breath coming in short pants as Rogue's mouth danced around his prick. He could feel the scrape of her teeth sometimes as she moved around him, and then the touch of her tongue over him. She began to create a rhythm with her mouth and he knew suddenly that he was going to climax very, very soon.

So it was agonising when she took her mouth away from him, and he couldn't stop the groan that escaped him. But he was willing to be infinitely patient and so he opened his eyes and looked down into shining emerald stars. 'Chere?' he asked, and his voice was hoarse.

Her nose and cheeks flushed slightly pink and her voice was a little shy as she said, 'Ah want yah inside me, Remy.'

'Yah sure?' he asked and Rogue nodded fervently. She knew what she wanted - felt it in her very soul. She had to go all the way this first time, make sure it was all right - otherwise she was afraid that she would be content with this - half-act - forever. Rogue had lived in the shadow of unmade love since she was twelve - now she had the chance to banish that shadow and she knew it had to be this time.

Slowly Remy nodded and then unpeeled himself from the wall. He wondered briefly whether all the sweat would leave a stain and then went and got the package they had bought the day before.

Part of the difficulty with persuading Rogue to agree to trying this had lain in her always generous nature. She had known a long time before that she could be sexually pleased by someone else without touching flesh, that she could - partially (or so she thought - Remy had never been able to explain to her that a blow-job was not exactly a poor substitute for real sex) - satisfy someone else. But she would not accept that she could be any kind of acceptable lover if she could not truly make love to someone, could not love them and have them love her back, could not offer them all of herself. Rogue had never believed in half-measures.

Remy had not been able to persuade her until he had finally managed to get her into the sex-shop the day before. She had refused to believe him about what was possible until he had managed to steer her in the day before. He assumed she had wanted to go - he could not believe she was so innocent as to think Peaches & Cream was actually a restaurant.

He hadn't been able to help laughing at her expression though as she had wandered the store, trying to determine what some of the more exotic appliances actually did. The combination of terror and awe on her face when she had looked at some of the larger - devices - had left him dissolved in giggles and he hadn't been able to stop some of them escaping when she had started comparing some of them with her arm and then staring at him in amazement and measuring them against his leg. But finally he had been able to steer her where he wanted her to go and she had finally realised what he had meant. She hadn't been able to whip out her Mastercard quickly enough.

Now she was putting on her purchase, sliding the black gossamer silk over her legs, her belly, her breasts and over her arms. When she was fully dressed she looked at him and he said, very sincerely, 'You look beautiful, chere.'

She did. The silk covered her from neck to toes to wrists and her gloves still covered her hands. The only part the silk didn't cover was her crotch.

Carefully Remy reached down and removed the condom he was wearing, replacing it with a stronger, thicker one. He didn't want to risk suddenly going into a coma in the middle of making love - how on earth would he ever explain it to Hank?

'You'll have to bend over, chere,' he said and his voice was lightly tinged with regret. He would have loved to be looking into her eyes when she was beneath him and calling his name, to see the bliss that he hoped would transform her, but he could not risk the possible skin contact. In this position he would have the best chance of control.

She knew and nodded. They had discussed it earlier - it hadn't helped with spontaneity but she had needed to be reassured she wouldn't hurt him. So she climbed quickly onto the bed and turned around and leaned forward, bracing herself on crossed arms.

With another of those deep breaths that were becoming rather too common, Remy climbed onto the bed after her and positioned himself behind her, his hands caressing down her sides and to her hips. 'You sure, chere?' he asked again and she nodded.

Carefully, slowly, Remy eased himself inside of Rogue, his prick sliding easily into her soaking-wet pussy. He had expected resistance, but there was none. Rogue was so aroused she felt no pain even when he had eased himself fully inside of her. Remy let go the breath he had been holding. ~Yes,~ he screamed in triumph inside his head. ~We can do this. I'm making love to her, oh god, and it's so good, so good.~

'Oh, god, Rogue,' he managed to gasp out as the sensation finally tingled through his whole body. 'It is - okay, non?'

Her voice was unexpectedly full of tears - but her words made him realise they were tears of joy. 'It's amazing, Remy,' she said. 'Ah never thought Ah could - Ah've wanted this so much, wanted yah so much. Oh, Remy.'

'I love you, Rogue,' said Remy, his voice full of wonder. He leaned forward slightly and ran his hands below Rogue and over her breasts. Then he slid his right hand down to her pussy, to where the material parted and he slipped his fingers over her clitoris. Slowly he began to thrust, timing them to match the movements of his fingers, to make everthing combine to give Rogue the most astonishing orgasm he could manage. Gently he danced his whole body around her rhythm, around what she needed from him, a slow, delicate combination of penetration and caressing designed to drive her insane with pleasure.

It did not take long. Beneath him Rogue began to gasp and Remy increased the speed of his movements, keeping the rhythm, driving her onwards and upwards. She fell into her climax so quickly it almost surprised him, and for one blank instant, as her pussy began to grip him tightly, he felt sudden terror as he remembered her super-strength. But the terror was forgotten as he wasn't suddenly crushed and he lost himself in the joy of pleasing her.

'Oh, Gawd, Remy,' she half-screamed as she came. 'Do it, Remy, Gawd, fuck me.'

He needed no second invitation. Straightening up, he grasped Rogue's hips tightly and began to thrust inside of her. He couldn't go wild, he knew that, couldn't lose his control when he climaxed, couldn't let anything go wrong. So his thrusts were gentler than usual and he made sure he controlled himself tightly to ensure he didn't put flesh to flesh.

So when he orgasmed it wasn't a wild one, no screaming, knee-jellying monster climax. Instead he held himself in exquisite control as he came, feeling the sensation more as a shudder through his whole body, a moment where everything in his body caught fire and burned and went out before he could lose control and then he was finished and he felt as if he was in a great calm pool of delight and satiation and he suddenly realised the soul-deep, cleansing nature of what he had done.

He had pleased her. He had loved her. He had shown her that love could be made, that she could indulge in earthly delights. He had subsumed his own pleasure utterly in the pleasing of her and it was the best feeling on earth.

He leaned forward, placed his mouth on her shoulder-blade, tasted the sweet salt taste of her sweat. 'I love you, Rogue,' he said, softly.

'Ah love you, Remy,' she said, and somehow he knew she was crying.

He withdrew from her gently, turned her on her side and spooned himself behind her, nestling his face in her hair.

'Ah nevah thought it was possible,' said Rogue, and her voice was full of awe. 'Ah thought Ah would nevah touch anyone.'

'It is just flesh, chere,' said Remy. 'Flesh and de meeting of flesh. You don' need dat to make love. We don' need it.' His gloved hand caressed her silk-clad skin.

'Ah never thought Ah'd like wearing gloves,' she said and her voice was suddenly mischievous.

Remy flourished his hand in the air, in the manner of a circus ring-master taking a bow. 'De t'ings dis Cajun t'ief gives you, chere - you be makin' me penniless soon.'

She giggled and pulled her arm tighter around her. 'Yah think we could do it in another position, sugah?' she asked.

Remy grinned into her hair and kissed her lightly. 'Don' know, chere. But it gonna be fun findin' out.'

So there you have the reason why I hate the whole Rogue/Remy relationship wrapped up in one little story. If I can think of a way they can do it, why can't a man with the erotic imagination of Remy think of a way that they can do it?

I'm going away now to try and get rid of the mental picture of a naked Remy wearing tight black gloves out of my head before I go to bed - otherwise those steamy dream things Marvel were talking about are going to be mine <g>.