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[Silly fic/X-people]Chocolate Covered Dreams, chapter 1 (PG-13)

This is my first fic, and a silly one at that. So please be gentle. :)

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Marvel Comics. I make no profit from this. Wish I did, but that's beside the point.

Chocolate Covered Dreams

Keith Chism


Chapter 1 - "Creamy Center"

The Xaiver Institute For Higher Learning.... once known as Xaiver's School For Gifted Youngsters, that name is now gone, and with good reason........

It's a warm spring morning, there is a breeze blowing, the birds are singing, the air is fresh, love is in the air. The mutant know only as Rogue lays in her bed, silk sheets clinging to her nude body. The wind coming through the open windows are like a gentle massage on her body, making the intense dream she is having even that more erotic, but what is that dream about?

Remy LeBeau, a.k.a. Gambit, walks into the kitchen entrance of the mansion... "hm, where is everybody at?" , "Wolverine?, Stormy?"

"Mmm, dats odd" Walking towards the door way he notices a note.

Magneto is trying to save mutant kind again by creating an EMP wave that will plunge the world back into the dark ages. Despite Logan's offer to take care of the problem himself, Charles wants to speak with Magneto. We had to leave immediately so we didn't bother you, but do not worry, we'll do this again in a couple years, perhaps you will be able to join us then.

- -Storm

Gambit: "Will dat Mags ever learn?" Then Gambit hears a voice...

"Good, we don't need those fools around"

Gambit: *sigh* "I wish you would just leave me alone. Not only are you a pain in de ass, you're keeping me from being wit Rogue"

GML: "Don't say that witches name!!"

Gambit: "All right, all right," Angry, Gambit sits down at the table.

Gambit: *sigh* "Do you mind if I eat something?"

GLM: "Go right ahead, my beloved" Gambit walks toward the 'fridge, but before he opens the door, he notices a box of Cordial cherries on the counter.

Gambit: "I love those things, may not be the best breakfast, but it'll do, non?" Still angry, Gambit sits back down at the table, taking one of the cherries and eating it all at once.

Rogues room: Rogue: "Oh Remy!" Out of breath Rogue suddenly wakes up. The silk sheets now sticking to her from sweet. Rogue: "ah..*takes breath*..ah, what time is it?" Looking at the clock beside her bed..

Rogue: "9 o'clock!, why didn't someone wake me?" Getting out of bed, she removes the sheet from herself, the cool wind hit's her soaked body and it sends a chill up her back.

After a shower, Rogue puts on only a long T-shirt, as she walks over to her dresser, she notices a note:

Magneto is up to his old tricks again. Charles thinks he can talk him out of it. We had to leave at once, but I did have time to write you this note and put in in your room. Charles thought it best that only a few of us go, Kitty and Pietro are visiting Moria, there was some sort of emergency, so Charles thought it best that you stay here. We will return soon.

- -Storm

Rogue: "Magneto, will you ever learn?"

Thinking that she was alone in the mansion, she started down stairs, again, only, in a long T-shirt. Gambit sitting at the table, is so preoccupied that he does not notice Rogue walk in.

Rogue: "Remy!"

Gambit: "Wha?!, Rogue!"

Rogue: "What are you doing here?, Storm did not mention that you did no go with them."

Gambit: "She didn't tell me about you either"

Rogue: "Ah....could we talk?"

Gambit feeling a lump in his throat...

Gambit: "Ah..chere, I have to"

Rogue: "What's wrong?"

Gambit: "I'm not sure....... perhaps we can talk"

Rogue: "I would like that very much"

Gambit now confused, thinks to himself 'what's going on, that GML should have threatened Rogue by now...." Looking around, his eyes come to the box of cordial cherries, which is now half empty. 'eh.. could it be?... she can't hold her cherries?' Rogue sits down across from Gambit.

Rogue: "Cordial cherries?...I love those things."

Gambit: "Help your self chere"

Rogue reaches and gets one of the cherries, holding it gently between her thumb and index finger, she raises it to her mouth. She begins to cup her tongue around the bottom of it, slowly she bites the bottom off, some of the cream falls on her thigh. She quickly turns the cherry so no more cream could escape. With her other hand she reaches down and scrapes up the cream that had fell on her thigh. Putting her finger in her mouth, she slowly pulls it out, licking the end of her finger as it leaves her mouth.

Gambit looking on with anticipation thinks, 'ah...dis proves it, dat GML has to be out!...dat means that I ca....oh my' Gambit watches as Rogue begins to lick the cream from around the cherry, some of the cream running down the side of her mouth, but Rogue would not let any escape, quickly she licks the cream from the corners of her mouth. Rogue with a evil grin, looks at Gambit...

Rogue: "Do you like cherries?"

Gambit: "Yes I do"

Rogue: "Want this one?"

Gambit: "Sure"

Rogue: "Come here" Gambit stands and walks over to Rogue, he kneels down in front of her, the T-shirt which had rising up when she sat down was not hiding anything.

Rogue, who now had gotten all the cream out, began to use her tongue to remove the cherry form the chocolate outer, she removed the cherry and held it in her teeth, Gambit slowly rose up to meet her, he opened his mouth and bit down on the cherry, both of them scarred, but nothing touching. Rogue, who had her eyes closed, opened them to see to red eyes, that seem to put her in a trance. Gambit felt the same way about the green eyes he was starring into. Both of them were so caught up in the moment that they did not notice that they were now kissing. Suddenly Rogue pulled back, in terror she looked at Gambit, waiting for him to fall, but he didn't. Gambit equally as surprised, looked at Rogue...

Gambit: "How, chere?"

Rogue: "Ah, don't know"

All of a sudden a thought came to Gambit...

Gambit: " can't be"

Rogue: "What??"

Gambit slowly turned, Rogue with him. They looked at the box of Cordial Cherries on the table...

Chocolate Covered Dreams Chapter 2 -

"Melted Memories"


New York City, Remy LeBeau is running, and he's running hard.


Gambit: "ahh! He's right on me...what's wrong wit me? I should have been able to get away from this joker long time ago!"

Gambit jumps onto the back of a car, ready to leap onto the ledge of the next building, but he doesn't make it...

Gambit: "arrg!"

A figure approaches...

X-Cutioner: "Gambit, give it up! You are no match for me now. From scans we've did of you, you've gained 250 lbs. since our last encounter, you can't run anymore. So why don't you just tell me where all the cherries are!"



Gambit screams out as he wakes.

Gambit: "ah...*out of breath*, dat dream. Will it come true?"

Gambit slowly gets out of bed, covered in sweat, he heads for the shower. Removing the boxer shorts he was wearing he steps into the shower.

Gambit: "Maybe dis will clear my head. I just hope today is better than yesterday."


The Xaiver Institute For Higher Learning, yesterday the kitchen....


Gambit: "I don't believe dis chere, we can finally be together."

Rogue: "It...just seems to good to be true."

Gambit: "Maybe, but we gonna try"


Rogue removes Gambit's trench coat...

Gambit: "Are you sure?"

Inside Gambit wants this more than anything, but he had to ask.

Rogue: "Ah...yes. This wont be like the time Nanny negated our powers, and we were trapped in that cave with that little girl, that really pissed me off, and that overgrown slug."

Gambit: "Yea, everybody thinks we did it then, but we know the truth"

Rogue: "Remy....I'm sorry about that whole mess...but Bob Har...."

Gambit: "Forget it chere, it's in de past"

Gambit with a smile on his face, puts his hands around the back of Rouges neck. Softly he pulls her forward, Rogue antisapating the kiss, slightly wets her lips. They begin to kiss, Rogue can feel a surge of emotions running wild. Gambit slowly moves his hands down her back, he begins to move his hand under the white t-shirt Rogue was wearing. When Rogue felt his hand touch, her body stiffened, so excited by it, she gasps for air, her bottom lip now on Gambit's upper one. Gambit gently bites down on her lip.


"Save it Chuck!"

Gambit: "eh?!"

Professor X: "Logan! I had to do it, I could not let you use violence"

Wolverine: "You want to see violence?!"

Storm: "Wolveine!"

Wolverine: "What?!"

Storm: "I think it best if you go cool off"

Wolverine: ".......whatever......I'll get me a beer"

Gambit: "damn!...chere we bet.......Rogue?"

Wolverine: "outta my way cajun!"

Gamit: ".....damn, she can move fast"

Wolveine: "Who?"

Gambit: "...nothing"

Wolverine: "heh, nothing my ass. I smelt Rogue as soon as I walked in the Mansion, and I can smell her real good in here, heh"

Gambit: "Watch yer mouth Wolverine!"

Wolverine: "Hmph...whatever you say cajun. I'm outta here"

Rogue is now in her room putting her costume on.

Rogue: "Oh my god, we were almost caught. I only hope Gambit understands me running out like that"


Storm: "Gambit, did you get my note?"

Gambit: "Yes, but you forgot to mention that Rogue was here too"

Storm: "Did I?"

Storm walks up the stairs.


Muir Island, home to one of the most brilliant genitictest on the planet. And recent home to the now disbanded mutant team Excailbur. But two of those members are back....

Colossus: "....and your sure the sensors did not pick up anything?"

Moria: "Nay, they show nothing."

Shadowcat: "What was took?"

Moria: "Nothing of great importance, only some sample's of experiments I did on fruit when I was young. I had brought them here"

Shadowcat: "Fruit?"

Moria: "Aye, I thought there might be hidden cures within them, apples, oranges, cherries......."

Far away....



The Mansion...

Gambit walked back in the kitchen.

Gambit: "I better pick these up before somebody else eats 'em"

Gambit reaches down and picks up the box of cordial cherries. He walks up the stairs toward Rogues room...

Gambit: "Rogue?"

Rogue: "Come in."

Gambit: "We were in the middle of something weren't we?"

Rogue: "........lock the door."

Gambit walks toward Rogue, both of them looking each other in the eyes. Gambit reaches around Rogues back and with a thrust, pulls her tight to him. Gambit starts to kiss her neck...

then he hears a weak voice...

GML: ""

Gambit: "No!!"

Rogue: "What is it Remy?!?!"

Gambit: "Quick! give me the cherries!!"

Gambit takes one of the cherries and eats it fast.

Rogue: "Remy, what is going on?!"

Gambit: "........good....she's out again."

Rogue: "Who?!?!"

Gambit: "Rogue, she said she would hurt you if I told."

Rogue: " let me worry about that."

Gambit: "Ahh.....Rogue, Marvel needed a cheap plot device to keep us apart, so they came up with this damn green mist lady. She saved my life or something, and she said that she would hurt you if we got close. But it seems that Cordial Cherries knock her out.

Rogue: "Marvel did that?!?!?!? Why those bas<<My X-Men, I need to see you at once>>




Gambit: "gahh!...Professor X talked about the Magneto problem, took most of the day....Rogue thought it best that we wait before we stayed the night together."

Gambit walks toward the door, but his foot kicks something.

Gambit: " *sigh*, I hope nobody comes in here."

Gambit has trouble opening the door, on the floor there are up to 50 boxes of Cordial Cherries.

Rogue, in her costume is sitting on the couch. Gambit walks in...

Gambit: "Hey chere."

With a smile...

Rogue: "Remy."

Gambit sit's down beside her, putting his arm around her and slightly kissing her ear. He whispers...

Gambit: "I love you."

Rogue: "Same here you scandrel."

Gambit puts his hand on her leg, he give's her the most intense kiss he's ever giving, slowly moving his hand up Rogues leg, she moans. Moving her around to the front of him, she straddle's his lap, he kisses her chin, and then her neck. Moving his hand behind her, and then to her chest.....

Gambit: "Rogue? How do you get this costume off?"

Rogue: ".....why......I don't know"

Gambit: "SON OF A B......The End

Chocolate Covered Dreams Chapter 3a -

"Melts in your mouth..."

New York City, Remy LeBeau, a.k.a. Gambit is doing something that would be considered odd in his line of profession, he is grocery shopping.


~Ahh...I don't like this, Stormy usually does the shopping, but I had to come just in case she forgot the cherries. And Rogue has been eating like crazy lately.~ Remy can be seen pushing a grocery cart holding a shopping list almost as long as his arm

"First off... the cherries, where those cherries at? Here dey are. I need to finish this up. Rogue is waiting for me back at the mansion. OK, don' believe it, women's shaving cream? Dis the only time I'm doin' de shopping."

The Xaiver Institute of Higher Learning:

Rogue sits on the couch waiting for Gambit to return. Storm walks in the room.

"Rogue, you seem anxious, is there anything wrong?"

"Ahh... no Storm, just waiting for Remy to get back."

"Well, I can tell you from experience, shopping for this family takes a while."

"Yeah... I suppose"

Storm sits next to Rogue on the couch.

"You and Gambit have been secretive for the last few weeks. Are you sure there is nothing you would like to talk about?"

", it's nothing, really."

"You know if you ever need someone to talk to, I am always here."

"Thank you."

The Grocery Store. Gambit has finished his shopping and is now checking out.

Clerk: "My, my, don't we have a lot today."

Gambit: "Yeah... I got a big family."

"I can imagine."

A loud voice can be heard from behind.

"Come on people, I need to get this toilet paper to Al. When I left she was about to tear into my penthouse collection! Come on lady, let me go ahead of you."

Gambit turns to see a man three people behind him, clearly something isn't right but he ignores him and turns around.

Clerk: "hmm... this doesn't seem to want to scan..."

The clerk reaches for the microphone next to the cash register.

"I need a price check on Haines Her Way panty hose!"

Gambit turns to see the lady behind him with a smile on her face.

Gambit with a smile: "My other ones have a run."

The lady, knowing he is kidding, smiles even more.


Gambit turns and looks at the man.

"HAHAHAHAHAhahahaha...hehehe...heh, wait a minute, don't I know you?"

"Don' think so."

"Yeah! You're that X-mutie that throws the cards..."

Outside the store, Rogue lands behind a small wall, she's wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt.

Rogue: "I hate to do this but he has been gone a while...Logan's Jeep is still here, so Remy must still be in the store"

Rogue walks into the store, and sees there is some kind of trouble at one of the check out lines.

"Come on! Do the card thing!"

"I told you to leave me alone, mon ami."

"Rogue: "Remy, what's going on?"

Man: "Oh my, look at this. Is that what's in this year, "Ode to Skunk. A hair style that's bound to attract critters by the dozen!"? But seriously, I think you should let me cut those jeans off with my--"

Gambit: "Watch what you say, fool!"

"Fool?!" I've been called a lot of things, but never a fool... no wait, I have, but that's beside the point."

"Come on Remy let's just get out of here, no need to start anything with this jerk."

"Bien*... lets go"

"Not so fast, love birds. I know Al has already used my magazines by now. You either owe me for the books, or a night on the town with Sharon Stone."

The man grabs Rogue by the arm. Knowing that the grab is to strong for the average man, she throws him across the floor.

">HUHRK< No need to get frisky on the first date, toots."

A sparking sound can be heard as the man starts to flicker.

"Look what you've done now. My image inducer is ruined... oh, well, look everybody, it's good old Deadpool!"

Gambit: "Great."


Clerk: "Clean Up in Asile Three"